Project Shadowchaser

Project Shadowchaser

This was some notes of a Dark Conspiracy campaign that I never got started.  It  had potential but never got around to running it.


Some way or another, the PCs are to get involved with the investigation related to the destruction of an old military base {or a remote installation that is not known to be a secret military base} in the middle of nowhere.  PCs can be:

  • military or former military
  • minion hunters sent by an interested party

As they investigate, the PCs will encoutner minions at the site, in the dark depths of the lower levels, etc.  They will also find out that there have been a string of raids on known abandoned military bases, installations and test sites.


Sites Significance – Each site is a secret storage facility for many US military “black projects” that were canned at the end of the 20th century.  Each one involves same alien tech, warped by hume ingenuity, such as bio-chemical weapons, doomsday devices, psi-enhancements, etc.

The Attacks: The attacks are being conducted by an elite force of (Igor) humans formerly employed by the CIA.  All individuals have had their records cleaned and are officially dead.  Each force is lead by one or two Robotic Changlings (android) and they attack with extreme prejudice.  Nothing is left alive.  They usually leave large packs of minions to clean up the bodies and discourage anyone else investigating.  The elite force comes to take whatever secret the site has.

These soldiers have been commissioned by a secret cadre within the US government.  The PCs, upon investigating, may find themselves investigating government officials, high ranking military personnel and the like.  ETs control the cadre.