Fiction:  The Shadow of Horbiger

Fiction: The Shadow of Horbiger

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The following article was originally written by the Australian journalist Paul Yoshimitsu-Fallon in 2132. It was apparently intended for publication in the Darwin Cultural Review, a small periodical of that city. However shortly before the May issue, which it was due to be published in, went to press the Tokko (the Imperial secret police) seized all of Fallon’s papers on the grounds that they held information of value to the State. Fallon himself was murdered two days later while drinking in a Darwin bar, though he was shot dead in a public place his killer has yet to have been brought to

This copy of Paul’s last article was found hidden in his effects by members of the Jewish Retribution Front and widely distributed in order to cast light into the darker corners of the Third Reich.


I first became aware of the teachings of the German occultist Hanns Horbiger on a cold, dark winter night in Burgundy, the surreal fantasy playground of the SS.

I was twenty years old and touring the Reich as many of us Australians are allowed to do, by our rulers, in order to understand how grateful we should be to them. I’d hiked up the three miles of the Grand Avenue in Berlin, gawking at the towering Arch of Triumph, the Brandenburg Gate seeming almost tiny compared to it. Like everyone else I was in awe at the sheer size of everything, the Great Hall was massive even though huge glass and steel city blocks dwarfed it on the skyline, I felt like an ant lost in a city of giants, utterly insignificant standing there as a hard rain lashed at my upturned face. I can still recall, though ten years have passed, that I was straining to see the famous iron eagle at the top of the vast dome of the Great Hall when the hand fell heavily upon my shoulder.

Jumping a little I turned to find myself looking into the smiling face of a uniformed SS-Sturmbannfuhrer, although his sodden black uniform bore the silver double flash of the SS runes at his throat and his rank I could see nothing to designate a unit.

“Herr Fallon, I wonder if I might have a moment of your time?” He was not in the least threatening seeming and his pleasant sounding German was accented with a charming lilt of Bavaria.

“SS-Sturmbannfuhrer Jens Hoite at your service…mate?” His very German attempt at humour made us both laugh and for at least at long as it took us to walk to a waiting black Mercedes Luftwagen I wasn’t even worried that this SS officer had known both my name and that I was Australian.

After we got in the back of the plush Luftwagen and sank back into the apparently real leather seats the driver, another SS, gently took off and I was given a memorable flight past the Great Hall’s dome. We passed the Eagle sculpture close enough for me to have reached out the window and touched if the driver had paused. Hoite set about trying to calm my rising worries by talking cheerfully about what I had seen so far on my trip, where was I planning on going and so on. I stumbled through his light hearted banter while trying to work out what I’d done to attract the attention of the SS and wonder whether I would ever see my family and home again.

The flight through the iron grey canyons of the Berlin skyline probably only took ten minutes or so, it seemed like hours to me. We finally lazily spun to rest on the roof of a nondescript looking building in a complex set slightly apart from the main cityscape on an island in the sluggish brown waters of the Spree, I could see a large black flag hanging limp in the rain from one of the buildings but it wasn’t until I actually got out of the Luftwagen that I could see the silver SS runes in it’s centre. I later learned this was Alt Kolln, purchased by the SS shortly after the turn of the twenty first century from the city of Berlin to use for purposes of their own.

“Follow me, bitte.” Hoite had ceased his chatter and seemed almost stern now, my worries increased. I followed him through Spartan corridors, blank walled save for the occasional painting of various historic Nazi Party members. The lights seemed harsh and bright, the only sound the click of Hoite’s jackboots and the accompanying squelch of my soaked training shoes. Stopping outside a plain white metal door Hoite turned and held out his gloved hand for me to shake, I hesitantly complied.

“Hals und beinbruch, Paul.” He grinned winningly, using the old Waffen-SS farewell (roughly ‘Break a leg’) and was gone up the corridor. Turning to the door I knocked and it immediately was opened by a sprightly looking white haired man in a rather crumpled grey suit.

“Paul come in, come in. Ahh but you’re soaked to the skin, man. Here let me get you some coffee, tea?” His German was British accented and he seemed to be very friendly as he hustled me into a red leather arm chair in his office, which was nothing like the corridors I had just come through. This was warm and cosy seeming, all dark wood (real wood!) desk and armchairs, paintings of Burgundian landscapes, old photos of what appeared to be archaeological digs, some military pictures as well as a framed Iron Cross First Class. A large square window offered a fine view of the city skyline, the Great Hall could just be seen off in the grey.

