Operation Chillweaver

Operation Chillweaver

Intel Report 1

Drake and Tigress both went out to the 3 area worlds to see what they could find on Chuborro and the other organizations of interest (The Sabiador Slave Ring, and the Skandrei Bandits).  They also took it upon themselves to boost your disguise as Imperials, and laid subtle evidence that there was some kind of secret Imperial operation going on.  They used known Imperial contacts, known Imperial techniques.  Mavia, who has spent some time in this area of space, also did some intel gathering.  (You will have to get Mavia’s report from Jen.)

Below is information gathered by Drake and Tigress.  All the data they were gather is subject to some level of suspicion in reliability.  They say it is about 80% to 90% accurate.

Intel on the two regional Deputies

(The 2 that operate closest to the Night Terror’s Position):

Jag’Nok Orcana

Species: Houk

Territory: Marcol Rim Region, and the Outer Rim of the Marcol void, Outback side

Activities: Mercenaries and enforcers, arms dealing, assassinations, espionage

Intel Notes

Jag’Nok is an ambitious warrior who revels in his life of crime.  He also is somewhat jealous of Chuborro and his power.  He worries that if Chuborro gets Darkstryder, he will have too much power.  Jag himself secretly seeks DS tech.

He has made deals indirectly with Analia, and in fact, would probably get along with her real well, if he knew she existed.  He might meet her personally if she had something he was REALLY interested in.

Included is intel on Jag’s operations, training facilities, who and where he gets his recruits, where his HQ is, and its security measures.  He is good, one of the best security experts anyone has seen.  He is the one the Night Terrors have the most to worry about and the key figure to fool with the Imperial masquerade.

These are the organizations under his control:

The Hagnar Guild

Location: HQ’d on Hagnar Gor (In the Marcol Rim Region) with agents through out Chuborro’s organization

A mercenary group of enforcers and arms dealers, it is the Syndicate’s primary enforcer and security force.

The Jag’Nar Fleet

Location: HQ’d on Vigno’sh Gor in the Marcol Rim Region

A fleet of pirate ships and raiders that serve Chuborro’s needs.  Made up of about 12 cap-ships, all varying sizes, most modified freighters and transports.  There is one ship that is his pride and joy, a modified Nebulon B frigate.  They are spread out in 2 to 3 ship task forces.

Ugnog Gandris

Species: Whiphid

Territory: The Outback area beyond the Marcol Void rim.

Activities: Smuggling, information brokering, mercenaries, piracy, extortion, Outlaw tech, black marketeering, assassination, and espionage.

Intel Notes

Ug is a conniving bastard, and rivals some of the best Twi’Leks at back-stabbing. Expert truth manipulator, he is one of Chuborro’s most valued information brokers.  He also rival’s Jag as a security expert.

The intel on Ug includes limited amount of his operations, which are very secret and guarded.  His teams are widespread and very good at what they do.  Once Chillweaver starts, the Night Terrors will have to deal with one or more of his Shadow Ring teams.

Jag and Ug play sabacc together quite often on Yog’H’Toth.  They have a strong, and honorable relationship but secretly mistrust each other strongly.  Both feel the other is unnecessary.

These are the organizations under his control:

The Timbra Shadow Ring

Location: HQ’d Timbra Ott with agents through out the sector

The Timbra Shadow Ring is one of the most secretive organizations in Chuborro’s organization.  It is the primary spec ops group, with it’s hands in all Chuborro’s covert operations.

The Outback Riggers

Location: Sapella

A group of Outlaw techs Chuborro uses for his private needs. Only those he knows is allowed to use them.

As for the other deputies, you know their names, but that’s about it.  The above deputies are the only ones that operate in or near the Outback.

Other Deputies:

Antoss Irz Chan

Species: Herglic

Bres Tambrana

Species: Devaronian


Species: Noehon

Other Intel:


Planet: Yog’H’Toth
System:  Yog’Hal
Sector: Kathol
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate to Warm
Atmosphere: Type I Breathable
Hydrosphere: Wet (Many violent storms year round)
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Mountains, Grassland, Polar ice caps
Length of Day: 28 Hours
Length of Year: 286 Days
Sapient Species: Mixture of species.  Humans are rare.
Major Cities Bred’iar Hogg (Capitol city), Gren Sil (Space port city), Kendri’Il (Chuborro’s palace located near this city)
Starport: Standard Class
Population: 690 Million
Planet Function: Was a mining colony and research facility for the Kathol Republic, abandoned several decades ago.  Now a simple colony world of wayward travelers from the Core Region, a Free Trader port.  It is the secret HQ of Chuborro the Hutt.
Government: Central Council of all the colony states, overseen by an elected President
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports:  Refined Ore, manufactured goods
Major Imports: Raw Ore, high tech
Star:  Yog’Hal

Yog’H’Toth is an unfriendly world.  Its atmosphere is very active and turbulent.  The Society is one of the most corrupt anyone has seen, thanks to Chuborro’s presence.  This is the seedier side of the Free traders.  It’s a smuggler’s paradise, by Kathol standards.  There are even signs that read “The Millenium Falcon docked here!!”

The world is also hazardous to high tech equipment, due the over-abundance of electrostatic charges in the atmosphere.  During the harshest storms, people wear protective suits.  Ball lightning is quite common on this world.

The intelligence includes major population centers, Areas that Chuborro seems to concentrate his business on Yog’H’Toth, and the location of his palace.  His palace is heavily guarded (you have estimates of those) and heavily armed.  It has several planetary-based Turbolaser batteries installed in the mountains around his palace.

