Polomegan Campaign

Polomegan Campaign

After buying the box set for Battletech, I wanted to integrate that somehow with an idea I was forming for Star Frontiers (see Battletech Conversion to SF).  Stealing the concepts from movies like Alien Nation and Terminator, I created Polomegan, a shared world torn by war.  All this combined into an idea for a campaign.  The initial idea of the adventure was Jedi quest for the Kaiburr crystal (from Splinter of the Mind’s Eye) but since I will take those parts out and present it as a generic artifact quest on a war torn planet.  I will also re-write things so that it fits with the new write up of Polomegan (found here).

Of course, much of what I thought was a campaign was random encounter tables.  I have transcribed those here but modified the story with some new ideas to make it a cohesive adventure.  The adventure centers around a region of the planet called the Deedmoyr Sea (which is similar to the Black Sea in size) in the region called Midlandia.  It’s along one of the battlefronts in the war for Polomegan.



Daladan Remis Briefing


Very few know that the true history of Dalandan Remis and its initial colonization during the early years of the J’Varrian Dominion.  On the surface, the Terran Expanse saw the planet as a perfect Terran class planet, with normal atmosphere and gravity.  However, Daladan Remis held secrets that few knew about.  It was rich in ancient alien ruins and artifacts, hidden beneath the surface.  Terran archeologists from all over the Expanse flocked to study the artifacts.  It was not too long before the became public but too late as the Terrans had a firm claim on the planet.

However, the ravages of the many wars have all but destroyed all of the ruins and most of the artifacts have since been lost.  The wars have made it difficult for anyone to head up expeditions to find them, and anyone caught attempting to take them offworld are usually arrested.  Both the Polomegan colonists and the Nozodon see it as a violation of their laws.   In the case of the nozodon, however, any culprit caught is immediately killed.

This is why the Nozodon have invaded Daladan Remis in search of the Chain.  They believe that it was one of the artifacts found by the original Terran colonists.  They also believe that it is still on Daladan Remis, being hidden by the Polomegan colonists.


One of these fabled artifacts of Daladan Remis is called the Jerridan Crystal.  It is said to have great power and some legends even say that it contains the soul or psionic essence of an ancient alien.  They also say that normal mortals can not even touch it and that it must be handled by one wearing a a special ring – The Jerridan Ring.  This ring contains a small portion of the same crystal and castes a protective field around the wearer so he or she can pick the Jerridan Crystal up.


The PCs are hired by an interested party – rich parton named Desmond Mallor –  to help retrieve this Crystal from Daladan Remis.  They will accompany an the patron’s most trusted agent – Everit Barkridge – who will be wielding the Jerridan Ring.  They are given a contact in a city called Tagnat Mor, a coastline city on the Deedmoyr Sea in Midlandia.  The PCs are given a specific address within the coastal residential area of the city.

The city Tagnat Mor is in the middle of a warzone but still has a population. This contact – Xander Vexx – has family in the city who he wishes taken offworld.  Leaving the world is highly illegal by colonial law as well as nozodon occupational decree (immigration blockade).  Any citizen caught leaving the planet will be arrested and, in the case of nozodon authority, shot on site.  So the PCs will be smuggling the contact’s family out once this mission is over. Xander Vexx has information on a hidden stash of artifacts that might contain the Jerridan Crystal.  If the stash of artifacts does in fact contain the Crystal, they are to honor the deal.  If it does not, Vexx is on his own.

The PCs are given passage via private freighter.  While dropping out of the Void, during the period where the ship is virtually undetectable by sensors, the PCs will take a special stealth shuttle that will drop out of the freighter hold.  They are given a flight plan that will take them through sensor blind spots and allow them to land on the planet near Tagnat Mor.  Their designated landing zone is a clearing in a forest a half-day’s drive to the city.  On the shuttle is loaded an unmarked armed explorer, as well (mounted heavy laser).


A Third Party

The PCs benefactor was not very quiet about his interest in the Jerridan Crystal.  An interested third party has gotten word of his interest, and wishes to beat him to it.  This interested party is named Drak’Dara the Darkslayer, a delusional person who seems himself as a protector of the “gods” gifts.  He is a mentalist but unfortunately the use of his powers drove him insane to the level of megalomania. He doesn’t believe that mere mortals deserve to touch artifacts of the “gods.”  He knows believes he is the reincarnation of an ancient sorcerer from an alien legend he heard once.  Overtime, he has manipulated the legend to fit his own story.

