Qektoth Confederation

Qektoth Confederation

Another small government formed by Old Republic dissidents several generations ago, they too are suspected to be related to another Union faction during the Old Republic.  They are apparently expert bio-engineers and promote bio-technology, genetic manipulation and genetic molecular grafting over cybernetics and modern technology.

The Qektoth Confederation was an organization whose members had decided to abandon inanimate technology in favor of biological technology. Founded around 17 BBY by a group of scientists from a colony in the Kathol sector, the Qektoth Confederation believed that traditional technologies sapped at a being’s spirit, leading to a weakened immune system and premature death. The scientists performed several experiments to prove their theories, but their findings were widely disbelieved, especially by those companies engaged in the production of non-biological technology.

Over the following years, the Confederation drew more like-minded scientists to its cause. Slowly, the goal of the group changed, becoming a militant group who targeted those who they believed kept the beings of the galaxy in a weakened state. Its new focus led many of the original founders of the Confederation to leave, disgusted at what the organization had become. Under Trann Shoame, the Confederation continued its biological research, and branched off into chemical research as well. They began to develop a powerful biological weapon that they intended to use against the galaxy at large, using a research facility in the Qu’mock system.


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