die Glocke: 1937 UFO Crash

die Glocke: 1937 UFO Crash

This is the core premise behind my planned introductory adventure arch for Savage Reich Star or Reich Star:  das Erde Chroniken.  This is all fictional, partially inspired by real people and real event, as well as conspiracy theories and rumors.

There is little record of the UFO Crash of 1937 and what there is was taken by von Ribbentrop’s agents after the assassination.   Between Bormann and von Riddentrop, the secrets of die Glocke were well kept away from Hitler’s enemies.

In 1937,  a damaged “alien spacecraft” crashed into the German countryside.  Bormann was the first to see the report and instead of passing it on to the Führer, he handed to over to Hess, trusting him to do what he thought best with it. Hess dispatched the Lt. General Hammler and his contingent of the German army to pick up the wreckage and (if any) bodies.  Hammler was ordered it taken to the Peenemünde Army Research Center,  into a warehouse under 24-hour guard.

Hess intended to send word of the crashed disc back to the German High Command and specifically to the Führer’s desk only when he had something concrete to show him.   Hess ordered elements of Germany’s top aeronautical experts to sift through the remains.  Members of the teams that worked on the advanced alien technology were from the Luftwaffe, the Speer Ministry of Arms headed by Albert Speer, and the formal research council, the Reichsforschungrat, composed of university professors and industrial engineers.  The Reichsforschungrat included Professor Guiseppe Belluzzo, Richard Miethe, Rudolf Schriever, Klaus Habermohl, Viktor Schauberger, Walter Horten and Reimar Horten.

The first stages of what came to be collectively known as Project die Glocke was initially called Project Gefallene Falcon.  The team was charged with the reverse engineering of what was salvaged.  Viktor Schauberger designed a theoretical but revolutionary device called the “imploder motor,”  which turned out to be the precursor to the contra-grav capacitor. The mysterious and alien metallic liquid was code-named Xerum 525 was at the heart of this discovery but there were far more secrets held within.


The Glocke (Bell) was a design believed to have great power. Lost documents describe it as made of heavy metal, around 9 feet wide and up to 15 feet high and had a bell like shape. The information also states that the device had two counter-rotating cylinders, filled Xerum 25. Other liquids were added, such as light metal, with thorium and beryllium peroxides. The Glocke emitted strong and dangerous radiation, which often caused the scientists health problems. Scientists suffered from sleep deprivation, dizziness and some even died due to radiation poisoning.


The assassination of Hitler cut much of the project’s work short.  The mad rush to secretly ship all Hitler’s secret projects and hide them from Himmler included this one.  However, many rumors surrounded the project and what technologies were derived from it:

  • Death Ray
  • Advanced Gravity Systems
  • Wormhole generator
  • Open Inter-dimensional rifts in space-time
  • Time travel

Important Individuals connected to the die Glocke project.

SS Lt. General Hans Kammler – Primary lead behind the project, his mandate was to reverse engineer whatever he could.  He hand selected through Hess the scientists that made up the team.

Professor Guiseppe Belluzzo – Belluzzo was the Deputy, Senator and Minister of National Economy under Mussolini.  He also was an Italian engineer and an expert in the field and advancement of turbines that were used in the development of various battleships and cruisers. He was one of the engineers dealing with the early research into die Glocke.  After the assassination of HitlerBulluzzo was captured by Himmler agents as he attempted to escape back to Italy.

Richard Miethe – V-2 rocket engineer, Richard was an engineer on the early UFO project, reverse engineering much of its technology.  After the assassination, Miethe was key in hiding much of the research and designs.

Rudolf Schriever &  Klaus Otto Habermohl – Two very important scientists assigned to a secret Nazi UFO project.  There end of the project – simply called the Schriever-Habermohl Project were designs for at least 15 prototypes saucer vehicles.

Viktor Schauberger –  Victor Schauberger (1885-1958), an Austrian inventor invented a number of anti-gravity flying disks for the Nazis between 1938 and 1941. Based on liquid vortex propulsion many of them reportedly flew.  According to Schauberger, “If water or air is rotated into a twisting form of oscillation known as ‘colloidal’, a build up of energy results, which, with immense power, can cause levitation.”  On one attempt the apparatus “rose upwards, trailing a blue-green, and then a silver colored glow.”

Upon the assassination of Hitler, agents of von Ribbentrop raided Schauberger’s apartment in Leonstein, taking what they could and hiding it in various locations. Schauberger was captured by the Reich and supposedly taken to a secret facility  in the Amerikan Atlantic Union to work on a top secret projects and reportedly died shortly afterward of ill health. From his research was born many of the anti-gravity technologies the public uses today but many believe there were deeper secrets within his research that he kept hidden.

Walter and Reimar Horten – The Horten brothers developed design for a revolutionary flying wing aircraft and a possible stealth fighter-bomber but none of the designs were built or tested before the assassination.  These designs were captured by Himmler and his agents.  The Horten brothers’ fate is unknown.

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