Background: Player’s Aid #4 – Character Building Blocks

Background: Player’s Aid #4 – Character Building Blocks

titansgrave3Here are a few items that I would like to add to the character party to make it more interesting (as suggested by the book).  These will help connect their characters to the story more tightly.  Please pick one and let me know which one you pick.  I will mark out the ones used by other players so that we don’t have too many using the same one.

  1. You have an association with some secret society or group that is either after some artifact or piece of information from some ancient location.
  2. You have an unusual relationship with or connection to the history of the Chaos Wars (which was 385 years ago). What is that relationship, and how does it impact your life?
  3. Recently, you got away with a crime you didn’t think you’d be able to commit. What was the crime, and who was the victim? Did they deserve it?
  4. You have an unresolved mystery from your past, which spurred you on the adventurer’s path. What is the mystery?
  5. At some point in time,  you saved a party (current or past party) from serious trouble as a result of your perceptiveness and acumen.  What was about to go wrong?  Is anyone still mad that you avoided the danger?
  6. You became an adventurer in order to settle a debt. To whom do you owe that debt, and why?
  7. You know something about another member of the party that they themselves do not know, and that no one else knows. Which of party member  is it, what do you know?
  8. You were forced to choose between your adventuring career and a relationship. This doesn’t have to be romantic in nature, but it could be. Who is the person or people you were forced to reject, and what were the consequences of that act?

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