Ron’s Other List

Auburn U. vs. Washington U.Incredible experience! 2018 Chik-fil-a College Season Opener in Altanta new Stadium. Good start to the year! WDE
Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins 45-21Incredible experience! It was VERY COLD but I loved going to the game with my wife.
MACE 201721st annual and it was a lot of fun. had to make room for the Dolphins on Sunday (Monday night game with the Panthers) which cased stress. There were a lot of ups and a few downs. We were down in attendance but after 21 years, you can't always go up. It'was awesome meeting DM Scotty!
Evanescence: Synthesis Live With OrchestraEnjoyable music although she mostly played the songs I normally skip. She has an incredible voice!
RonCon Fall 2017Pretty good turn out, 8 people. I ran a 5 player Shatterzone, first time in 20 years. The game has its flaws. Needs to be simplified.
Auburn @ Clemson 2017 College FootballLast minute tickets ($$$), scramble to find babysitters (thanks Grandma!), and a mad dash to get to Clemson in time (a place I had never been too). Good game but Auburn lost, 14 to 6. No offensive line what-so-ever and QB got sacked 11 times. Terrible. Returned home by 4 AM. Long night! Well worth it.
Rock the Park, Carowinds. SkilletOne of the best concerts I have seen! Awesome family outing
ConCarolinas 2017 (Gaming) Gaming had less space but better turn out. We were close to packed.
MACE West 2017Had a blast. Ran 3 board games and 1 RPG. All were either full or close. Ran my second installment of the Reich Star adventures and everyone had fun. There is something about MACE West that makes it special. I hope it continues but recent news make me worry.
RonCon Spring 2017Another private, invite only game day I host at my parents lake house. Ran a Call of Cthulhu adventure - Genius Loci. Made some changes to the overall plot. Played the asylum curator a little too well because now a player wants to hunt him down and continue the campaign.
mini-mace 2017Ran two games - CoC and Scythe. Playing another - Champions of Midgard. Enjoyed them all. Largest mini-mace ever! Over 100 attendance. We may need to think about a new location.
MACE 201620th Anniversary. All four of my games were full and I had a blast!
RonCon Fall 2016Had a good turn out, ran Titansgrave one shot and Sheriff of Nottingham
ConGregate 2016Highly disappointed on how gaming has developed for this con. It has not at all and I don\'t see that changing. I think the aspects of cosplay and gaming do not mix well.
ConCarolinas 2016 (Gaming) My focus was gaming and that is the only place you saw me, for the most part. From a gaming point of view, I had a great time. Played A LOT of games. Cthulhu Wars was awesome! Everything else I tried to ignore.
MACE West 2016Had a blast. Ran 3 games with 4 or more players. That has never happened before but maybe because I am running more Savage Worlds. Ran Call of Cthulhu 7e (Restoration of Evil), and two of my own adventures in Savage Worlds. One is for Battle for Oz - the second draft of The Emerald Knight. And then the second was another version of my Vermin of Sarin Prime in THe Last Parsec setting.
RonCon Spring 2016Another private, invite only game day I host at my parents lake house. Ran a Call of Cthulhu adventure - Dark Rivals. Changes and modification are posted on this web site. It was quite fun.
MACE East 2016A good start. The good outweighed the bad overall
MACE 2015Higher attendance, more gaming and expanded the use of OGRe. Great weekend! My Buy a Little Luck idea was a huge success!
RonCon Fall 2015Another great RonCon in the books. Ran A Savage World conversion of <a href="">Fright NIght: GHOST SHIP</a> with a few little personal twists. That was awesome! Then played Space Movers ... loved it!!
Charlotte 49ers Home Opener!49ers 34 / Presby College 10. Total defensive domination but the offense was conservative. They switched up QBs a lot I guess because MJ is a senior. Or maybe he was hurt and I missed it. Encouraging game. Now the real fight begins!
2015 Georgia Dome College Football Opening Weekend!Friday 9/4: Charlotte 49ers first BCS game, beats Georgia State. Saturday 9/5: Auburn Tigers hold off the Louisville Cardinals in the Chick Fila College Football Kick off game. An Amazing weekend with my wife.
American Sniper (Book)Excellent book, totally different from the movie. Love the movie too.
ConGregate 2015Gaming was slow again but really picked up Saturday afternoon. Had a blast in the end, got to play a lot of games. I, Spy, Space Movers and Dead of Winter and ran Battle for Oz.
Club MACE 20157 day cruise to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau with gamer friends from MACE. Unbelievable!
MACE West 2015Already growing out of our space. Another great year!
