Prayer can’t fix this?

Mass shootings is the new thing, apparently – although many forget that “going postal” was a thing in the ’70s and ’80s because of mass shootings taking place in post offices.  Regardless of our own short memories, the most recent ones (which do seem to be on an extreme rise) – whether they are a loan gunmen not job or a jihadists fanatic on a mission – have got this country in an uproar.  And rightfully so.  I was thoroughly disgusted when a single nut job killed all those children in a school in Connecticut.  It brought me to tears.  As a father, it tore me up to think of all those kids just sitting there,…. and I just can’t get into it.  Horrible and senseless.  And I am equally disgusted by Charleston, Richmond, Colorado, and this most recent one in California.

My instinct is to first pray for the victims and pray for healing.  But apparently the left and the media (one in the same, of course) no longer wants us to do that.  Obviously, they want us to do more, but they now are calling us out on our prayer, as if to say it is the primary reason for the action they expect.  “God is not fixing this!” they said.  It is like they say all you do is pray and not do anything else. They want simple solutions to a complex problem and only government can do that.  <sarcasm> Because they have done so well solving our other problems with simple solutions </sarcasm>.  Really?

Here are my thoughts on what direction we need to head down for a solution.  It’s not simple.  It’s not something GovCo can do.  It’s more than that.  It’s a social problem.  The solutions are in our hands and that’s what the left does not want to hear.  They do not want to take responsibility for the problems of society, they just want big daddy GovCo to solve them, so they can go off and have their Starbucks Lattes and wear their FitBits.  But it’s more than a gun problem.  It’s a social problem.

We have an anger problem.  We are an angry country.  Extreme ends of social groups are lashing out because they are not getting what they want.  On all sides – lib and conservative; Christian and Muslim.  This leads to insane actions.  Look at the shooting in Richmond or the shooting in Colorado or the one in Charleston.   All were extreme ends of a philosophy or ideal.  This most recent one – California – was a terrorist attack by a radicalized American Muslim.  He doesn’t get radicalized on a whim.  He’s angry about something and wants to take it out on innocent people.  We have an anger management problem.  We are angry at our leaders, at those we put in office for their inaction, and so these nut jobs on the extreme ends of things act on their own because they see their role as someone that must take action.

Yea, in part I am blaming our leadership because they are not leading.  I mean on both sides of the aisle.  They give us no reason to be proud of this country or care about it citizenry.  They give us no reason care about what is right about this country because all we can see is what is wrong with this country.   They steal individual accountability and  responsibility and act like big-daddy GovCo is going to take care of it.  We are so busy with trying to make ends meet, because GovCo takes out so much for their own greed (disguising it as social programs, etc).  On the one side, we have the media telling us we need to consume, consume and consume more, while on the other side we are forced to give up more than one third of what we earn, taking away the resources we need to survive (some of which is redistributed wealth but most of it lines GovCo’s pockets).  We are forced into a vicious cycle of constantly  trying to make ends meet, so much so we neglect what is most important – our children.  No wonder there is anger!

Look at who is winning in the GOP race right now – Trump!  I don’t know about anyone else but I see him as an angry person, connecting with many of the angry voters.  They are fed up with the status quo and so an outsider is most appealing to them – an outsider that is spewing very angry rhetoric.  The other outsider – Carson – is seen as too soft spoken and level headed; not passionate enough.  In other words, he’s not angry enough.

We have a respect for life problem in America.  Through the media and public policies, we portray a new life as a burden or inconvenience.  An innocent life is something that one can snuff out with a simple doctor’s visit so you can keep living a life of convenience and selfishness.  Those children that actually survive and are born into this world at least semi-wanted are bombarded with images that lower their respect for life, love and marriage.  So much so that it brings them to the point that some grab a gun and walk into a school to take it out on others.  Or they bully kids and push them to the point of unstable decisions.

We have a respect for people problem as well.  I might be teaching my children respect and manners, but many others are not.  When my kid meets their kids, showing respect is seen as a weakness and they get bullied.  These are simple fundamentals.  Teaching our kids these fundamentals comes a foundation.  With the divorce rate the way it is, as well as the rate at which we are having fatherless children, the abortion rate and the rate at which we medicate our kids instead of properly raise them, it is no wonder they are missing out on these fundamentals.  I know where you get these fundamentals.  You know where they come from.  But it is not politically correct for me to say it any more. But I know you know.

We also have a mental health problem.  It has been said many times.  There too many nut jobs on the streets getting hold of guns and shooting up schools, churches and other public areas.  While I am not advocating free healthcare for everyone, these mentally unstable need to be dealt with and not through medication.  We used to have a great solution – they called them asylums – but that’s not politically correct anymore.

There is no easy solution.  There is nothing that GovCo can do.  It is all up to us as individuals to teach respect, kindness, honor, integrity, and individual responsibility, but the left does not want to hear that.  They big daddy GovCo to save us and not take responsibility for these actions.  They don’t want to know that the immoral path they have lead us down is baring fruit.

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