Organizations & Secret Societies in 2134

Organizations & Secret Societies in 2134

These are additional organizations created by Ken for the original edition of Reich Star.


The Cross and Crysanthemum is a pacifist group that exists in both the Reich and the Empire. Its members try to promote cooperation and greater understanding between the two Empires through friendship and cultural exchange. Both governments tolerate the existence of the group, but members are always being subjected to surveillance and harassment by the Gestapo and Tokko.


The Ancestral Heritage Society founded in the 1930’s by Heinrich Himmler. Members of this group consist of historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, philosophers, fanatical SS and NSDAP members, and curious citizens. The group’s aim is to maintain proof that Aryans are the superior “race”, and to research possible links to Atlantis and some advanced Alien (Aryan) culture. The organization is administered by the Hauptamt SS.


This organization, located in the Ruhr Valley, was founded by several large mining concerns during the late 1920’s. The organization serves toprotect mining interests by giving money and support to various politicians and bureaucrats.


The Southeast Europe Society. This offshoot of the Economics Ministry was established to help cultivate and improve business relations in the Danube Basin.


The Wotan-Centauri Trading Company. This organization was established in 2072 to help cultivate industrial expansion in the Sirius and Alpha Centauri Systems. Its interests now include all colonized worlds. The board of directors is made up of representatives of many large corporations, as well as officials from the Ministries of Economics, and Interstellar Trade and Transport.

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