Outland Station

Outland Station


Outlands Station is the only existing prototype of a new concept developed during the reign of the previous Dragon Emperor. In many ways, it is similar to other orbital stations. It is a convenient supply point and repair depot for starships and efficient production and research facility for industries that depend on microgravity and vacuum.

The difference between Owlands Station and other orbital facilities is dramatic, however. Outlands Station is not just a single facility, it is actually a series of space stations separated by hundreds of light years but linked together by a network of teleportation portals. This network
is similar to the one that connects the Long Road, and it allows near-instantaneous travel from one side of the Empire to the other.

Ten different facilities in all make up Outands Station. Each is located along the frontier of one of the 10 imperial domains. Unlike the Long Road. which is linear, Outlands Station is a true nexus through which you can travel to any domain from any other. A network of conveyor tracks that runs throughout the docking sections of the station even allows smaiJ spacecraft to beb moved through the teleportation portals from one sector to another.

Old Section 5: There is a section of the station that no one goes to anymore.  It is considered the “lost section.”  It has long been forgotten, so much so that the schematics skip over the section.  With close analysis, people would notice the discrepancy.  It truth, there in resides a mutant “chaos beast” contained by magic to wander that section undisturbed. {In reality, the Chaos Beast is a servant of Mindflayers that reside on that level}.