Resistance Groups in 2134

Resistance Groups in 2134

More notes from Ken.  This time about resistance groups.

Any type of resistance group is obviously opposed to the ruling power. However, they also need to know exactly what it is they seek to establish, Are they simply seeking independence for their own world or territory, or are they out to topple an empire? The wake of a fallen empire can create far greater problems than before. In creating a Resistance group the first thing that must be established is its ultimate goal. Here are a few suggestions:


The freedom fighters desire independence from the ruling government. This could mean simply a small territory the sizeof Ireland, or an entire colonized world. The protagonists could be human colonists, or native non-humans. Whether or not such a newly independent State would make significant changes in its own government is another matter. They may want to retain the same type of government, retaining close ties, but do not wish to be dictated to from far away Berlin,Tokyo or Rome. Perhaps they wish to break off all contact with the capital and create a different political system. Whatever type of independence that is sought after, it can be certain that the Axis will never let go of their territories until the bitter end.


The rebels wish to overthrow the existing government and put power back into the hands of the general population. Anend to one Party rule, and elections based on “one man, one vote”. Many of the present preserving arms of the government (such as the secret police) will also have to be abolished.


A new system of communism’s goal of this type of group. “The National Socialists and the Fascists have abandoned the true ideals of socialism. The Emperor and the zaibatsu have abused the workers of our nation for too long. Nationalize everything, and let everyone be equal!”


The politicians have ruined our nation. We have become weak. It’s time for a stronger system of rule, with the military in complete control“. Members of this organization will obviously be high ranking officers in the armed forces. They will probably already have already drawn up the plans and personnel for their new government.


Whether working in conjunction with an existing church, or not, this group wants THEIR religion to be the way of life for everyone.


This organization seeks to overthrow the ruling Party and replace it with the Party of another nation. This could mean Nazis in the RSI or Japan; Fascists or monarchists in the Reich, etc. These Organizations are often financed and/ or trained by the Intelligence agency of another nation.


Every resistance group will require basic needs in order to maintain their campaign. These needs include: weapons;money; technology; transportation; food; medical supplies, doctors; base(s) of operations;and sources of Intelligence.


This can range from a simplesafe-house in an apartment complex, to a remote outpost on a sparse or uninhabited world.Usually the best place to hide something is right out in the open, but there can be times when an out-of-the-way location is preferable. A base may be a place to meet and discuss missions; a depository for weapons or supplies; or a place to hide when the heat is on.


Arms for the resistance can come from several sources. They can be stolen, bought on the Black Market, donated by agents from foreign governments, or even manufactured in small quantities in someone’s basement machine shop. The same sources might also provide food and medical supplies.


Many of the equipment and activities of the group will require nothing short of actual cash in hand. The Possibilities for obtaining funds are endless, and the Resistance leaders may forbid some methods. The most desirable involves simply having sympathizers secretly donating to”the cause”, but more often than not more direct measures have to be taken.These might involve: theft; drug trafficking; counterfeit currency; fencing stolen goods;gambling; extortion; kidnapping for ransom; prostitution; illegal pornography; fraud;taking donations for “a charity”, etc.


Hi-tech gear for sensitive assignments could (again) be stolen, or in the case of data simply copied. It could also be traded with rival corporations or governments.


At some point soon in their career resistance agents will need to travel. Transport could be bought at auctions;salvaged from wreckage; donated by wealthy sympathizers; stolen; hi-jacked; or (in the case of tickets) counterfeited or electronically altered.


A well-established Intelligence network is vital to the survival of these organizations. Intelligence agents should be set-up in hi tech corporations, police, military, government, and any other place of strategic importance. Information might also be handed down by anonymous sympathizers in high places.


Competent medical aid within a resistance group is of paramount importance. Since most weapons are heavily controlled,someone who shows up at a local hospital is going to attract a lot of unwanted attention from authorities. Particularly since such wounds must be reported to the police.Therefore, a place of secrecy is needed for the treatment of resistance members. It is also not a bad idea to include a medic among a strike team.


Although composition may vary according to mission details, the ideal multi-purpose strike team would consist of:

  • Mission Leader
  • Security Specialist (electronics)
  • Demolitions Expert
  • Sniper
  • Silent Assassin
  • Medic
  • Computer Hacker
  • Pilot
  • Navigator
  • Heavy Weapons Specialist
  • Thief (could double as security specialist)
  • Make-up Artist
  • Psychic
  • “Fire-Fighters” (gunmen)

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