The Role of Religion in Marl

(Notes on the Religion in Marl and my perspective on it)

In Marl, there is a fine line between cults and established religions. As it says in the main rulebook, the primary difference is usually age and membership.

In the past it was a powerful church entity that lead the nobles to create law according to something outside of their own whims and thoughts. Established religions create the moral guidelines that create the laws the criminals break; create the moral measuring stick that humans hold up to make proper judgments. Most are of the Order alignment, but a few are Chaotic. However, no single cult or creed dominates Marl, each city has their own form of the same moral religion that guides the people and their lawmakers.

One could probably say however, that a majority of the established religions are “Good” aligned, as opposed to Evil. Most societies would not accept the establishment of evil in any form of religion.

The Blood Cults are the antithesis to established religion, and could be either Chaos or Order. However, by their nature, one would assume that most of the blood cults are of evil nature to some degree or another.

Assuming that Bloodshadows is simply a fantasy realm advanced in technology, then established religion would have started as a polytheistic church that the majority of the dominant empires would sanction and allow to flow. Whether that polytheistic religion survived the ages or not is also a good question. What killed them in our time was the predominance of some version of a monotheistic religion.

Also, what effect the Godwar had on that religion as well as what role did it play? Was that the event that squelched the belief in a polytheistic pantheon (” … the God’s have abandoned us …” ) …