As I sipped the hot black coffee I gasped in shock, this was the first real coffee I’d ever tasted in my life. I did not know real coffee even existed still, the man smiled thinly as he groaned slightly lowering himself down into the chair behind his desk.

“Look, please if I’ve done something wrong tell me. I know you must be the Gestapo so I must have done something.” He laughed happily and shook his head.

“No Paul please excuse our rudeness, we’ve been rushed in finding you and the usual polite formalities have been bent, forgive me. My name is Alfred Hansbach, officially my rank is SS-Standartenfuhrer though really I’m a historian and archaeologist, these are the offices of the Deutches Ahnenerbe; the German Ancestral Heritage Society. We are not the Gestapo.”

Hansbach explained how the Ahnenerbe were dedicated to documenting and researching all facets of the ‘glorious past of the Aryan race’, he talked of recent archaeological digs he’d personally been involved in on an unnamed off world colony where there had been startling new evidence linking the ancient Aryans to there. I listened with a sense of bafflement, he was clearly deluded in his sense of history, which was not surprising to my mind, we knew enough in Australia to realise the SS were hardly the most objective researchers.

“So Paul, tell me about yourself.” Hansbach sat back fixing me with a quizzical gaze, feeling somewhat more at ease than earlier I shrugged and told him my life story. My family were a mix of English and German originally, my grandfather had added the Yoshimitsu from his devotion to the Emperor and all things Nipponese but we had no such heritage. My father had used to joke that his father had just gone through the Darwin vid-directory trying to pick a Nipponese name unsuccessfully and at the end in the Y’s, just gave up and picked one.

Dad had been a doctor, for much of his life he’d worked at the Darwin Starport, he did fairly well financially and we had a good life. His pay enabled me to go to college in Tokyo where I’d studied Cultural/Xeno Anthropology, intending to work in the colonies helping the Empire study and interact with the new races we were encountering out there. I was taking this three month tour of the Reich out before starting a good job doing just
that back home.

“Good. Very good Paul.” Hansbach smiled and looked at me without speaking for a long moment.

“You were due to visit Burgundy for a day next week I believe?” I nodded.

“Would you mind awfully if we advance and extend your visit?” I shrugged unsure of what I could or should say.

“May I see your SIK?” Handing him my temporary smartcard I watched as he slipped the card into a handheld device which beeped twice then ejected the card, which Hansbach returned to me.

“You’re now scheduled for a weeks stay in Burgundy, starting tomorrow. I’ve taken the liberty of booking you a suite at the Kristalpalast Hotel in
Tarnhelm. I’ll have you flown down after you can collect your belongings. By the way we’ve seen to it the spy from the Gaimu-joho Han who has been watching your movements since you entered the Reich is kept in the dark about this change to your trip.

It wouldn’t do at all to let the Nips know your change of schedule or visit with us here. When you return home your spy will find he remembers only what we want him to.” Hansbach seemed very proud of this subterfuge and almost bragging in his tone. Nazi’s I’ve since learned always assume they know everything and can outthink anyone else.

Burgundy is without a doubt the strangest place I’ve visited in my life to date and I’ve been to several alien worlds mind you. As you know it was awarded to the SS as an autonomous state, within the Third Reich, by Himmler in 1949 although it’s creation was one of Hitler’s war promises. Carved from occupied France it was to be an ‘Aryan Paradise’ for all time, there would be no industrialisation, no over population, no modernisation. This was to be the spiritual heart of the Thousand Year Reich; unchanging and eternal like the pure Aryan Volk who would live there. Right from day one every single aspect of life within it’s borders has been controlled by the SS, even the shops and hotels are run by civilian or honorary SS personnel. When pollution began to kill the eternal paradise along with the rest of the planet, in the twenty first century, the SS had twelve huge domes erected over the entire state, these misty coloured edifices can be seen from space (where I’ve always thought they look like puffy mushrooms) and are designed to be able to reproduce weather conditions as desired.

Tourists visit Burgundy in a carefully controlled stream, to walk in green fields up the side of a wooded alpine slope and breath fresh air is something most people in the world would literally kill to do if it was only for one minute in all their life. As such the SS strictly control who gets an entry pass and for how long.