MACE 2014Best year! Had a great time with Con-Killer, D&D 5 and Achtung Cthulhu!
UNC Charlotte Football 2014Ends with a losing season, less than 12k in attendance and a serious concern about the CUSA status.
UNC Charlotte Football 3 and 0!!First three games of the season in the books with 3 great wins!
Con-Gregate 2014Good start for a new con. Gaming was fun but needed more gamers.
StormCon 2014Great atmosphere and energy at this con. Enjoyed all the gaming I did
RavenCon 2014Great time in Richmond Va. Met some good people and had fun running Achtung! Cthulhu
MACE West 2014Incredible Weekened up in Asheville. Tons of gaming and had a blast
RonCon Spring 2014Had a blast running Achtung Cthulhu!
mini-mace 2014New venue, great location. Played one game of Spartacus (probably not the best game to play in a church) and had to leave. Had a great time.
Panthers vs. New England Patriots 24-20Incredible experience!
MACE 2013Great Con! Great Turn Out! Largest attendance yet
The John D. Reavis Hammer of Thor ScholarshipWe established a scholarship for the Guild. I am very proud of what this has turned into. It is agreat tribute to John and who he was.
UNCC 49ers 22 vs UNC Pembroke 45Heart breaking loss
UNCC 49ers 53 vs Gardner-Webb 51Most awesome football experience I have had!!!!!!!!!
UNCC 49ers 13 vs NC Central 40Ugggh! Our first loss
UNCC 49ers 47 vs. Chowan 7!GO NINERS!
UNCC Football: 49ers vs Campbell1st game EVER and I was there with my lovely wife. We had a blast! 52 to 7! Way to go Niners!
Charticon 2013A small Transformers con convention. I attended for about an hour (yes, I paid a full day to be there for an hour). I wanted to support locals cons while at the same time bond with my son. He had a great time.
Panthers Vs. BearsPanthers Preseason Opener 2013. Not a fan of preseason but it was good to see the starters for a little while. Left early because I just could not get into the game. It's preseason.
RoundCon 2013JustUs Productions ran gaming. It went pretty well. We built up a good network to make next year even better.
StormCon 2013Great weekend of gaming with some great people.
Origins 2013First Origins. Awesome!
MACE West 2013Great con. But it has struggling. Virtually no growth in 3 years. We need 50 or so more people and we would be fine.
RonCon Spring 2013Not the best I have had but still it was fun. Perhaps it has peaked. I dunno. RonCon Fall is not certain.
Mysticon 2013First time at a Virginia con, and it was fun. They are all not that much different up there. Good con, a little crowded bit only because they had Peter Davidson (Dr. Who, 5th Doctor), Orson Scott Card, and Larry Elmore. Incredible line up.
SCARAB 2013Fun con where Jeff and I go to play. DId a little of that but also talked a lot of con shop with the SCARAB, Stormcon and Gnomecon folks. With the big RoundCon announcement, it kind of put us in the middle of it all.
MACE 2012AWESOME! Best MACE ever!
RonCon Fall 2012Best Ever! 14 people. Played Call of Cthulhu, Fortress America and some Dungeon Twister. Also had Fiasco, Quarriors, and Pathfidner games going on.
Panthers Fan Fest 2012Very cool opportunity to hang out at the stadium, buy some Panthers stuff, and see them practice.
Starrise at CorrivaleTook me almost a year but I finally finished this book. It`s not a big book, just slow. I am not entirely sure I like Diane Duane`s writing style. But the last two chapters made the book. It could have been a lot shorter book.
ConCarolinas 2012A lot went right, a lot more went wrong. It is getting to the point that the best we can do is control the chaos. 1400+ people
HeathCon I (April 2012)Great time at Heath's place, playing Savage Worlds Low Life.
Food Lion Auto Fair (Charlotte Motor Speedway)Nothing overly exciting about the show but because I ran into Fox`s Wilson, I got to put my ugly face on the big HD TV! Kinda cool!
MACE West 2012: CUDGELGreat Time. Did a lot of gaming!
RonCon Spring 2012Awesome! 6 players played Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds Beasts & Barbarians
mini-mace 2012Modest turnout in a down economy, 45 people, counts as an average year.
SCARAB 2012I had a really good time. Played Savage Worlds, Posthumous Z, and Dungeon Twister. All AWESOME games!
MACE 2011Great MACE, last one in High Point. Good numbers and had a great time!
Breakfest with UNCC Coach & WBT FOcus groupI had a busy Tuesday Oct 4. Had breakfast at the Univ. Hilton with the football coach of UNCC new football team and then that afternoon, spent the evening at WBT talking about talk radio. It was fascinating. Never been more part of the Charlotte community.
