The Osprey II Assault Scout

(Redesigned to land horizontally)

Osprey II 

HS: 3
HP: 14
ADF/MR: 5/4
DCR: 50
Weapons: AR x4, Drone Rack, LC
Defense: RH

Weapons: LP (x2) 1d10, AR(x1)
Last Resort Weapon: Ramming Target – built -in Fusion bomb (5d10)
Defense: Size Factor -20 to hit, Jamming Screen -30 to all
electronic targeting systems.
HP: 10 (specialized armor)
ADF/MR 10/10

NOTES:  The drones has it’s own propulsion engines which last several hours in combat.  Weapons have their own power supply, and last long enough to do damage when needed.


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