My journey into this fantasy land is somewhat blurred to me now, there were green fields being worked by sturdy looking blond farmers, little picture book castles on the mountain slopes, wooden houses and gloomy forests. Tarnhelm, the capital, was like a sixteenth century German town all carved wood and biergartens, you never seem to be out of earshot of a brass band and a mass of SS uniforms meet your gaze at every turn. But the air. If you’ve never been you will not know what I mean, the air, when I breathed the air of Burgundy I became drunk with it. Preserving Burgundy may have been as selfish an  act as any the Third Reich has perpetrated in it’s long history, but it almost redeems the Black Corps in my mind, almost.

I was flown to the door of the Kristalpalast by another black Luftwagen after doing a little sightseeing, which mostly just consisted of standing about breathing in great gulps of the air. The thought that those elite few who actually got to live here had that privilege all their lives ran through my mind as I took in the staff of the hotel in their powdered wigs and seventeenth century costumes. Smiling blue eyed maids and pages all wearing the silver runes somewhere about their costumes ensured I got settled into my room comfortably, they all seemed to know who I was and treated me with the utmost courtesy.

Once alone I turned the sound down as much as I was able on the TV which was playing an old movie, Reise Phantastisch, it was a children’s film where a wisecracking pair of young Nazi scientists shrink themselves and are injected into the blood stream of a dying Aryan girl. It transpired that a Jewish terrorist was injecting his blood into Aryan children thereby killing them slowly, the shrunken scientists were battling huge Jewish blood cells when I dozed off. Bablesberg’s product tends to have that effect on me.

I was woken to what I assumed was the TV, voices chanting in a strange mix of German and Latin. As I opened my eyes I was startled to find I was no longer in my room or the hotel, a night sky stretched out above me and large white snow flakes, cleaner than any I’d ever experienced before fell onto my face and wide open eyes. Suddenly I realised I was cold, laying face up in a thin layer of snow about me in the dark flames flickered and shadowed figures chanted, perhaps seeing me stir a figure stepped forward.

“Paul Fallon, Aryan. Awake brother. Awake to the song of your blood. Awake to the truth in your soul.” I found I was unable to move as the deep voice continued in German.

“Above us is an eternity of ice. Only as one Volk can we save Erde and the Heilige Reich from the inevitable catastrophe that fast approaches. We have
violated the ice for decades, our ships forged with the unholy science of the Jews literally burn into it, into the Ultraraume where the souls of our forefathers were born. This cannot continue, the Volk will soon face the challenge prophesied by Heinrich I on his death, the clues and signs are indisputable, not since the rise of the Saviour has history been so pivotal.

That which approaches will decide the future of the Aryan race and the Galaxy entire, it is the battle against the ice for which the SS was founded. You are one of us Paul, your blood is as pure as that of the highest of us. Join us and cast aside the poisonous Jewish lies your subhuman masters fed you since birth.”

Looking back now it would be easy to laugh at the sheer ludicrousness of what this madman was saying, back then it was not nearly so amusing, my head was spinning and felt heavy and almost as if it was under a great pressure. The man’s words seemed to hammer into my consciousness and I swear I could see stars spinning above me. I don’t know how long I lay there listening to the speaker in the night I do know that in me at least the practised use of drugs, Burgundian weather control and Aryan mysticism all geared to winning me over to work against my homeland failed.

That first night in Burgundy was just the first of a week of dedicated indoctrination techniques I was inflicted with, it nearly worked too. I remember only bits and pieces of that week now but I do know at one point I really believed what I was being told, the old lies of race and blood all of it was true to me. I think I even joined the SS at one point but that might just be a nightmare I once had playing tricks on me.

When I arrived back in Darwin two weeks later I remembered little, it was fortunate that a friend noticed a change in me and reported it to my doctor, who in turn reported it to a Secret Police Doctor who had me taken in for examination. The next six months were spent in an Imperial hospital being washed out with a concerted program of drugs and therapy, after which I was judged not suitable for the sensitive work for which I had been trained. Even though cleansed as thoroughly as a person can be of the mind twisting I was subjected to the Empire still couldn’t risk that they’d missed something buried deep out of their reach.

So it was that I became a dedicated researcher of those who ruined my life, I swore to myself I would not rest until I tipped over every stone in the garden of Burgundy to see what was festering underneath. What was the connection of the Ahnenerbe to the Horbiger cultists, what was their aim in taking me, did they really believe their own ravings?

