NR Intel Log 7: Kathol Campaign

Report 10017:A: Alpha – Date: DS 048

Report from Kal’Shebbol

An Imperial officer named Colonel Heget contacted the New Republic Provisional government on Kal’Shebbol to open negotiations to have his men join the battle against Sarne. New Republic transport ships rescued he and his men from the remote world, Shintel. Heget and his men seemed very loyal Imperials, but some requested an opportunity to help capture Sarne. They agreed to supply limited intelligence on Sarne’s operations, specifically anything that was not by order of the Emperor. They still want to protect Imperial interests, but admit Sarne had very little Imperial interests in mind when he began his reign. Heget himself supplied us the location of hidden bunkers on Kal’Shebbol that contained weaponry, and hyperdrive parts. These supplies are being shipped to Gandle Ott to supply the front. He says he is aware of several supply depots that he plans on using on his way back during his counter-attack. This will prove invaluable to us.

His communication to the NRS Farstar is attached:

“I wanted to thank you and your crew personally for showing us the respect and trust of fellow soldiers. It appears that my men and I are on our own. By the time we are able to find transportation to the Core, I am not confident that there will be an Empire left. Many of my men have expressed a desire to get revenge against Sarne. Others have said that the New Republic is the new Empire and want to join up with it. I, myself, have mixed feelings. For now, I have chosen to help you and your cause to apprehend Sarne. If the Empire is to survive this crisis, I don’t want him at the helm. After Sarne is apprehended, we will decide then what to do. With the lack of transport to the Core, and the New Republic all around us in this area of space, it is clear we have two choices; civilian life or change loyalties. My men and I are soldiers first, and we serve to win victories. Some will find it easy to change, others won’t. I am finding it particularly difficult. However, it is because of the Farstar and her crew that we have these choices, which is far better than being stranded on Shintel. Thank you.”

Report 10018:A: Alpha – Date: DS 050

Report from Oon Tien

Battle for Oon Tien Update

The Battle has fared better, since the tactics advice was received from the Farstar. The New Republic astrogationeers plotted a jump-point into the system which would bring the Fleet near the gas giant in the Oon system. As suspected, it too has the storm-activity around it. This took the enemy by surprise, but still they attempted to use their micro-jump capabilities. It was as if they were unaware of the hyper-space storms. Upon micro-jumping, the first wave simply disintegrated when reaching the vicinity of the storms. We are not sure what caused that, or whether it’s the effect of the storms or not, but speculation based on sensor readings of the incident say that there was some kind of feedback wave of energy that caused their modified hyperdrives to go critical.

The Imperials attempted two other attacks, which both failed, and our counterattack sent them retreating back to Oon Tien. The Fleet is regrouping at the gas giant. With more ships from the Minos Cluster arriving, we are planning our final assault on Oon Tien. It appears the Imperials had a limited amount of modified ships.

Report 10018:B: Beta – Date: DS 055

Report from Oon Tien

Battle for Oon Tien Update

The orbiting shipyards have been taken, and the orbital defenses destroyed. The force was a lot smaller than originally thought, and not as many ships had the hyperdrive modifications as we had estimated. Once those ships were taken care of, the fleet slowly fell. We took minimal losses. the reinforcements from the Minos Cluster served us well. The next stage of the attack is a ground assault on the garrison there. Before we do that, we have to mop up the system of all defenses and stragglers from the Imperial fleet.

The New Republic is looking for a way to contact the Jarell slave population to get them to revolt. Once that has started, the New Republic can take the garrison.

Report 10018:D: Delta – Date: DS 062

Report from Oon Tien

Battle for Oon Tien Update

They came out of no where. An Imperial counterattack fleet. They pushed us back before we could start our ground assault on Onn Tien. Thank the maker we hadn’t started it. We don’t know where they came from. The good news is they appear unmodified, and using standard Imperial tactics. The bad news is their markings show that they appear to be from the Brak Sector, a sector that is hundreds of light years from here, deep in Imperial occupied space. We are regrouping to counterattack before they can bring in more. More reinforcements have been requested. News from the Minos Cluster is good, al least. Soon the battle group will return to Kathol.

Report 10018:E: Epsilon – Date: DS 062

Report from Oon Tien

Battle for Oon Tien Update

Freelance Scouts have found how elements of the Brak Sector Fleet came to Kathol. There is a huge stellar gate, perhaps of Gree origin, the Imperials are using. It is large enough to fit a star destroyer through. This is perhaps how Sarne got supplies and ships through. No telling how large his Fleet is now. Wonder what he is waiting for?

The counterattack is planned for a few days from now, once the new reinforcements arrive. The Farstar should remain on course. With our current force, the few ships we were able to capture from the Imperials, and the reinforcements, we should be able to take back Oon Tien. The seed of revolt has been implanted in the Jarell population. They will soon have their homeworld back.

Report 10019:A: Alpha – Date: DS 065

Report from Kal’Shebbol

The Gree have sent their official word on the origin of the gate at Oon Tien. The New Republic Provisional Government sent data readings to the Gree ambassador, who swiftly responded.

“The Gree Enclave does not recognize or know the origin of the gate described in the data received. This does not fit any of the Gree designs.”

This is a concern of the New Republics. Is this a design of the “other race” that the Gree encountered here? Is this Darkstryder technology or something else related? We continue to investigate.

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