Unfortunately for the PCs, Drak’Dara is still a skilled mentalist.  His power his reaching levels that few of seen, perhaps because of his proximity to ancient alien artifacts (he has successfully found a few).

Drak’Dara the Darkslayer

STAR/STA: 75/75. DEX/RS: 50/70. LOG/INT: 65/65. PER/LDR: 70/70.  RW: +7/65. M: +7/70. PS: 4.  Special Ability:  {Mentalist powers GM discretion.  +2 CS or +20%}

Landing Site


Drak’Dara’s intel on Mallor’s mission is limited but he does know a few things.  He knows when the mission is to take place as well as intel on the ring and Barkridge’s role in the mission.  He also knows the general area of the landing site.  {the GM is welcome to make the origin of this intel mystical or non-mystical in nature}.  He assumes the ring will get him to the artifact he seeks – The Jerridan Crystal.  Drak’Dara’s plan is to arrive early enough to set up a lookout for the shuttle.  Once the shuttle lands, he will ambush the tea,.

Drak’Dara’s goal is to take out Barkridge and steal the ring.  He will have a group of minions along with him.  These creatures – called Slimelings (by him) – were summoned using one of his many artifacts.  These creatures are animated toxic slime from a nearby dump.  He will have 5d10 of them.


Mov: 50 m per turn.  IM/RS: 9/90.   STA: 20 DMG: 5d10 Acid Dart.

Drak’Dara will hang back while the slimlings attack and sneak in to kill Barkridge.  However, Drak’Dara will not be able to obtain the Ring before the PCs find him (at least he shouldn’t).  Barkridge will die but his last breath will warn the PCs of Drak’Dara (a known enemy of their benefactor).  He will pass the ring to some “worthy”  (person in the party with highest INT of 40 or more.)

The Ring

The Jerridan Ring is closely tied to the entity contained in the crystal.  The wearer of the Ring will find that he hears voices at times, perhaps visions.  Things it might says are:

  • VOICE: “When lost and no place to go, look into the purple light.”
  • VOICE: “Do not give into temptation.”

Fort Arcadria

Captured & Mech Attack

In route to the City, the group is accosted by a superior force of Polomegan freedom fighters (both human and dara’ilan).  First a group of 20 or so soldiers emerge from the forest, weapons brandished followed by a squad of tanks.  They are ordered to surrender.  Combat may or may not break out but the GM is encouraged to stress the superiority of the  opposing forces.  These guys are accustomed to fighting mechs.  A few armed mercs in one explorer is nothing.

They are stripped of all arms and taken into custody.  They are told nothing.  They arrive at Fort Arcadria where they are placed in holding.  Fort Arcadria is a simple fire support base with six artillery emplacements as well as 8 anti-aircraft missile tanks.  It is 100 or so personnel all armed to the teeth, a few tanks, and a few miscellaneous vehicles.  Their outer perimeter is fortified concrete obstacles made from debris (to make it difficult for tanks and mechs to come in) along with make -shift sandbag walls.  Trenches surround the base with anti-personnel weapons set up at intervals.  The north side of the fire base is made up of the ruins of an abandoned office building.  Lookouts are positioned on top of those ruins.

Eventually, General Temlan Arcadria addresses the group.  (if any of the PCs are from Polomegan, then the context of this conversation may be different but it is assumed that none of the PCs are).

I don’t know who you are, but outsiders are not welcome on Polomegan.  This is our fight, our world and you do not belong here.  I can only assume you are here for nefarious reasons … perhaps pick from the bones of our war torn world.  Are you mercenaries or treasure hunters! 

Before he can finish interrogating them, Fort Arcadria is attacked from the air.  Anti-aircraft missiles and cannons are heard firing, explosions all around, and men screaming orders on all sides.  One airborne mech makes it through the defenses.  In the panic, the PCs find themselves able to escape.  They can either help fend off the Mech or leave.  If they wish to leave, they must find their equipment and explorer of they wish to survive.

If they stick around and help, they will be rewarded with their freedom and their equipment.  It is ill-advised that they tell the Freedom Fighters of their true mission but they can make up a story about rescuing a family from the planet.  Although it is frowned upon, many Polomegans can sympathize with family and their want to be out of the warzone.

Trial by Fire

The attack on Fort Arcadria left them considerably depleted.  Many of their main force was either killed or wounded.  Before the attack, the team had gotten orders to free some prisoners of war that were being transferred through the nearby Mech stronghold.  The General asks the PCs to help supplement his group and in return, he will assign as escort to them to get them to their destination.