This beginning took me down unexpected roads, the Occult permeates the Reich and especially the SS and their pocket fantasy land. There are many different beliefs which worryingly perhaps seem to be organising together more in an effort to exert their influence over the way the Reich is governed. I will endeavour herein to lay down what I’ve learned of the various, major, occult factions at work in today’s Reich and where possible point out their obvious falsehoods and lies.


After the Great War, in the early nineteen twenties, Germany and Europe was full of newly founded occult and spiritualist groups. Most of these were harmless groups that helped people come to terms with the loss of loved ones who’d died in the trenches or worse simply vanished into the fog of war their fate unknown. Mediums and mystics claimed to be able to contact these lost soldiers and relatives often paid well to ‘speak’ with their loved ones again even if it was ‘from the other side’. However others were not so innocent, the Thule Gesellschaft was certainly a much darker and more sinister group than any spiritualist circle. Taking it’s name from Nordic mythology this Munich based secret society was founded late in the Great War, ostensibly for the study of old German literature. After the War ended in defeat for Germany the Thule became devoted to the most extreme nationalism, Nordic mysticism and the occult. Notoriously secretive and organised along similar lines to the Masons, in the years after the War the Thule was linked to several execution style murders in Munich and Berlin. The style was always the same and was regarded as their trademark; the victim was shot in the face with a sawn off shotgun!

It’s not known exactly what the Thule ceremonies involved, but ‘black magic’ was certainly a central part of the organisation. The Thule included in it’s membership; Anton Drexler (the founder of the Nazi Party), Rudolf Hess (Deputy Fuhrer), Alfred Rosenberg (author of Mythus des XX Jahrunderts) and Adolf Hitler. It was here that the early members of the Nazi Party met and formed their plans, indeed the swastika became the symbol of the Party after Hitler discussed the idea with a Dr Krohn. Krohn, a member of the Germanenordern (German Order) a linked occult group to the Thule, suggested a swastika (an eastern mystic symbol) on a white disc with a red background – red for blood and the social ideal, white for nationalism and purity of race and the swastika for the victory of Aryan man. Hitler agreed with the idea but he insisted the swastika was reversed to form an evocation of strong spiritual devolution and black magic which would smite their enemies. The Thule also used the swastika as their badge, crossed with a dagger in a wreath of oakleaves.

The early Thule had some common ground and links with another, perhaps even more extremist occult group; the Luminous Lodge of the Vril Society. This group based their thinking on an obscure American novel The Coming Race by Bulwer Lytton, a book which Lytton (though a practising occultist) freely admitted was pure fiction. The Coming Race tells of advanced beings who live in the interior of the earth and have  mental and physical powers far in advance of surface homo sapiens, in time they plan to emerge and conquer the planet. These beings were called the Vrilya and had fled the surface world following a series of great floods, they were masters of a strange energy force called the Vril, similar to electricity in that it could power machines, but could also be used to control the elements and affects others mentally. In short it was a fictional magic in a fantasy novel.

Members of the Luminous Lodge however fervently believed Lytton’s book was based on fact, that the Vril-ya existed and were related to the Aryans and that the Vril could be harnessed to the Nazi cause. Himmler seems to have been an initiate of the Luminous Lodge and before and after he became Fuhrer ordered frustrated German geographers and scientists to find tunnel entrances that led to the underworld of the Vril-ya.

An early favourite of Hitler was the occultist Karl Haushofer, a Professor of Geopolitics at Munich University and tutor of Rudolf Hess, as well as being a General in the German army during the Great War. Haushofer had travelled widely in the east and was a member of a Japanese occult secret society, he believed in the existence of underground realms too and the real power of two ‘orders’ of magic; White and Black, good and evil. Oddly he believed central asia to be the ancestral homeland and the geopolitical centre of the world to be Mongolia, whoever ruled Mongolia would rule the world. Despite his bizarre beliefs Haushofer had acquired considerable fame in Germany during and after the War, as a General it was claimed he could predict when an enemy attack would occur or that he could walk over the trenches and point out the spots where enemy shells would land.