Starfall (Stardrive short story novel)Finally finished this book. Some stories were good, some stories were not.
Panther Fan Fest 2011Fun time wiht my oldest daughter and son. It was a little hot though, could not stay the whole time.
Dokken at Amos's SouthendAwesome. The guy can still rock!
Aubrey Jade McClung born July 10, 20117lb 1 oz, 19in. Mom and baby are healthy
ConCarolinas 2011A great con during a hard economic year. 1300+ attendees! Great guests, great concom, great turn out, great con!
UNCC 49er Football Ground Breaking & Panthers Draft PartyAwesome football day with the family.
MACE West 2011: CUDGELGood time and good grass roots gaming
Sci-fi Festival, Schiele MuseumFun time had by all. Small event with lots of family friendly time to spend together
RonCon 2011My birthday celebration turned game day. Good fun with great friends!
minimace 2011Attendance highest ever! New record for mini-mace attendance. 83! Had to use two rooms!
MACE 2010Another good year. About the same attendance as last year, lots of gaming, and a great board game area (in the restaurant.)
ConCarolinas 2010/DeepSouthCon 48The best CC yet. 1350 (est) people, Richard Hatch, Claudia Christian, AND Jerry Pournelle. The best DSC ever!
mini-mace 2010Good weekend of gaming, 55 people turned out and that was without an L5R tournament. I marshalled two games and really did not get to play anything.
MACE 2009Fantastic time Best year ever!
Writing for / RPGNow.comThanks to meeting Sean Patrick Fannon, I am writing reviews again - all for PDF stuff now, but it's writing. Hopeing it will open doors.
ConCarolinas 2009The best ever! 1000+ people! AWESOME!
Eberron Campaign StartedMy new character - the Shifter Ranger, Tyr'roth is born!
Call of Cthulhu - Charlotte Meetup at Above Board GamesThe start of 'Dead in the Water'. It started out much better than I thought it would. I had a blast.
True20 World War Z Adventure at ABG/RPG MeetupI had a blast. Met two new gamers and it looks like we're starting a new gaming group.
Guild Game Day Fall 2008 - 12/13/2008Running some board games and AT-43 minis.
Book: The Dark Wing by Walter H HuntThis universe in incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and hope to read the next. Took me 6 months to read it but I finished it.
Book: World War Z by Max BrooksDang good book! Needs to be a board game. That might come out after the movie.
Babylon 5 Campaign StartedSo it begins… "Ghosts in the Shadows"<br /><br />Playing with a new guy in our group that was 7 when the first B5 episode aired.
Battlestar Galactica, The Board GamePlayed it three times, all with different results, but in the end either the Cylons won or were close to winning. it is a tough game to be a human, but it is fun. See my review in Scrye #127.
The End of the Fading Suns d20 CampaignAfter 2+ years, it is finally over. I have been wanting to run in the universe as well as run this game idea for years. I finally did it. It was fun.
EItherscope RPG at ABGRan a pre-gen'ed adventure for a very cool game. The adventure wasn't really satisfying and I should have put more work into the characters. I really want to run this again
GenCon 2008 - AWESOME!I was press, played some games, ran some games and bought some games. Interview people, met some people and had a general good time. Indy is a great city!
Music: Disturbed - IndestructibleVery good album. First few songs are just awesome, and the rest are pretty good.
ConCarolinas 2008It was a blast for everyone. Biggest ever! Report is coming.
Music: Dokken - Lightening Strikes AgainDokken is simply not the same anymore. Don`s voice is starting to show its age. 55 is pretty old to try to hit those high notes. The album itself is a lot better than the last one, but I can`t get past Don`s voice.
Lasik Surgery a SUCCESS! I CAN SEE!The procedure was surreal and definitely not what was supposed to happen - changed procedures at the alst minute, I went under the blade,,,, ,uggh. But I can see VERY WELL! Woohooo!
Laser Eye Surgery May 9Quite nervous!
SG Weekend Carolinas This weekendHosting a little cookout at my place for the Stargate group.
d20 Future High Colonies at ABGAnother session of the ongoing and developing High Colonies campaign. I had no idea it would develop this far, but I now have a building conspiracy of possible alien nature.
StellarCon 32/Deep South Con 46We got Deep South Con! Whoo Hoo!
Book: Flags of Our FathersAn amazing and sad story. Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue!
d20 Future High Colonies at ABGQuite cool. This little campaign is really starting to come into its own. I had a blast!
"Tide of Iron" - Battle of St. LoJohn R and I played ToI and the second scenario in that game - the Battle of St Lo. All the Germans had to do was hold out, but the wave of American soldiers was just too great.
