Herr Ragnar, Orc Warrior

Herr Ragnar, Orc Warrior

Ragnar was born in a remote forested region of Valkana to a tribe of Orcs called the Unrugagh, in a small village of the same name.

Unrugagh Tribal Symbol

He did not know his real parents and was raised by adoptive parents who were nobles within his tribe. His adoptive father Kogan, seemed to know Ragnar’s real parents or at least something about them, and was unwilling to speak of it.  He only said that one day, the time will come.

The Unrugagh were known to be a peaceful and philosophical people, atypical of the Orcs as a race.  His adopted parents were considered religious leaders in their community, leading the worship 0f their god Xorag God Of Vengeance and the Mountains.  Deep seeded in this orc society was the sense of vengeance and retribution for the wrongs done to their ancestors by elven nobles long ago.  The mountains were seen as a refuge during the time of the Endless Darkness and once their people emerged from their mountain caves, they were given a great forested valley by their god – a final vengeance against the elves, to live well and free.

From childhood, Ragnar’s life was tumultuous.  His family commonly made a pilgrimage to Xorag Haven.  The former mountain refuge from the Cataclysm is more than that to the ancestors of the Unrugagh Orcs.  Many in the religious sect believe it was a gift from their god, after a long subjugation under a cruel elven king. Since leaving, the Unrugagh consider it a shrine to their god.  It has since been redeveloped into a monastery for their most pious.

Upon arrival Xorag Haven on one particular pilgrimage, the throng of Orc pilgrims found their shrine taken over by strange goblinoid things from the dark depths of the underground.  A long and terrible battle ensued.  The Orcs were far more battle superior but they were outnumbered.  The Unrugagh retreated into the depths of the underground ruins of their ancestors and waged year long guerrilla war with the goblinoids until they were able to rid the monastery of the fiends.  At an early age, Ragnar proved to be a worthy warrior.

Returning to his village, Ragnar continued his pursuits of martial skills, learning everything he could about the sword and the blaster.  It was during his adolescence on a vacation in the swamps (a place many Orcs found comforting) that his family encountered a new group of Orcs, claiming to be the ancestors of a lost off-shoot tribe of the Unrugagh.  Calling themselves the Agronak, these Orcs claim to have seen the Castle of Xorag and make a pilgrimage to it every year.

Agronak Tribal Symbol
Agronak Tribal Symbol

Intrigued by this notion, Ragnar’s family joined this group on a pilgrimage to this mysterious castle.  What they were not told was that it was a stronghold in the sky.  The Agronak has access to blimp-like flying machines that they took to fly over this sky castle.  This experience was so moving and compelling that their family converted to Agronak and encouraged the lost tribe to rejoin the Unrugagh.

Unfortunately, Ragnar was not so convinced and did not trust the Agronak.  Despite his arguments against it, the new movement took a strong hold on his home tribe, leaving him one of the few non-believers.  For his dissenting attitudes, Ragnar was rewarded with a excommunication for the group and sent off on his own.  For the first time, his adopted parents turned their back on him.

It was during his adulthood after his excommunication that he got involved with the criminal element in the region.  Joining a group of bandits as muscle, he was involved with many petty thefts and robberies.  Thinking he was working for a independent group of thieves and cutthroats, he was surprised to find out that he was part of a much larger organization, secretly run by the a local noble to harass  his rivals.  This noble – an elf named Lord Jharak Althidon – is aware of Ragnar’s incite into his operation.  Ragnar soon grew a distaste for this kind of work, seeing it as dishonorable.  He left this group abruptly, seeking fame and fortune in more adventurous pursuits. Lord Althidon was no pleased with his departure.

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    Durshara was not the only one to tangle with the martial arts trainer that resided in Gurlock’s personal guard barracks. Ragnar found training with the frail human to be entertaining and at times challenging.

    His name is Mardaryn Pezaros and although he did not appear to be an elf, he definitely had elf blood in him. He was blind and his head was hairless. He preferred polearms and staffs. He danced like he had wings and constantly spoke in riddles while he fought. In this way, he reminded Ragnar of home and some of the things his adoptive parents would say.

    It drove Ragnar crazy to be reminded of home while fighting. His deep seated resentment for his excommunication coupled with fact that he saw his people as weak and poor examples of his race drove him to make mistakes, letting the little man win in every fight. Mardaryn could see it was egging Ragnar on and continued with the rantings every session. But for some reason, Ragnar returned for more each day.
    One particular engaging round with the little man continues to haunt Ragnar daily. Among the random ramblings, Mardaryn said…

    “Forces of Peace and War conflict within you. Balance and Chaos pull at your spirit. Where will you fall, Herr Rangar of the North Eastern Orcs. Does your blood boil uncontrollably or does it simmer at your will? Does your rage control you or you control it?

    “Your heart is somewhere else, although you do not realize it. Your true beginnings are hidden from you but are in plane site.

    “The life you knew is a comfortable veil covering and taming your true blood destiny. It will soon reveal a life of fire, wind and rage boiling in your heart. Chaos rages, balance tames. You will need to make a choice.

    “Blood of Heroes or the Blood of Chaos”

  2. The Festival Fight

    Gurlock has had a lot of uses for a man of Ragnar stature and talents. Ragnar has acted in many simple functions for the Beer Baron – from Bodyguard at Beer Guild meetings to Strong Arm when the laborers get uppity. And he made it worth Ragnar’s while with payment in gold and beer.

