Species: Human

Type: Empathic Humanoid


Strength *
Constitution *
Agility *
Intelligence  *
Education  *
Charisma *
Empathy * *
Initiative *
Move *
Skill/Dam *
Hits  *
Appear  *

* – Human like

** – Extraordinary

Documented Notes

She sees only the past.  She calls her milady the Conjunction.  All other senses feel the present, but see only visually sees in the past.  She has masted the ability of marrying the two sensations.

Add-ins & Elaborations

This is typical Clive Barker weirdness.  Obviously a powerful empath, she can see events that occurred in the past, anywhere.  She would be great use in solving crimes.

Natural Weapons/Abilities


Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Supernatural Postcognition.


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