The Prison Camp is called Camp Commondeath.  Their plan was to send a infiltration team, escorted by squad of armor.  The armor would hang back within range of the camp and once the team was close enough, start open fire to give them cover.  The guarding mechs would engage the armor, allowing the infiltration team a chance to get in.

Currently at the Stronghold are: 3 Locusts, 4 Pheonix, 6 Battlemasters, 2 Warhammers, 2 Rifleman, 2 Wasps, 1 Crusader (all parked along the perimeter).  At the time of infiltration, on the two Wasps will be manned.  The remainder of the crews will be asleep.

They are given the option to use their own weapons or use the weapons they have available: 3 Heavy EP Blaster, 4 EP Assault Blaster Rifles, 2 EP Support Rifles.  4 cases of EP Ammo for all.  They will be accompanying 4 other Polomegan Freedom Fighters.

Camp Commondeath – Photoshopped from original drawing

Main Ops:  A total of 10 rooms in this building, including communications, officers quarters, a small armory, and tactical.

Prisoner Camp: 8 guards on at all times in two shifts. The other 8 are off duty in the barracks.  A total of 23 unarmed prisoners are kept in the two buildings.  If the PCs are able to arm them, they will have a small army, but their mission is to get them out.  The fence around the camp is charged (5d10 damage).

Barracks: 40 or so pilots, guards and soldiers sleep and spend their downtime here.  However, if the alarm goes off, they are at the ready in 10 turns.  The pilots will be in their mechs in 30 turns.

Guard Tower:  4 guards each, 2 heavy EP blasters and assault rifles for each.  They each also have a case of grandes. The south gates (vehicle entrances) have Rocket Launchers as well.

Ruined Houses:  Each ruined house has a gunner position, with 2 guards and a heavy laser.

Armory & Supply: No supplies have come in recently, so both are locked.  The armory contains not only weapons for personnel, but also weapons and ammo for the mechs.

Other Odds and Ends

If asked about Xander Vexx at any point, most don’t know the name.  However, General Arcadria’s second in command, Kienhan Dar (dara’ilan) knows of him.  He says he can be found somewhere in the refugee area of Tagnat Mor.  He also says that he used to be a executives within one of the corporations that collapsed after the invasion.

Travelling to Tagnat Mor

Mech Column:  At one point while driving on a major road (or even a minor one), the PCs spot a massive column of Mechs moving down the road.  They will have to drive off road and hide to avoid it.

Beldrar Forest:  Assuming the avoid the roads any further,  this encounter will go differently, depending on whether they accepted the escort help from Arcadria.  If the escort is with them, the escort will steer them around this forest.  If not, then they will end up encountering what is there.  With out the escort, they end up going through a section of woods called the Beldrar Forest.  This forested is a minefield of grasshopper mines.  Accompanying them are several hidden Armored Sensory Assault Robot that will activate after the first mine goes off.

Unstable Bridge:  The reach an unstable bridge that traverses a muddy and swollen river (recent rains up north).  Battle debris and bodies are flowing down it.  The bridge – made of a composite/synthetic concrete  – has taken some bomb hits.  There is a smoldering and wrecked mech on it as well as 2 destroyed vehicles. It’s 30 meters long and every 5 meters, there is a 45% chance of collapsing.

Halfway across the bridge, a group of Highwaymen on air-bikes attack (1d6+1).

Single Mech Scout: In the distance, on a hill, they can see a Crusader mech standing against the moonlight (it’s night time).  They also see a small smoke plume coming up from behind it, indicating the pilot ios camping out for the night.  The mech is set to passive scanning.

Drak’Dara Trap:  At some point along the way, the PCs will pass through a small destroyed town (almost like they were drawn to it).   If the Freedom Fighter escorts are with them, they say the town is a great place to rest up.  In town square, they see a fountain.  The fountain to everyone else is dilapidated  and does not function.  However, to the wielder, he sees it flowing with blood.  Looking into the reflective pool of blood, he sees an alien face instead of his own, beckoning him.

This was in part an illusion set up by Drak’Dara.  Out of the fountain, from underground, the Darkslayer summons a creatures called a Kutularu. A transdimension being, being in this one causes it great pain and it lashes out to anything in the area.   Bursting from the fountain, it attacks the PCs.  It is a large creature with two massive pincers and one bulbous eye peering out of the mass if tentacles.


Mov: 90 m per turn.  Att: 50 (x3) IM/RS: 6/60. STA: 350. Damage: Claws 4d10.  Special Attack: Electricity 6d10.  Rang 500 m.

