Quasta PilotPilot (Played by Chris F.)

A particluar race that encountered with increasing frequency in exploration of Imperial space is the quasta. Formally acknowledged during the middle of the Copper Age, the coming of the Dragon Empire has been a great boon to this race. Quasta look nothing like the humanoid races, but share many mental traits, including a sense of mercantilism, a love for technology, and an insatiable curiosity. Once exposed to Imperial technology, the quasta leapt at the pportunity to join, and have worked with a sort of comic diligence to become respected traders and inventors.

A quasta’s body is generally bird-like, with a wingspan of about 5 to 7 feet (though their bodies are much smaller) and weighing 75-100 lbs. There are significant differences, however. The head of a quasta is dominated by a single central eye, and there is no beak to speak of. Instead, the mouth is quite small and located below this eye, hidden by a protective ridge.

There feathers are usually vivid but varying shades of green, much like parrots. Quasta have four hook-like limbs, two extending from each of their flanks, which they use in combination like a single hand. The arrangement looks awkward
to most humanoids, but is actually quite functional and quasta have a noticeable gift for handling complex electronics and other technological devices.

Quasta have no legs, instead maneuvering by an innate form of levitation. Unquestionably the quasta’s most distinctive
feature is their independent eyes. Each has between 8 and 10 floating eyes that accompany it everywhere. New eyes form as buds about one inch across along the quasta’s back, and are periodically released to replace aging or damaged eyes. An eye will grow to up to six inches in diameter, and will fail (and be replaced) in about two years. These eyes range in color quite a bit, and eye coloration is a poor method of distinguishing between two quasta, since new buds do not necessarily match the colors of the eye being replaced. With their singular central eye and multiple lesser eyes, along with the quasta’s ability to levitate, it is speculated that the quasta may be distantly related to beholders. The fact that beholders have been found on every world where quasta have been spotted and they seem to share the same language only adds more weight to this theory.

Radik Comes from a Quasta colony world on the edge of the Empire. His people are strong Imperial Dragon loyalists and Radik is not different. Radik almost worships them as gods.

The rumors of another Dragon War is something to greatly concerns Radik. Nothing is more frightening than these great beasts of power waging a war through out the galaxy. If there is anything he could do about it, he would prevent it.

Quasta Dragon religion

I was going to work in a quasta dragon religion connected to the Gem dragons, but not sure if I got to it.

Are the Dragons so great?

Through out the campaign, I attempted to test that disillusion that the dragons are great and benevolent.