Physical Description

The Orkra’an are short, stout vaguely humanoid creatures, almost dwarven in appearance. They are usually very strong, with leathery skin. They have small, focused eyes, large mouths with jagged teeth, and a nose. Their heads are more compact then humans, but also wider.

The particular item about Orkra’ans are that from adolescence onward, their skin wrinkles and hair greys, appearing like old wrinkled humans.


Average Size: 1.5 m
Average Mass: 70 kg
Average Life-span: 410 yr.
Reproduction: heterosexual, viviparous
Body Temp: 43 C

Historical Detail.

For many years, the Orkra’an were within the Frontier borders and no one knew. They lived underneath many colony worlds, in complex caverns and tunnels. No one knew for sure how they got there, but most guess they were a slave race at one time to some ancient empire, and were left behind when it collapsed.

The Orkra’an caverns on each of the worlds they have been found, contain a vast library of hieroglyphs and wall paintings, telling of their history. Some are actually translatable. Most is not. Many Xeno-archeologists have dedicated their careers to solve the mystery. One particular Xeno-Archeologists a few years back had said he had cracked the mystery, but then disappeared soon after his initial announcement.

Orkra’an themselves have been less than helpful in this quest. They simply point to the walls when asked about their past. “The story has been told” is one of their more common answers. From what can be gathered from observation and interviews, they are a peaceful people, aware of other species around them, but not willing to interact too much. Some adventure out, and mingle with colony populous, but they hide well, and use shadows expertly.


Orkra’an has incredible night vision, as if night didn’t even exist. However, they also adjust to varying degrees of light at incredible rates.

They are also sensitive to motion felt through the ground, and can usually predict quakes on most worlds.

They also have a keen ability to hide and seem unobvious. Some say that they have the ability to be only seen out of the corner of ones eye.

Speech and Languages

Orkra’an speak a low bellowing language called Lagaran. They also speak Pan Gal Common very well.


Orkra’an are a misunderstood race. Because of their appearance, they are assumed to be stupid and ignorant and sometimes feared because of their strength. But in actuality, they are incredibly knowledgeable, and wise. They are peaceful and tolerant. They say they have seen much from the shadows they hide in, and have learned.

Social Structure and Standards


Racial Abilities

Stealth Expert: An Orkra’an receives a StealthSkill for free at +X.

Earth Sense: The Orkra’an have the ability to feel vibrations and pressure beneath the earth. Roll LOG to predict any quakes with the time span of a week.