OK, after Hour 4, Day 6 of 24…

OK, after Hour 4, Day 6 of 24…

Ok, the first 4 hours are in the can. I had read several spoilers prior to this season so I kind of knew what was going to happen. I saw it being set up slowly but surely in the last 2 hours. I LIKED the bog boom! Overall analysis is awesome.

What I like:

  • Jack is back…. but different. The experience in China has obviously effected him emotionally. I think it would be cool to have some flashbacks (might mess up the real time though). He’s an emotional wreck and if it wasn’t for the big boom at the end of hour 4, I think he would have been done.
  • Point-counter point … Everytime I think they go liberal leftist on me, they throw up something conservative. Sure there are the whining liberal that clamp on to the Constitution only when its convenient for them (nevermind the Right to bare arms and the reinterpreation of freedom of speech), but the show does show the consequences of their cow-towing to the terrorists and how wrong they are.
  • The action is incredible. It really shows a US savaged by terrorist attacks. THIS CAN HAPPEN PEOPLE! Do NOT forget this.
  •  Everything doesn’t revolve around LA now … The president is actually in Washington! The terrorists are actually attacking other cities. This is one thing that bugged me, but I understand why it had to happen. If California dropped off the face of this Earth, I honeslty would not shed too many tears. It’s barely a part of the United States anyway.


What I do not like

  • The Milo-Norris thing seems forced. I remember Milo from first season and then the guy thought he would try out a movie career which obviously did not do well. He’s back now, and trying to fit in. And it revolves around Cloe who is no fem-fatale. I like Cloe, but jeez. One of the signature aspects of ’24’ is the tension in CTU tends to make ral personalities come out and create tense situations. And I liked that aspect because in the past, it seemed real. But this seems forced.
  • I liked that Buchanan and Hayes seemed to be romantically connected and Hayes got a nice little promotion tot he NSA. But Not sure that is the role she is playing. She seems to be too liberal to be in charge of that organization.
  • Shooting Curtis … I am not entirely sure that was totally necessary. Curtis simply did not seem the type to go over the edge like that. I hope he’s not dead and he can come back. He’s one of my favorite characters. No nonesense.

About Palmer’s Sister and her fictional organization the IAA… I am not sure I like this plot line or not. On it’s face, she is a little too over the top liberal leftist for me, but this may be building up like that for a reason. It was hinted at with that last moment with her client/boyfriend (ethics violations there?) who is now imprisoned with other terrorists. So I hope it builds up to another “in your face” moment to those leftists taht whine about civil liberties when we are at war.