Proscenius System

Proscenius System

Proscenius system (Xenos Sector) was abandoned by the corporations after it was mined completely dry.  The sun is a red dwarf star and the only habitable planet is the frigid world Vantage Point.

Proscenius I

Proscenius I is a hot dead world that had a small scientific monitoring station. At one time, the red dwarf was emitting strange radiation patterns, but funding ran out and the project was abandoned.


Some believe that Telexia was habitable at one time ages ago, but mysteriously lost its magnetic field via some strange catastrophe long forgotten.  With it went its atmosphere and any possibility of life. It is a Mars-like world now with a little higher temperatures.  Thoughts of terraforming crossed the minds of the corporations, but not one was interested in funding it, seeing no value in the planet.  No survey came back with data that justified the expense.  A mining colony was established to strip the world of its mineral resources and is still there.  It is primarily automated.

Telexia has 4 moons, 3 of which are small asteroid-like rocks.  The final moon, Telex, is a considerable sized moon with a mining colony there as well.

Vantage Point

Primarily cold world, the equator is at least bearable by human standards.  It was a Fleet monitoring station at one time (thus the name) but was abandoned for better locations.  There are still small mining and manufacturing colonies on the surface, serving various minor corporations.  It is also a site of a well-funded archeological dig.  Ancient ruins were found in the northern regions and a small facility has been established to study them.  Few actually know about it, however.

Because the system only has one gas giant (meteor catcher) and Vantage Point is on the opposite side of the asteroid field from the sun, meteorite activity is a little higher on Vantage Point than most are used to.  There used to be a Fleet monitored Satellite system to watch for dangerous meteor showers but that system has fallen to disrepair.  A considerable colony of Fringers has based itself around the monitoring station.  They do what they can to monitor for danger but for a price.  If you don’t pay for the service, then they don’t warn you village.  And even if they did, they would only be about 60% to 75% accurate.

Before Fleet abandoned the planet, they handed control over to Brodie.  Unfortunately, they took their time in establishing their power as fringer groups took over faster.  The strongest of those was the fanatical Hykosian Liberation Army, who ended up running Brodie off the world.

Indigenous Creatures

Ice Squids –  squid-like creatures with hardened shells around their tentacles.  These are used to break through the ice layer of any body of water, to capture prey from the surface.

Broluti – Large herd animals that look like a cross between an elephant, buffalo and a brontosaurus.   They are huge, very furry and feed on the pine-like trees of the planet.

Proscenius IV

The primary meteor catch in the system, it is a massive gas giant about the size of Jupiter.  It has 20+ small moons, all mined dry.


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