Pentateuchian Mapinguari

Pentateuchian Mapinguari

A mapinguari is more than 7 feet tall at the shoulder. Its body resembles that of a sloth and is covered with shaggy black or dark red fur. It has a long, sharp, backward-curving talon on each toe, and its face looks almost human. Few creatures can bear to come close enough to see its face, however, because of its unbearable stench. This foul odor emanates from a scent gland in its abdomen, which the natives have fancifully dubbed a second mouth.

All Pentatuechian creatures that live in the path of the Sirocco, change when the Ghost Wind blows. (I never really elaborated on this but I wanted to treat it as some kind of booster to their abilities, maybe turning them more savage)

Species TraitsScent (Ex): This ability allows a mapinguari to detect approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell.

Stench (Ex): The odor of a mapinguari is overpoweringly offensive. Anyone approaching within 60 feet of the creature must make a successful Fortitude save (DC 18) or become nauseated. The nausea persists for as long as the creature remains in the area and for 1 round thereafter. If a creature leaves and reenters the area, a new save is required.

CR 5; Large animal

HD 8d8+48 (84)

Mas 22

Init +0

Spd 30 ft.

Defense 15, touch 9, flat-footed 15 (-1 size, +6 natural)

BAB +6

Grap +16

Atk +11 melee (1d6+6, slam)

Full Atk +11 melee (1d6+6, 2 slams)

FS 10 ft. by 10 ft.

Reach 10 ft.

SQ low-light vision, scent, stench

AL none

AP 0; Rep +0;


Skills: Climb +10, Listen +5.

Feats: None