Drak’Dara awaits the battle’s end but if he sees an opportunity, he will attempt to attack and kill the Ring Wielder.  When (if) they PCs begin to defeat the creature, Drak’Dara will get concerned and try to retrieve something from the wreckage of the fountain.  If the PCs attempt to stop him, Drak’Dara will not rish capture and flee.

Drak’Dara was trying to retrieve another artifact – a medallion he called the Eye of Infinity.  It was what he used to open the gate to pull in the Kutularu.  THis artifact has many uses.


{This is an artifact that can he used by the GM for whatever he needs to.}

Tagnat Mor

The city of Tagnat Mor is currently free of nozodon occupation forces.  The freedom fighters have held it since the invasion.

City Center Tagnat Mor. Photoshopped from original drawings

Locations within City Center Tagnat Mor


(A) Ocean Front Residential – Once high priced houses and grand ocean views, it is now the primary refugee camp for the city.  Site of the Abrakay Massacre where a series of stray nozodon bombs annihilated part of the neighborhood, there are not many here that are friendly to the invaders.

(B) Collapsed Hospital Tower – Some parts are still operational as a field hospital.  Local freedom fighters operate it with the help of local doctors.  A majority of the operation has moved underground.

(C) Church of the Purple Light – One of the faiths of Polomegan, the followers of the Purple Light is a religion of the Dara’Ilan.  Unfortunately, it has been abandoned since the War started.  Many religious leaders were hunted and persecuted by the nozodon and were the first to leave the world before the immigration blockade was implemented.  It is now run as a inn and tavern. This is where Xander Vexx can be found.

(D) Storm Solutions – 10 story tower mostly intact, it once held the operations of the Storm Solutions corporation.  The underground sections are now used as shelter for refugees.

(E) Transit Center – This now 7 story (it had 8 stories at one time) story building housed the operations and communications center for the city wide transit – airbus parking on the top levels, subway access below, and various office in between.  It had shuttle landing platforms on top but the top level has since collapsed.  The underground airbus garages are secretly used by local freedom fighter armor and fast attack vehicle divisions. There is a considerable underground network of subway tunnels all over the city and extending beyond that all converge here.  They are commonly used by the freedom fighters.  However, the nozodon know this and send ASAR robots down into the tunnels at times to hunt down cells.

(F) Banking Center – These 20 story buildings once held the central bank of the city, however, it is not abandoned and dangerously close to collapse. Below ground are a vast networks of vaults and other secure facilities that are difficult to access due to damage from above, but rumor has it there is considerable valuables hidden there.

(G) Trade Center – This is the second tallest (remaining) building in the city, at 120 stories, in towers over the south end of the city.  The above ground floors are abandoned but the underground floors are used for local freedom fighter barracks and a command center.

(H) RWM Corporate Building – The RWM corporation still has a presence in this city, primarily to support and supply the Polomegan freedom fighters. The building has taken many hits, however, but fortunately most RWM operations are now underground.

(I) North Government Building 1 –  This 10 story building held the local government, city council rooms, city leaders’ offices, and administrative offices.

(J) North Government Building 2 – This 12 story building contained the court houses, jails, city police offices and local military command.  It took the heaviest hits during the invasion and remains hazardous to enter.  However, deep below the building are the government vaults and armories.  The local authorities use these bunkers as they work with the local freedom fighters to defend the city.

(K) Vertex Technologies – Due to its proximity to the government buildings, these corporate towers took considerable damage during the initial invasion.  The tallest buildings in the city, at 200 stories, portions of its lower levels are used as civilian housing.  Deep below the building, a secret corporate facility is still be run, running experiments with new weaponry and defenses.

(L) Paragon Research Facility – Formerly a research facility for Paragon, it has been abandoned since the invasion caused the collapse of the company.  Since then, it has been rumored that the facility is haunted.  Freedom fighters and civilians all steer clear of it.

(M) Cloudsun Corporate Headquarters – This 60 story fortress of a building too a beating during the invasion but still remains standing.  The freedom fighters use it as a western fortification.

(N) Waterfront Apartments Building – This 10 story apartment building took several hits during the Abrakay massacre and is abandoned.

Random Encounters in the City Center Tagnat Mor


1 – 2 – Unexploded ordnance.

3 – 4 – Beggars

5 – 6 – Armor column coming through

7 – 8 – Gang of Thugs

9 – 0 – Incoming Artillery shell

Finding Xander Vexx

Walking through the streets, the PCs see people huddled in bombed out buildings, armor maneuvering through city streets, scavengers stealing whatever they can from the rubble of abandoned buildings, and soldiers manning various weapons emplacements on the ground and on top of buildings.

