Party Composition for Ron’s Star Wars RPG

Party Composition for Ron’s Star Wars RPG

Player’s Perspective

By Ed Stokes

In the game I’m in, we have a Defel Jedi (Does that make him a dark jedi? 🙂 ) two furry Jedi-wannabes (Ewok & Shistavanen) and a furry mechanic (Wookee). You cannot imagine how often we have to clean the A/C filters and comb the furniture. I am not even going to get into the shower drain problem.

We have two apocolypse magnets (xeroxes of the Dirty Pair). Each time we visit a planet, we have to see all the sights that one time, since, thanks to them, we probably will not be allowed back.

We have a Rebel Intel agent, so that we can be sure of finding some trouble, even if we don’t get into it ourselves.

We have a bounty hunter whose last brilliant move was to go head-to-head with a Dark Jedi (good news is, we got _most_ of him back afterwards.)

And finally, there is me, Human bounty hunter. I am the only sane one in the group. No, really, I mean it! My only real problem is that my party continually gets me into situations I really didn’t deserve to be in. The good side to that is that it allows my to keep boosting my carnage tab with Darth Vader (I am up to 4.5 million creds worth, Darth, You cannot hide that from the Emperor forever, bucko. Pay me the rest of my money and I will stop.)

Ed Stokes

“I’m not _really_ a TechnoNAZI, I’m just… picky.”

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