03.01.01 Rd6 Special Abilities: Natural Weapons

03.01.01 Rd6 Special Abilities: Natural Weapons

Natural Melee Weapons

Does your character have an natural weapons? If so, you’ll need to determine what sort it has. An alien doesn’t need to be a predator in order to have weapons like claws or sharp teeth. Many herbivores have defensive weapons as well.

Point CostDamage
1STR + 1D
2STR + 1D+1
3STR + 1D +2
4STR + 2D
5STR + 3D

Claws/TalonsThe character can use his claws to inflict damage with a Claw attack using Fighting.
TailThe character can use his tail as a weapon to do damage with a Tail attack using Fighting.
FangsThe character uses sharp teeth do damage with a Bite attack using Fighting (must be Grabbed, see special attacks).
TusksThe character uses sharp horns or tusks inflict damage with a Charge attack using Fighting (see special attacks) .
BeakThe character’s sharp beak inflicts damage with a Beak attack using Fighting (see special attacks Head Butt).
KickThe character’s powerful kick does damage with a Kick attack using Fighting.
PincersThe character pincers are sharp and very strong, inflicting damage in a Grab attack.
TramplingThe character tramples for damage as part of a Charge Through attack, using Fighting
Body SpikesThe character can use these sharp weapons in combat, causing damage in a Grab or Tackle attack.
Venom Venom does damage in stun only and can be used as a Spit attack or in conjunction (free action) with a Bite attack.

Natural Ranged Weapon

3 for the first Level, 1 point per level after the first.

Point CostLevelLong RangeBallistic DamageEnergy Damage
3110 x Strength Die (or Lifting Skill Level) 1D+Strength Damage2D+Strength Damage
4220 x Strength Die (or Lifting Skill Level) 2D+Strength Damage 4D+Strength Damage
5330 x Strength Die (or Lifting Skill Level) 3D+Strength Damage 6D+Strength Damage
6440 x Strength Die (or Lifting Skill Level) 4D+Strength Damage 8D+Strength Damage
7580 x Strength Die (or Lifting Skill Level)5D+Strength Damage 10D+Strength Damage

The character has some sort of natural ranged weapon, using Ranged Weapons to target it. Long range equals 20 times the number of Level in this Special Ability times the character’s Strength, lifting, or applicable Ranged Weapons (as appropriate) in meters.

The damage for Ranged attacks is the character’s Strength Damage plus 1D (Ballistics) or 2D (Energy blasts) per Level in this Special Ability. The projection must have a visible effect (such as a ray that glows or bone spikes) and it may not do mental damage.

Note that, regardless of the nature of the projection, there are no additional effects from this type of Special Ability unless an Enhancement allows otherwise.