Primogen System

Primogen System

Primogen is a yellow star located on the nebulous border between the Dragon Empire and the Outlands. Imperial astronomers long considered Primogen to be a common system, one with a handful of planets that might someday be useful for colonization and commercial exploitation. There were literally hundreds of similar systems in the neighborhood. however, and so Primogen went unexplored for centuries- until a private exploration company discovered life on Primogen II.

When Captain Seanian first brought his ship, the Mettle, into the Primogen system, he immediately realized he’d made the find of his life. While most of the system’s planets were barren, the second planet from the sun not only supported life but also an advanced civilization. It wasn’t long before the Meule made planetfall, heralding the imminent arrival of the Dragon Empire on its heels.

That was more than 20 years ago. Today, Primogen II is one of many worlds recently colonized by the Dragon Empire. This new status has caused a lot of friction among its varied peoples, many of whom have mightily resisted submission to the Empire. From the Empire’s perspective. Primogen is yet another market to expand into, and offers the added benefit of a planet whose remnants of an ancient civilization offer untold riches both magical and mundane. The native inhabitants of the planet are of little importance to those who stand to gain the most from the exploration and exploitation of Primogen II.


Primogen is a standard yellow star. There arc five planets in the system. Imperial astronomers call them Primogen I, II,  III, IV, and V although the people of Primogen have their own names for the celestial bodies, of course. There’s also a large and mineral-rich asteroid belt spinning between the orbits of Primogen III and IV.

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