Order of Bakash

Order of Bakash

A group of well-hidden allies of several organizations, lead by the mysterious Bakash (named after a [Skaniis] legend). Bakash never shows himself to anyone but in reality is a Tretrarch Ancient.  When Bakash called for a meeting, he communicates to all his members telepathically.  They meet on Bakash’s ship, which seems to travel freely throughout the Frontier, instantaneously, without being spotted by patrols or authorities.  It appears only when Bakash calls a meeting, and when it does, it appears in a remote part of space.

Members of the Order

  • Amand Alistorn (Human male) is a TechEx with specialization in Computer and Robotics.  Leader of the AIS and a main SysOp to the Froniter Cybernetrix.
  • Kapprass Errish ([Skanniis] female) SciSpec with a specialization in Planetary Surveying.  Former CEO of Arion Development Corp.
  • Compsh Yadiari (Yazirian Male) Explorer with a specialization in the Jugger sport.  Well-known athlete , former professional Jugger, Stellar North Conference.  Former Null-G Arena Castball Champion and Null-G Gladiator.
  • Krek Kaskit (Vrusk male) Colonist career with a specialization in Rogue.  Head of the Kaskit family, organizes underground factions and groups that watch over the Vrusk corporations.  Girrillian has corrupted many Vrusk corps.
  • Trneesh Milol  (Que’sha female) Explorer with a specialization of Attack Scout.  FOrmer senior security officer for Amtesh Cybernetics Conglomerate, another corporation taken over by Girrillian.
  • Zirya “Z” Morlan (Human female) Scispec with a specialization in Planet Surverying and GEMMER Hunting. Former CEO of Kalyas Mining & Survery Corporation, another company taken over by Girrillian.
  • Ashley Jadoah (Human female) Scispec with a specialization in gen-gineering.  Daughter and former Vice CEO of Gentech a subsidiary of Wartech corrupted by Girrillian.
  • Hadros Malcolm (human male) Enforcer with a specialization in Law enforcement.  Former Marshall in command of Dagoron Sector (which includes Arion and Karionus); was reported dead by Star Law after a mysterious assassin attempted to kill him (and obviously failed).;
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