It is recorded in the Landsberg prison records that Haushofer visited Hitler there early in his term of confinement, some claim Haushofer prompted Hitler to write Mein Kampf and even provided him with certain startling predictions. Other occultists have even claimed that Haushofer was the black magician behind Hitler’s decisions and actions, Hess apparently became terrified of him. Haushofer’s own son Albrecht was executed for plotting to kill Himmler in 1944, in his pocket was found a poem;

For my father destiny has spoken,

Once again, the demons had to be defeated

And entombed in his cell…

My father deliberately broke the seal-

He dismissed and did not feel the Demon’s breath

And set him free to roam the world…

Haushofer himself never seemed to get over the death of Hitler, he attempted to advise Himmler but the former Reichsfuhrer-SS had more than enough spiritual advisors of his own. In 1946 Haushofer murdered his wife ritually and then before a ‘black Buddhist altar’ opened his own belly using a Japanese short sword, Samurai style.

The most influential of the occult theories of the early Reich was undoubtedly that of a blacksmith-turned-engineer named Hanns Horbiger, creator of the so called Welteislehre (Doctrine of Eternal Ice). Horbiger stated that amongst the ‘cosmic building  stuff’ that makes up the universe there exists water in it’s frozen form- ice. This ice acting with the heat of stars creates planets in violent explosions caused by the violent reaction of the opposites of fire and ice, our own planet was thus formed and had four moons, each made of solid cosmic ice. Three of the moons collided with the earth over ages until there was only the one moon remaining, after the collision of the Third Moon there arose the civilisation of Atlantis on an island continent. The Atlantians were a lofty, cultured race, blue eyed and fair of hair (the source of all art, philosophy and science in the history of the world) as well as unbeatable and fierce warriors. WhenmAtlantis was swallowed in a great flood these people escaped and became the ancestors ofthe Aryans, the Germans having the clearest links to those ancient people.

The Welteislehre became very widely accepted as a scientific truth in the early (pre space flight) Reich, there were hundreds of Horbigerian pamphlets and books published and even a monthly magazine The Key to World Events. Himmler believed in the Welteislehre implicitly and set up the Ahnenerbe (The German Ancestral Heritage Society for the Study of German Prehistory) in part to prove Horbiger’s doctrine.

The above are only some of the most widely known occult influences on the developing Reich, I will not go into any detail on a score of others, like Rudolf Gorsleben (an ally of the Thule) who ran his own newspaper and spread the ancient Volkis tradition that a woman is made pregnant only by her first lover even if conception does not occur until sex with another. Hence an Aryan maid who has sex with an sub human will forever thereafter carry the taint, so segregation and eugenics were necessary to save the Aryan race. Then there are those who believe Hitler won his War because he had possession of the so called Spear of Destiny, or the others (most particularly in the SS) who followed Arthurian Grail Lore, claiming that the Grail was the ideal of pure Aryan blood or even a real vessel hidden in the ancient Cathar fortresses of Southern France, Himmler even believed in the ancient Germanic gods as real entities!


The Thule Society;

Although thought to have been suppressed in the nineteen thirties the Thule still exists today as a very secret group within the establishment and the military of the Third Reich. The society was refounded by disgruntled Nazis in the early twenty seventies, a time of upheaval and change for the Reich. In 2072 the Reich had been manouvered by the Empire into privatising their space industry which resulted in vast wealth from a number of new exploration and colonisation flowing not to the Party but to the distrusted Megakorperschaften. The following year saw the first ever suicide of a German Fuhrer and a resultant wave of dissatisfaction and anti government activity to a level not seen since the early Post Unification years.

The new Thule apparently saw themselves as the people to put the Reich back on track, they set about doing so in the same way the old Thule had done during the hard years after the Great War, by militarism, black magic in the cause of the Aryan Race, corruption, cronyism and murder. Taking the badge of the old Thule, a dagger and swastika surrounded by an oak leaf wreath and though based initially in Berlin soon branched out setting up Lodges across the Reich, they were particularly active in the Colonies where they could see to it that the grasping Korperschaftendidn’t get all the wealth. In the early days of expansion into space members of German and Nipponese companies were soon forced to always travel with bodyguards as so many were murdered by the unknown group who blasted their victims in the face with shotguns.

Back when they refounded it seems the Thule were mainly small time and didn’t include too many, if any, important people in their ranks and were driven by a genuine drive to prevent the wealth of the colonies flowing away from the German people. Later however important army officers and Party officials joined and in recent years have turned the group into little more than a criminal organisation, sort of like the Yakuza with ‘magical’ trimmings. Now they still murder and intimidate business and some government offices out in the frontier, but the money flows to the Society and it’s

The Party resort of Krim is thought to be a modern centre for the group where old initiates retire on their ill gotten gains to live out their lives in luxury on the sandy beaches under a fake sun.