The address they were given is in (A) Ocean Front Residential but they find the house burned out and destroyed.  Local say it was from a recent artillery shell.  Asking around for Vexx produces nothing. If they get the clue from the Ring (#1), then that should lead them to the Purple Light church. If not, then the investigation into finding him will take long but eventually lead them to the church.

Once found, he will be with his family in a small room.  He explains that he used to work for a major corporation on Polomegan and had access to the elite of the planet. He was invited to many parties, private business meetings, etc.  One particular event he had the privilege to tour one particular clients private vault – the CEO of Apex Industries.  In this private vault there are a variety of lost artifacts of Polomegan.  He is convinced that the Jerridan Crystal is in this vault.  The Citadel is located on Stantwich Island, which is an island on the River on the western side of town.

The Vault is located in the ruined city of Gormonta Mor, a city in the northern regions of the sea.  They will have to journey there, find the vault and break into it.  The regional commander of the Polomegan forces is less than kind to anyone stealing artifacts from Polomegan so they will have to do it secretly (heist job).

Drak’Dara attacks again

Drak’Dara has tracked them down again and attacks the group as soon as they leave the Church of the Purple Light.  He has commandeered a tank and recrutied several Highwaymen to help in his efforts (with promise of great reward).  2d8 Highwaymen and one Ground Tank are involved in this battle.  The PCs goal is not only to fend off the attack but also get it away from the Church, as it risks some non-combatants.

Travelling to Gormonta Mor

They won’t be able to plan the heist until they know something about the status of Gormonta Mor.  last anyone heard, it was still under freedom fighter control and a safe haven but the city has changed hands often because of its prime location along one of the main waterways.  Any attempt to communicate is met with static, however that is not surprising to most as the nozodon have jamming stations everywhere making inter-city coordination difficult.  The only way to know for sure what is going on is to go there.

They have worn out their welcome with the freedom fighters, especially if they engaged in battle with Drak’Dara near the church.  They are more or less on their own.  The few friend they have left (the escort, who have to return to their base) give them the equivalent to military challenge tokens to pass on to future patrols, in hopes of avoiding trouble.

Encounters along the way can be any encounters they have not seen in the Travelling to Tagnat Mor section.  They can also encounter random Polomegan encounters (found in the Polomegan briefing)

Gormonta Mor

Riverside region of the City

Locations within riverside Gormonta Mor

(A) Riverbank Warehousing

(B) Stantwich Island – An island owned by the CEO of Apex, it contains his primary mansion he called the Citadel.

(C) Energence Towers

(D) Riverworks – A small operations that handled the river traffic, docks, and a marina.

(E) Apex Industries Corporate Center –  This was another major corporation on Polomegan and now this building holds the local citizenry and non-combatants in the underground of the south building and soldier barracks in the basement of the north building.  The nozodon are converting it to a prison.

(F) Temple of the Hardened Mind – A monastic order of mentalists that operated a special clinic, offering healing powers to any who need it.  The basement of this building was converted to a sick bay for the freedom fighters and acts the same for the nozodon.

(G) Southend Transit Center – The subway system connect to here, as well as airbus and air-taxi hangers. The freedom fighters used the underground as a motor-pool for their armor and fast attack vehicles.  Currently it hides several freedom fighter tanks that the nozodon have yet to find.

(H) RWM Corporate Center

(I) Star Dust Industries of Polomegan – A major entertainment corporation, the building was converted to a prison of war.  The nozodon are converting to their base of operations after freeing the prisoners.

(J) Wonderlife Tower

(K) Galebrews Brewery – Once a Major brewery and distillery, it acted as the base of operations for the freedom fighters of the city.  It has since been heavily bombarded and all but destroyed.

(L) Void Limited Tower – Astrogation Science and engineering corporation.  The computer core is still salvageable, containing a massive amount of research and data on the void, including data on secret tech found on the Dara’ilan refugee ship.  The freedom fighters used the lower levels as well as the underground facilities as barracks and deployment.  It has since been abandoned when the nozodon retook the city.

(M) Fireland Motors – Major vehicle dealer in the city, it has a massive vehicle bay underground.

Approaching the City

In the distance, The PCs will see dark smoke of recent fires coming from the city giving them signs of a recent battle.  Eventually they will get close enough to hear the sounds of battle.  The nozodon have made a recently move to take the city back again.  Mechs are patrolling the streets and refugees are streaming out of the city for safety.  Whatever heist plans the PCs had just got a little harder.

