RIP: Noah J Templeton, a towering man of God

RIP: Noah J Templeton, a towering man of God

A man I looked up to for a very long time has passed. On 10/28/2007, my mother’s father died after a long battle of complications from old age. He was in his mid-90s and was simply shutting down. He was a towering man when I remember him in his prime, a hard working stubborn farmer with a strong will and a strong connection to God. We all know where he is now and are comforted by this, but we all miss him dearly. He died peacefully yesterday morning.

We’ve been ready for this for years and I was happy we got to see him one last time last summer. I am ashamed that I could not see him more often. We all loved him dearly. Here is a picture of him and my nephew, Noah, named after him.


The hardest part I guess is that I won`t be able to make the funeral. For a good reason, though, because as one great life leaves this world, a new one enters. My son, Keegan William is due the day of the funeral. So this will be a bitter sweet week for me.

Pray for my mom, her mom, 4 sisters, and brother as they deal with this. It was hard to see such a great and strong man pass but harder to watch him simply deteriorate. So this is an answer to many prayers for him to finally go home to his Father.


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