2015 Panthers 5-0!!!

2015 Panthers 5-0!!!

Oct 18, 2015


I can not tell you how good that win felt.  After so many years of near misses and close losses, Cam lead our boys to a victory that was very satisfying.  They finished the game finally!  Played all 4 quarters and never gave up.  Cam took advantage of a team on the decline and found just enough weakness to come home with a win.  We beat them in THEIR house!  The loudest stadium in the NFL.  The 12th man who?

What is amazing is how complete the win was – all 3 aspects of the game played well and only a few mistakes.  And they came back from every mistake like it never happened.  Opened up with a  sack.  FOrget about it.  Get an interception.  Forget about it.  Cam was on target for the rest of the game, for the most part.  Very happy with the win!

Does this mean we are going to the Super Bowl?  Not saying that.  Does this mean we will win next week?  Not saying that.  Just saying that this feels good.  One of the best feelings I have had since watching Auburn run that field goal back.  Just good football happiness!