Ona Ro Zaravan

Ona Ro Zaravan

Unimposing and gentle Ur Obun, Ona was brought under the protectorate of House Keddah as a child as part of a deal between the House and her family. She was valuable for her psychic powers and has served the House well. She has a rare disorder that causes gold sparkles to appear in her eyes when she uses her powers. After a while, however, Keddah saw your ability could be used for something else – Assassination. They trained you well for that as well.

Ona has picked up a lot of human traits and does not relate well to her fellow Ur-Obun. She gains the Xeno-Empahty Feat.

Because she has been sheltered with in human society and no one has ever seen her as a sexual individual, she does not get human obsession with sex nor does she get sexual inuendo.

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