OGL Golf

OGL Golf

From: Reality Deviant Publications,

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

OGL Golf is a new OGL Rules Supplement from Reality Deviant Publications.

Once again, I have to say … I thought I had seen it all. Every time I think that, something else comes out that is even more “interesting”. OGL Golf is a cute little PDF that takes the OGL/d20 rules and allows you to play a round of golf at the RPG table.

From the website: “So if it’s raining and you can’t make your Tee-time, or you want to add a bit of wackiness to your D20 game, check this pdf out!”

The Introduction of the PDF explains that the game of golf is simplified in these rules and that it is the intent of the rules to play a full round of golf without resorting to a single skill check roll. The game uses three clubs – Driver, Wedge and Putter. Distances are reduced to allow for use on reasonably sized maps.

Opening the PDF, the author begins by explaining the stats and the point ranges the stats “will have.” I am already confused. There is nothing telling you how to actually create the character. I assume there is a starting number of points to spend on stats, but there is nothing telling me this. Either that or you start out with all stats at zero and your first few tournaments are all based on dice rolls until you can level up.

There are four stats – Driver, Wedge, Putter, and Golf Balls – and each have subcategories – Insight, Enhancement, and Competence. I am not entirely sure where these stats come into play. Depending on what club you are using, you make a specific die roll, do some simple math and determine the distance you hit the ball. A roll for direction also is made. This, of course, is plotted out on the course map.

From the website: “Zap your opponents golf club with a disintegrate spell in a Kings tournament! ”

You gain experience through tournaments. Tournaments are 5 holes (1 par five, 2 par fours and 2 par threes) and you can gain between 1 and 10 points from them. The game defines 12 character levels. There are some simple special rules governing obstacles and weather conditions. There are also Player Focuses which act like simple feats and a conversion section for people that want to integrate this PDF into their d20 game as well as feats that can be used in d20. It ends with a couple of nice course hole maps.

In conclusion, this PDF, although somewhat imaginative, is also somewhat silly. It is only remotely OGL, using some common terms with d20. As I read through, I was less and less inspired by it. I like golf and have played some myself but I really do not see myself using this set of rules. The rules are very poorly explained and I could barely get through the PDF without getting completely frustrated. It’s an interesting idea but poorly conceived and put together. For example I could not find any direct correlation between the stats/subcategories and the dice rolls. Also, I did not know how many points I could spend up front. I simply did not get it.

For more details on Reality Deviant Publications, and their new OGL Rules Supplement “OGL Golf” check them out at their website http://www.realitydeviants.net.

OGL Golf

From: Reality Deviant Publications,

Type of Game: OGL Rules Supplement

Written by: Christopher Urinko

Interior Artwork: Some images copyright”www.clipart.com”

Cartography: Brian Patterson

Layout and GraphicDesign: David Jarvis

GameMechanics: Christopher Urinko

Number of Pages: 17

Game Components Included: One PDF File

Game Components Not Included: Core OGL Rulebooks

Retail Price: $ 4.95 (US)

Website: www.realitydeviants.net

Reviewed by: Ron McClung