Planetary Government of Danoor

Planetary Government of Danoor

Planetary Government. Once an Imperial ally, it is now collapsed and has given way to New Republic representation.  The planet was used as a Way station to Rift for Sarne. It is rumored that he shipped many political prisoner to this point and beyond, into the Rift.

Danoor was colonized in roughly 92 BBY by a group of scientists who intended to use the planet as an outpost from which they could study the Kathol Rift. No specific government had sent them, and they were all united by the common goal to study the mysteries of the Rift.

More colonists, learning about the beauty and natural resources to be had on Danoor, and the fact that there was no central government, flocked to the planet. Most of the early colonists were farmers, seeking to live off the land, but eventually small businesses followed. The people started to gather into town groups, but still no central government was formed.

In 22 BBY, a rogue asteroid from the Duhrib Belt hit the planet, killing half a million people and devastating the planet through quakes, floods and ash clouds. The survivors called for centralized government to aid in the rebuilding of the planet. One minister for each grouping of five hundred thousand citizens was elected to a governing body that would be responsible for defense, policing, taxation, and financial aid. Realizing that they need extra funds to rebuild the planet, the government opened Danoor to businesses from across the sector. They offered them special concessions to set up on the planet, although the companies were free to act however they pleased without restriction. The Danoor government accrued enough credits to begin the rebuilding work.


Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Kathol Outback
System: Nah’Malis system

Rotation period : 25 standard hours
Orbital period: 201 local days

Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Primary terrain: Forests, mountains, hills, plains
Surface water: Moderate
Societal information: Immigrated species , Humans
Primary language(s) : Galactic Standard Basic
Government: Representative democracy
Population: Two million
Major cities: Eror Zeen (capital)
Major imports: High and low technology
Major exports: Scientific research

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