Painkiller Jane getting too painful

Painkiller Jane getting too painful

You know, there is the so-called “jump the shark” moment that many shows hit and then there is somethign else that a beginning show hits that looses its viewers. I do not know what to call it but Painkiller Jane has just about reached it for me. There is only so-far that a hot blond with nice T&A can go before the show’s plot lines simply get too asinine for me too watch. I just saw a Top 10 list of the worst sci-fi shows and PJ should have been on it or may be in the near future.

The last episode I watched had some pretty bold plot changes, characters killed and the boyfriend turned enemy agent. It really looked like PJ was getting interesting.

But it was all a dream… psyche!

If that is not one of the most dumb-as* plot ploys in history, I do not know what is. All they showed to get people to watch was the dream scenes making you think that the writers actually got a pair of balls, but when you watched the show, it was quite evident they did not. It was all a ploy to get you to watch. Thank God for DVR. At least I was able to fast forward through the cheap flash back scenes. And yes, only because I painfully watched all the episodes it was flashing back to.

PJ is simply getting too painful to watch. It is not just bad, it getting real bad.

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