Sessions 23 – 25: Return to Byzantium Secundus

Sessions 23 – 25: Return to Byzantium Secundus

Dates: 5/26/2007 to 6/23/2007

Where: Planet Byzantium Secundus

In the service of House Hawkwood and Imperial Security, the party volunteer to stop an insane priestess determined to enter a forbidden place – the Vau Embassy.

This was a side adventure that I threw in. Here it is in the Basic/Push/Pull/Gimmick format.

Basics : In order to get a ship for their next destination, the party is hired to stop a fanatical rogue Eskatonic from getting into the Vau Embassy. The Rogue Eskatonic – Sister Georgia Yalik.

Push: House Hawkwood will provide passage to Cueball.

Pull: As they pursue her from one place to another, they realize that someone else wants to stop them.

Gimmick: She wants a few key elements for a rite that will allow her to break into the Vau Embassy Tower – The Shield Breaking Rite. These will be located at the following locations:

Imperial City   → Veridian University (the Church University)   →  Horace Library   →   The Tower

Veridian University

A church university with a progressive approach to the Doctrine, the Avestites carefully watch it. Here Sister Yalik will frame a professor – Father Jamus Drohan – for heresy while she meets with a student to get a Spell book from the Ancient & Arcane studies department – a proscribed book. After leaving the University, the party is met with Father Jeb Krane and Imperial Staffer assistant to the assistant Gradon Camteton. (Not sure why)

Horace Library

On the continent of Aladia (which is also the home of the Imperial Eye), The Horace Library (not to be confused with the Library of Horace on Leagueheim) is hidden within the fog covered jungles of the island continent. Tales tell of hauntings that inhabit the jungles as well as savage beasts. With in the vaults of the ancient Library is Second Republic technology essential for Sister Yalik’s plan. She taps the strange arcane energies contained within the jungle to summon spirits to cover her tracks.

Outside the Library, the local jungle-folks – two tribes of rival factions – are suffering for some plague that they blame the Custodians for. One tribe – a fallen house trying to bring it back to power – has united with the second faction to take over the library and hold the custodians hostage. This was not arranged by Yalik and she faces the same issues as the players. She will attempt to work with the leader to act as a distraction so she can get inside the find the ingredients she needs.

Two tribes

  • Viridis
  • Termes

Leader: Grae Von Taragus, alias Logan.

House Von Taragus, the Fallen House

Seeks evidence that his house is related to one of the Great houses.

Yalik is seeking the Powder of Democlatus.

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