Planet Grastal

Grastal and City Fash

Grastal is a planet on the edge of Kzin space, where many of the dissadeance and relocatees are sent, as well as the less honorable garrison units of the Kzin Army ~1200 troops). Fash is the capital of Grastal, and is the central hub of activity on Grastal. A great amount of trade goes through Frash, much of it black market. The Kzin presence is only felt when they get hungry.

Grastal was taken by the Kzin late in their empire’s history, from a very resistant and mysterious race known as the Raspkod. They fought the Kzin to the last, so it was said. There were 4 planets in the system until the battle for the system destroyed the 3rd world, which was a military outpost for the Raspkod.  All that remains are 2 rock planets and one gas giant.  Grastal is the only habitable world in the system but many believe it was terraformed by the Raspkod.  Fash is said to have been built on the ruins of the Raspkod’s last fortress, which was pulverised from orbital bombardment. No known Raspkod survived the invasion.

Now the city Fash is host to the rifraff of the Kzin Empire. The Kzin strategically control the population of each of the relocatees, to insure low and controllable numbers. The aliens polarize in what groups they can form, based on race, but they are few in numbers that they are little threat to the Kzin garrison. The Kzin’s worst nightmare is for all these factions to unite, but they don’t fear it too much. They factions are too busy quarreling amongst each other over turf, through small gang wars, etc.

Grastal also has a legend that the factions look up to; a hero vigilante that they can depend on when the weak are trodden. This mysterious hero arrives randomly to champion the weak and suppressed. He is called the Technon; a sort of urban legend that few people can actually substantiate.

Fragments of Fash (Clans of the City)

There are the primary factions or Fragments of Frash.  There are others but these three have a piece to the Key or know where it is.  These relics are held in reverence by all, because of their age and significance to the planet.  All hold a deep respect to the Raspkod and dedicated many anti-Kzin deeds to them.

  • Kandronite Kor – A clan-like organization of a single race, displaced by the Kzin and placed on Grastal.  They are mysteriously cultic race, centering on the oneness with the great Beyond.


  • Asphadon Hive – Insectoid race that once was a hive-society, shatter by the Kzin.  They are currently re-breeding their race, and secretly re-establiushing a hive in the catacombs of Fash.


  • Moshladaran – A defeated race of honorable barbarians, there are few in Fash, for good reason. The more are together, the more dangerous they become.  They emit hormones and pheromones which react with everyone of their kind within a range.  It is like an accelerated-adrenaline effect.


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