You have enough intel that with good rolls and a little luck, you can probably find your way in, and out, given the right circumstances.  You know the cities his security covers, and where they are lacks.  You know who his security is: The Hagnar Guild mercenaries, and how they are armed.

Chuborro’s background

Chuborro is one of the oldest Hutts alive.  At one time, before Jabba’s death, he was retired.  He came out of retirement when Jabba died, and seized power of his interests in the Minos Cluster and the Kathol Sector.  For some reason, he wanted this particular portion of Jabba’s fortune and nothing else.

Chuborro is eccentric and boisterous but very reclusive.  He is old and paranoid as well.  The intel includes some of his known activities, when he meets with his deputies and what ships he likes to use.  You don’t have a regular schedule, but you have clues to what he likes to do, and when he likes to leave his palace.  You also know he holds occasional galas in his palace

Sarne Alliance

It has been confirmed that Chuborro is allied with Sarne, but it seems it’s a shaky one.  He has been keeping the alliance a secret from many of his deputies, only telling them that he has made a deal that will solidify their organization position in the Rim.  Some in his organization would frown upon it.

In particular, on that last note, there are strong anti-Imperial sentiments in his own security force, the Hagnar Guild.  There already resides a strong rumor of the alliance, but nothing has been confirmed enough to cause unrest.  Many of the mercs are former Imperial slaves, or escaped Imperial prisoners.

Further information later comes in of a meeting with someone high up in Chuborro’s organization with someone high up in Sarne’s organization.  The when and where is unclear, but there was talk that the Lance of Endor might be involved.

Chuborro has had a passion for owning a piece of Darkstryder recently.  Whether this is part of the alliance or not is unknown.  Whether he has gotten a sample of DS Tech is unknown.  This may be what Sarne promised him Or if Chuborro already had some, this maybe why Sarne made the alliance.

There is also a rumor that Chuborro has made another alliance… “An outside interest…”.

The Skandrei Bandits

The Skandrei Bandits is lead by a Barabel named Vok Gan. He is very temperamental, and dangerous.  The Skandrei Bandits have 8 cap-ships, heavily armed and at least 3 squadrons of fighters (hyperspace capable; A-Wing like fighters).

The Skandrei stage small raids across the Outback against local settlements, which explains the need for some many local militia fleets.  They pillage the settlements, enslave a few captives, and destroy the rest.  Not many know of their history, but it is rumored they are descendants of an anti-(old) Republic factions called the Union.

Sabiador Slave Ring

An informant claiming to be an Imperial loyalist approached Drake.  Word of the presence of an Imperial SpecOps team has leaked out into the public already.  Drake said that the informant was under the assumption that Drake represented those interests. The informant said he was representing the interests of a small organization that has Imperial sympathies.

This Informant provided information that Sabiador has split into two different factions now and that the faction they are about to be working with is in league with Chuborro.  The informant suggested that any strike at Chuborro would have to include this Sabiador-faction as well.

Drake then proceeded to request the assistance of the Sabiador faction that is not loyal to Chuborro, but was refused.

The informant suggested to Drake that there are no real ‘friends’ available to him in that area of space.  The only people that might be disposed to helping them are the Skandrei Bandits and the Free Traders…both of whom hate each other.  However, the Bandits have absolutely no love for the Empire or the New Republic.

Ghost ship – The Aiing Tii Monks

One interesting extra bit was information on the ghost ship.  They are aliens that call themselves the Aiing Tii Monks.  There is very little known of these aliens other than they are fanatically xenophobic, do not like being observed or spied on, and hate slavers.

(Stage 1)  Ug Spy(s) in and around a given shipyard or similar facility owned by Jag.

You find a facility; a dead moon Jag uses as a training facility for his mercenaries. It’s also a port for a majority of his convert supplies.  It is a small insignificant place which is why Jag uses it. It’s name is Alparan Mox, a small world near Ambrox in a otherwise dead system.  The moon orbits a gas giant, the only planet in the system.  There are 6 other moons.

Jag’s fleet uses this as a resupply point often, and a portion of the fleet uses it as a base.

**** To create the black hole, you need to assign the proper assassin and other personel.  Once you do that, Roll 3 Investigation (PER)

Rolls, Roll 6 Security (PER) rolls, 3 Attack(Skill of choice) Rolls (Total, not for each player.  If you have some low rolls you can add a few as back up, from a different character).  I can tell you that there are a few spies in this facility and it’s th perfect candidate to create a information black hole.  There is a chance of casualties here. ****

(Stage 2) Research An Ug facility that could support the Jag’Nock fleet

Ug uses a facility on a moon of Gadella, the gas giant in the Sapellan system.  IIt’s a major outlaw tech facility, very well hidden. It is hidden among a series of old mines.  Landing is going to be a trick for larger cap-ships, but it can be done.

*****  To gather the necessary information you want, Roll 5 Investigation Rolls and 5 Security Rolls, using your best intel agents. Drake and TIgress can handle 2 of each if you so choose ****

(Stage 3) A place for the fleet to gather

That’s easy, a small highly active nebula near Sapella, where the Farstar misjumped into. No roll required.

(Stage 4) Plant information that Jag is looking for a Whipid specific poison.

**** Streetwise roll, along with 3 Security Rolls****

(Stage 5) Assassinations and detainments of Ug’s military leaders This could get nasty.  Highest risk of casualties here.

****  Attack Rolls and Security Rolls for Each assassination.  You choose the assassin.  Mavia can be included in this. There are 12 leaders in teh local area. ****

This will start up a strain in the situation if done successfully.  To get the Jag’Nok fleet to act like you want them too, I suggest planting information that their is DS tech in that said nebula somewhere and the NR or Empire is moving in to take it.  This would definitely get Jag’s attention.  And Ug’s.

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