Sessions 29 – 30: Rimpoche. The Ruins

Sessions 29 – 30: Rimpoche. The Ruins

Dates: 9/15/2007 to 12/8/2007

Where: Rimpoche

After being picked up the Imperial Eye from Silo-A-19, the party received intelligence that (1) the Changed crystal cult leaders call themselves the Highbreed (2) there seems to be a connection between the apparent cover up of the Highbreed and a subsidiary of the Decados cartel, Genetech (3) and there was a communication transmission intercepted by the Eye from said subsidiary indicating that they are sending in something called the Hunter.

With the help from a Imperial Eye agent, the group infiltrates the secret enclave on Rimpoche. They discover pieces to a madman`s puzzle, seeking the next and perhaps final piece to the Enigmus Collection.

However, they did not arrive alone. The Master sent his agents who had infiltrated the Vuldrok society to chase down the party. However, they too did not come alone. The Hunter arrived not long afterwards to rampage them and their ship.

After dealing with the Hunter – no small challenge – they group went straight into the Ancient ruins to find the tomb of Gylas Magnatius. The Tomb was built under the ruins and contained three main challenges. It tested how well they knew Magnatius, for he left clues through out his part of the manuscripts.

The group escaped with final piece but not before the Master was able to take over the AI controlling the tomb and extracting an unknown amount of information.

Next stop – Bannokburn


A Note from GM to players after leaving Rimpoche

Some things that might have a bearing on what to do next

The party is leaving the Tomb of Magnatius after stalling the Highbreed pursuers.  They are headed back to the encampment where the researchers are and their ship is.  There is a good chance that the Highbreed will not be delayed too long and give chase.

One important thing to note is that the party did see the first group of barbarians and the Highbreed slaughtered by The Hunter, so these new pursuers are apparently someone different, perhaps someone the Hunter did not get a chance to deal with.  You did not get a chance to see them so you are not sure whom they are.

Justinius has already stated he wishes to head back to the destroyed barbarian ship to get the key.  The quickest way is to take the Imperial Eye agent’s ship to it, but that still will take time to get to the encampment.

(Note: I do not remember the exact amount of time it took you to get from the encampment to the ruins.  I think there was a vehicle involved but it still took a long while.  We can discuss.)

Getting the wreckage of the barbarian ship is going to take considerable amount of time also.

When you left the tomb, you did hear as the intelligence of the “Master” or the “Magnus” take over the artificial intelligence of the Tomb’s computer.  In doing this, he has all access to all that the AI knew.  You are not sure how much that is.

From what you can tell from the manuscripts is that Magnatius or the other madmen Caen made all the artifacts that you have found thus far.  However, all indications within the manuscripts is that this new artifact is in fact an Ur artifact and not made by either one of them.  So it IS the only one of its kind.