Lost Platoon

As they draw closer, they find a group of retreating freedom fighters, hiding in the bottom of a deep gully containing a slow flowing creek.  Some are wounded, others are simply battle worn.  They are gathering water in the purifiers and trying to contact command with the portable comm-unit.  Not expecting anyone from the direction of the PCs, they catch them by surprise.

Lt. Colonel Eeldra Bra’al – female dara’ilan – is in command of the team.  After the players identify themselves as friendlies, she wishes to speak to them.  She, the local Military Intelligence commander Cadus Lagan (a human male) and her sergeant, Bragan Dra’bara (male dara’ilan) all huddle together to ask a few questions and find out about each other.  The platoon under her command represents what remains of the primary ground troops defending the city.  They were caught off guard and she believes betrayed by her Commader, Colonel Pogdrol Morald.

They PCs may or may explain what their goals are.  If they do not, Bra’al explains that she would anything to exact revenge on their former commander.  Even help the PCs accomplish their goals.  She is a Dara’ilan and does not care as much about the “valuable” artifacts of the planet as humans do.  There is no way for the PCs to know that but through conversations with others, some INT rolls, and roleplay, perhaps they can learn to trust her enough to strike a deal.

She will help the PCs find Stantwich Island and access the vault if they can help her kill their former commander.  Their unit is all but neutralized and the best way she can honor her fallen comrades is to take out the person that betrayed them.  She plans to disperse her platoon and only her, Lagan and Dra’bara plan to join them.  However, when she tells this to her Platoon, they refuse to disperse and elects to join them on her mission.  She compromises and ask thsoe that are able-bodied join her while the rest get the wounded to a nearby base for help.

The remaining team is 19 able-bodied freedom fighters, fully armed.  They have (or can acquire) four (4) light armored vehicles for transportation that seats up to 5 including gunner.  They carry a few extra heavy weapons, high explosives and grenades (GMs discretion).

Challenges Going In

The location of the Vault is the Citadel (that much the PCs learned from Vexx).  How to get onto the island and into the Vault will be a major challenge, since they do know what is there. This meant to be a sandbox type situation.  There will be challenges presented, and the GM can choose which challenge to face.


  • Occupational Forces – The Nozodon have obtained intelligence that their Chain or clues tot eh Chain could be contained within a cache of artifacts within Gormonta Mor.  Storywise, this is intended to be the same cache as the PCs are looking for.  Also, if Drak’Dara was alive long enough to know that the PCs are headed to Gormonta Mor, then he could be the source of intelligence.
  • Drak”Dara and the Highwaymen – Drak’Dara has recruited a considerable number of Highwaymen with promise of untold treasure.  They are travelling throughout the city seeking clues to the vault.  Capturing one of the PCs would be ideal for them.
  • The Island is occupied by a group of the CEO’s former servants, who remain loyal to the death.  They do not know where their former boss is but remain loyal in defending his Vault.  The freedom fighters and the Polomegan occupational forces have left the island alone, not knowing the value of it.  That may change in the near future.  The former servants is lead by a human they call the Sailor.  He was the man in charge of the CEO’s fleet of yachts, which are not armed to the teeth.  The PCs can either go full frontal assault or talk it over with Sailor.  The Sailor may be receptive to the PC’s side given the new occupation of the City.



Photoshopped version of the unfinished Citadel Map
Photoshopped version of the unfinished Citadel Map


Is the Chain in the Citadel Vault? – If the GM wants an epic ending to the game, he’s welcome to have it here.  Finding the Chain would end the war, but do they want to hand it over the the Nozodon?  What is the significance of the Chain?  That’s left to the GM.  This presents a moral dilemma – do they end the war or not?  What will the nozodon do once they have what they want?  Simply up and leave? Or are they so fanatical that they are driven to wipe the planet clean of the infidels that defiled their artifact?

Is the Jerridan Crystal in the Citadel Vault? – If getting to the Vault is hard fought, then the GM may want to have it contained in there.  If not, then there is the “Lost in the Tunnel” option.

OPTIONAL: Lost in the Tunnel – The PCs find out, at the time of the invasion, the CEO ordered many of his more valuable artifacts shipped out of the region.  The route took the convoy out into the Tunnel – the Undersea Tunnel.  Chances are that the convoy is trapped somewhere in the Tunnel north of the City.  The PCs have to contact a freedom fighter group familiar with the Tunnel, find a way in and defeat whatever lies beneath.



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