NR Intel Log 8: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 8: Kathol Campaign

Report 10020:A: Alpha – Date: DS 066

Report from Oon Tien

Battle for Oon Tien Update

We have sent a small expeditionary force, lead by a few freelance scouts, to mine the area of the Gate. Meanwhile, the main force, now at full force, will jump into the system, and attack the force there. Soon the engagement will begin.

During the Oon Tien assault, the New Republic will send a Spec Ops team through the gate, if the techs can figure out how to work it. This team will destroy whatever gate technology is on the other side, then we will destroy this one. New Republic scientists are working on theories now to figure out how to work it.

Report 10021:A: Alpha – Date: DS 070

Report from Kal’Shebbol

No communication has been received from the Oon Tien system since the battle began. The last word was that the fleet scientists had figured the gate, and the battle had begun. A spec-ops team was sent through the gate, and then silence. All probes with in a ten light-year radius were knocked out. It was some kind of subspace energy pulse from a huge stellar event. Scouts from neighboring systems are being redirected to determine the status of the fleet.

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