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On going modifications to clean up the code, the look and feel and upgrade to TLS 1.2.  OGRe 7.0 will be rolled out just in time for MACE 2018! I have worked for the past 2 months straight on it and I think I have a stable now.  After 20 years with the same hosting provider, we finally moved to a more competent and stable provider.  That transition really opened up a lot of holes in my code so I had to clean that up.  Notable changes/additions are…

Cleaned up many of the bugs in some of the admin functions.  An Admin can now officially add a game without using my MS Access tool.

Upgraded to the following:

  • Codeigniter 3.1.9
  • JQuery 3.3.1
  • JQuery UI 1.12
  • Bootstrap 4 using Bootswatch Cerulean.
  • Exapnded the usage of Bootstrap formatting
  • Upgrade many of the Jquery widgets I am using as well.
  • Moved to CodeIgniter Email methods rather than the clunky way I was doing PHPMailer
  • Built in a secondary option for SendGrid for emails

Also got rid of the Ticker that ran across the top.  Those messages are now bulletins.  I have heavily integrated some of the Bootstrap features into the various functions regular users see although the admin side needs more work.

New Features in Progress

My Profile Dashboard

I am slowly build various features into a Dashboard you can access under My Profile.  This will contain 6 panes with various features and functions

  • Convention Status – This contains some basic stats of the current convention
  • My Schedule – This is something I used to have but have started enhancing with some Bootstrap stuff.  I am going to build it with the Accordion options in BS and perhaps use it as a prototype for a new view to the schedule.  I decided to throw in a means to see one’s history with us.
  • Game Library – This will allow other people to post their libraries on the schedule.
  • Gaming Group – This is the most ambitious function I think I am going to build.  See below for the design notes.
  • Wish List/Favorites – This is a two in one function.  I am envisioning a way to make a wish list by making a list from a BGG API call, as well as a way to make specific games as favorites.  If the favorites get scheduled, the user will get an email.  Not sure how that last one will work but we’ll see.
  • Global Filters – IF the player does not want to see RPGs or Board Games ever, this function will prevent them from being displayed on the schedule.

Gaming Group

Design Notes

With this function, people will be able to do the following:

  • Establish a friend group called a game group.  Each person is allowed to be in one game group.  This could be a group of friends or a group of family members.  I have had multiple parents ask me to have a way to group the kids under them.  This function will allow it.  Also, I have had  game groups ask a similar question.  With this function, you should be able to do that.
  • Members of the game group can sign up the entire game group for a single game.  However, the members of the group have to confirm the sign up unless the user allow the member to be their proxy.
  • Each member of a gaming group must have an OGRe account.
  • Each member of the gaming group must be activated to sign up for games.
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