Good Band: Day of Fire Very good Christian value based music. Great vocals and guitars!
Good Band: 12 StonesAlso a good band, similar to Day of Fire.
mini-mace 2008Another one in the bucket! It was fun. Played `Starcraft` and then `Tide of Iron.` Both good games. Good turn out and now they want us to do more than one a year. Yikes!
Starcraft: The Board Game (part 2)Played with my regular group of friends. Chris J won the game by special victory condition. I spread out to thin, too fast.
First days of the Keegan-atorPics of my newborn son, Keegan
Starcraft: The Board GamePlayed at ABG, 5 plyaers. Basically AGoT meets TI3. Awesome game. Expensive but awesome.
You've Been Sentenced! I just had the greatest time with this game playing with my family (dad, my brother, my sister & her hubby, my wife, and Jordan). THis is really a hillarious game.
Keegan William McClung is born!I have a son and he will be known as the Keegan-ator
EABA Code: Black at ABG 10-24-07Playtested/Play-wrote my adventure for MACE. It is inspired by the 'Blood Red' adventure mentioned in the book, but I expanded it far past Greg's original intent. It was a blast!
Book: A Clash of KingsOutstanding! Awesome fantasy!
Dragon*Con 2007What can be said other than AWESOME again. Always an incredible time.
The Lion King on stageIt was pretty cool.
Trinoc*Con 2007 for a dayIt was a sad thing to see. A con in decline.
It`s a BOY!<p>Ultrasound results are in.It's a healthy baby boy. Keegan William McClung on his way!</p>
ConCarolinas 2007This con simply gets better and better. We are finally coming into our own.
StellarCon 31It was fun!
Book: A Game of ThronesA most OUTSTANDING book!
minimace 2007Way better than expected.
New Car! 2003 Dodge NeonGood bye to the Ford Explorer ~sniffle~
Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition w/ Shattered Empires at ABG Jan 20, '07Finally getting a game of TI3 in! Starts at noon!
Visit to Ground ZeroA very somber was to end the year. Pictures pending.
Space Inquest<br>a Free MMOGA new obsession. Join the DenOfStarWolves league!
Comedy Zone:<br>James GregoryFunniest man in Amercia
11/15/2006<br>Dark Matter d20 at Above Board Games"Coming of the Reaper"
MACE 2006Get ready for an awesome gaming weekend!
World Wide D&D Day Nov 4I am actually going ot play some D&D. What should I play? hmmmm
Neil Spicer & Ron`s Gaming Night at ABG (11/1/2006)Neil and I are teaming up to get some one shots short-adventures gaming going on at ABG. D&D, d20 Modern, anything we can scrounge up.
Cruised the CaribeanTook the Carnival Imagination to the Keys, then to Playa Del Carmen. Saw Mayan ruins of Tulum! Rocked!
FSSC Week 1....ugggghTHUD! Hit rock bottom despite all the big guns I have. OUCH!
Doom the Bardgame Campaign Day 1.5Ran our first campaign session of Doom, the Board Game at ABG! Great job guys!
Labor Day Board Games - ABGBoard games at Above Board Games!
Fantasy Football<br>Rabid Seawolves are BACK!Lead by Carson Palmer & Marc Bulger, the 'wovles are going to eat the FSSC alive. Seek the wolf in thyself!!
Doom the Bardgame<br>Campaign Day 1Game Night at Above Board Games, 7 PM
Game Night<br>Above Board Games<br>Aug 2, 7 PMStill trying to get a regular game night at ABG.
Music: Godsmack IVBetter than the last one. More like the first two.
Music: Tool 10,000 DaysInteresting. A few good songs, but not quite as good as the last one.
Currently Reading/Will be ReadingCurrently Reading: <a href="" target="_blank">Fading Suns: Sinful Stars</a> (short stories)<br> Will be reading: A Game of Thrones (Georg
Finished Reading<br> <i>The Fragment</i>: A Harn Novel(See my review on Gaming Report)
HeroCon 2006Lots of comic fans. Thousands!
ConCarolinas 2006<br>June 2-4, 2006"Best ever! I went out with a bang!"
Fading Suns CampaignThe Mysteries of the Master await!
StellarCon 2006<br>February 17-19, 2006"Gaming could have been better, but the fandom-side was great"
MACE 2005<br>November 11-13, 2005"Record breaking year!"
DragonCon 2005<br>September 2-4, 2005"AWESOME!"
ConCarolinas 2005<br>June 3-5"Went very well!"
Taylor Anne McClungMy first child is born! Taylor-bear!

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