Planet Tresidiss

Planet Tresidiss

Planet Tresidiss

Tresidiss is a young planet with a lot tectonic activity.  The planet is covered in early warning systems for earthquakes and other activity.  When the warning go off, cities are evacuated and the spectacle of the natural disaster becomes a tourist attraction.

Type: Terrestrial

Temp: Warm

Atmosphere: Type I

Hydrosphere: Moderate

Gravity: Standard

Terrain: Plains, Forest, Mountains

LoD: 23 hours

LoY: 315 local days

Sapient Life: Herglic, Humans, Krish

Starports: 2 standard class

Population: 2.1 million

Planet Function: Trade, Gambling, Tourism

Government:  Organized Crime

Tech Level: Space

Major Exports: None

Major Imports: Food, Spice, Liqueur

Four Major cities on the major continent; western hemisphere.  Heavy tectonic activity periodically.  All buildings are repulsor re-enforced for the minor quakes.

Four cities, each controlled by 6 Herglic clans

  • Tralas – Eastern coastal starport city
  • Emoress – Western coastal starport city
  • Ukchor – Midwestern resort city
  • Hifferval – Mideastern resort city

Six Herglic clans/castes

  • Arrikre Clan – house of tech and science
  • Burgren Clan – house of warriors and security
  • Asrosh Clan – house of industry and production
  • Eteyed Clan – house of law and rule making
  • Dirs Clas – house of trade, business and merchants
  • Uxad Clan – house of accounting and money

There are a number of minor factions vying for whatever power they can muster, including 4 Hutt clans.  There is considerable discontent with these minor factions about the Herglic rule.


Tresidiss is rules by the Herglic crime clans, which a the rival organizations to the Hutt Clans. Many crime organizations have head quarters here, but all are subservient to the Herglic clans. Tresidiss is a resort planet, with thousands of ways to enjoy oneself regardless of race. The Empire tolerates its existence, and the Herglic clans payoff many Imperial Moffs and Grand Moffs to ensure their tolerance. However, the Empire does use the planet occasionally, for overt and covert purposes. However, the clans pay large sums to keep any Imperial presence unknown.

The Crime Organizations of Tresidiss all pay service to the Herglic clans. In return, they allow their existence. The illegal activity on Tresidiss is not hidden. Illegal Gambling, arms trade, prostitution,. Unregistered Slavery, corporate espionage, and rebel activity. This instills a sense of security, which allows the Imperials great opportunities to nail dissidents, and criminals.

Herglic Clan Security handles all security on planet. They are the biggest and baddest of a very large race. Herglics are large bipedal humanoid whale-like creatures, with tough skin and a lot of blubber-armor..

Recent events

Recently, Tresidiss has been ravaged by major catastrophes. City Tralas on the east coast of the main continent was struck by an artificially created quake, which leveled the city and separated the peninsula it was on from the mainland, making the city an island. It is suspected that this was caused by several large scale explosives set off shore, by the Hutts in an attempt to intimidate the Herglics into serving the Hutts. City Hafferval also went through some severe turmoil recently, when suddenly all the radical and moderately radical speeder bike and air speeder gangs rioted, paralyzing the city. These became known as the ‘Speeder riots, and Herglic clan security have been put on high alert ever since. Any sign of violence unapproved by the clan council must be investigated and parties responsible punished.

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