    What Ragnar disliked most of all was dealing with the other Guild factions and the politics surrounding it. One particular Beer Guild family – Davonmeer – run by half-elves of the most despicable kind, reminded Ragnar of the stories he heard of his people’s elven masters. Although they were half-elves, they adhered closer to their elven lineage and were secretly ashamed of their human side. Gurlock enjoyed poking fun at about the lineage often at the Guild meetings.

    These Davonmeer fiends never treated Gurlock with any respect and obviously coveted his power and his brewery greatly. They produced the most competitive brew to Gurlocks in the region. Gurlock suspected they had ways of stealing the recipes of from their competitors. The competition often grew heated, especially at meetings and festivals.

    During one particular festival in the town of Timbrel, Ragnar got a little more involved in the politics of the Guild than he preferred. Gurlock has shown Ragnar and his compatriots enough honor and respect that Ragnar felt a growing loyalty to the human. When things got heated between Gurlock and a particularly disrespectful young Davonmeer noble, Ragnar felt obligated to step in. At this point, a rather burly and large half-ogre interceded – the nobles’ own bodyguard.

    The fight turned into a massive spectacle at the festival. It drew a considerable crowd and bets were being thrown around. Ragnar was completely oblivious to it all; all he focused on was his enemy – Narag the Half-Ogre (although no one ever explained what the other half was).

    Narag was a challenge but in the end, Ragnar was able to get the best of him. Before Ragnar could bring an honorable end to his challenger, Gurlock stopped the fight however and declared Ragnar the winner. Narag was defeated and he knew it. He yielded to Ragnar’s victory and many of the half-elves walked away with less gold than they arrived with. Gurlock awarded a bonus to Ragnar for defending his honor.

    This fight became legendary among Beer Guilders. Weeks afterwards, they still talk about it. There are rumors now that gladiatorial fights between Guild family champions will become a new part of the festival and that trade territory will be the stakes. Gurlock finds it all humorous.

  3. Pipe from the Varkaya: Pipe of the Golden Stormguard – weather mage on a ancient merchant ship

    Special tabaco

    Obsidian’s (smoking den) – Horn of Caydrath the Red (dragon horn pipe)

  4. While on the wreckage of the Skyside Stronghold, Ragnar discovered the following:

    An inordinate amount of victims of the AI’s “borging” process were Orcs

    Of these victims, a good portion of them were from the Unrugagh tribe (had clan symbollage somewhere on them)

    Ragnar also found a considerable amount of information about the Agronak and the fate of his people when his group took control of Rusthold. Here is a list of intelligence points he picked up after interrogating the survivors and riffling through the various treasures found in the Hold.

    The leader of the Hold was named Bludvinn Shadeward. Ragnar beheaded the leader during the battle for the hold. He was a high elf posing as a Orc in armor, mutated by some chaotic force. He was also a magic user.

    There was a second mutated high elf that the party was able to capture. His name is Mathleries Strongstone. He is a high elf from the mountains and served Bludvinn loyally. He would die before betraying Bludvinn.

    There was some mention of the Herald of the Prophet. In truth, Bludvinn was not the Herald although he claimed to be to intimidate the Orcs of Rusthold. Bludvinn and Strongstone both serve the Herald of the Prophet. They believe this Herald is the new vessel of the prophet.

    This Herald is send to reside deep in the mountains north of the Rustwastes, called The Divide, in an underground city divided by a toxic river.

    According to their doctrine …

    Much of what people are told about the prophet is false. The Prophet herself was only seen a handful of times, almost always the result of deep reconnaissance. She so often managed to evade her pursuers. Only when the Heroes of the Chaos Wars started to drive her forces back did she step onto the battlefield. History says she was defeated, that her appearance was an act of self-preservation. That she’d surrendered. Those were all lies.

    The Prophet wasn’t just a charismatic leader and master strategist. She was an embodiment, the very soul of Chaos. It is said she stood alone. She was small, beautiful, draped in her robes, carrying only her own staff, walking through all that blood and gore, but she kept her eyes locked on the legions that opposed her. She couldn’t have been more than fifty yards from the front line when she stopped.

    Their ancient book says the air trembled. The dead quaked. You could almost taste the smell of death. The sky was raining blood, it seemed. She made a storm of it, a storm of spikes and needles, slaughtering many that opposed her.

    Only when the great Heroes regrouped and realized that the Prophet’s power channeled through her staff. They thought that her grip on it could be her weakest point. And they were right. They separated her from it and that made it possible to overwhelm her.

    Many say the Heroes killed her then but that’s a lie. They sealed her within an extra-dimensional space, a sort of pocket universe, apart from her staff. The dwarf tech Arnon Reed’s idea, of course. {Creator of the Skyside Stronghold, his skeleton was holding the staff when the party retrieved it.} They were too weak to destroy her. They were too weak to rid this world of her. The best they could do is banish her from this reality to suffer alone for eternity.

    Legends says that alone, none of the great heroes of that age could have bested the Prophet Dhawan. Nor could they today. However within their blood of heroes was a power. It is said that it is equal and opposite to the Prophet’s own. And those with that blood are what the Heralds seeks to destroy.
    Chaos is on the rise once more. It is stirring all over the planet. The Herald brings it forth – armies of chaotic beasts are waiting to rise and lay waste, lead by the new embodiment of the Prophet. The Prophet calls forth from her prison and the winds of will blow again.

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