Die Kreis Burgundien (The Burgundian Circle);

Not one group but many, the Kreis includes such groups as the Wotansborn (violent pagan black magicians, who have support from some elements in the military, especially the SS and GK), the Vril-ya (the main descendant group of the Illuminated Lodge and primary group in the Kreis at present), the Black Grail (SS occult group who claim to wield the Grail and control it’s magic for the betterment of the Reich, they are rumoured to use human and alien sacrifices in their insane rituals, often carried out on the eve of military actions), the Order of Atlantis (AAU based and violently anti-non Aryan, responsible for the ritual murder of dozens of Slav and blacks in the AAU this group believes all non Aryans should be killed in order for Erde to return to the paradise that was Atlantis) Knights of the White Krist (taking their name from the German Christ of the Goebbels Bible this cult is dedicated to a mystic struggle they believe they’re fighting against the Nipponese Empire and the Horus Society for control of Erde, chivalrous in many ways they regard most of the other Burgundian groups as ‘misguided’ but still agree with their basic beliefs).

The number of separate groups in the Kreis is not known to outsiders and anyone who delves too close is murdered. What is clear is that someone is drawing these groups together, using contacts in the Ahnenerbe to organise and oversee the rituals and the web of illegal activities they engage in. A new mix of the old Nazi occult myths is being formed in Burgundy today which seems to run along the following lines;

The souls of the first Aryans, a race of giants who came to Erde from another world millions of years ago, were born from sparks of mystic fire reacting with the cosmic ice in the holy forge of the Ultraraume (Ultraspace). The Ultraraume is the dimension where the ancient gods first hailed from and only the Aryans could find their origins their too, lesser or polluted humans and non humans have no souls. Between the collision of the second and third moons into Erde the giants sealed the Ultraraume to prevent intrusion by the unworthy, they still knew the secrets of galactic travel then but lost that knowledge when the third moon of ice plumetted into Erde. The survivors of the giants founded Atlantis tens of thousands of years ago and though they had lost the knowledge of their heritage still they created a wonderful civilisation which stood the test of millenia until the flood, which was caused when a strain of poisonous alien blood found it’s way into Atlantis.

This alien blood was filth incarnate; the Jews, born from vermin on another world came to Atlantis and tricked it’s blond rulers. Seeing weakness in them the Jews destroyed the entire continent simply in order to plunder it’s wealth, fortunately for the world many Atlantians escaped and began an ages old battle against the mortal foes of all civilisation the Jews and their brutish allies; the lesser races.

All the great civilisations of the past owe their origin to the survivors of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China (founded by Aryan nomads from central asia), the Kingdoms of Europe and finally Germany. The First and Second Reichs fell to wars started by the Jews controlling nations and tricking them into fighting the Aryan fatherland, only the rise of the Saviour of the Aryans Adolf Hitler prevented the final victory of the Jews and the extirpation of the White Aryan Race.

Hitler was however martyred before he could complete what he set out to do for his people and many of the foes of the Aryans escaped to plot anew the downfall of their ancient enemy. Knowing now the Aryans were too strong to defeat in war the Jews set about destroying them with peace, they leaked the forbidden secrets of an alien science to the victorious Aryans of Germany and the Reich. These secrets were a road to the stars but at a cost, the Jews remembered what most of the Aryans had forgotten about the Ultraraume and knew that every ship which passed through that sacred place of cosmic ice melted hundreds of Aryan souls and diminished the Race that much more, interstellar space travel became the final revenge of the Jews and has diminished the Aryans by thousands of unborn and returned souls.

Only by ceasing travel into the Ultraraume can we save our race, only by killing all the remaining Jews can we enure they plot against us no more, only by destroying the once noble, now debased society of Nippon can we purify Erde.

As you can see these fanatics are terribly dangerous and include many high ranking SS and Ahnenerbe men in their ranks. Thankfully their actual power is as yet not great and outside of Burgundy limited, but they could still very well gleefully start a nuclear war of purification given half the chance. They have already begun a campaign of terrorist attacks on various space facilities, ships and production centres, who knows what their
next move might be?

Paul Yoshimitsu-Fallon

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