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Duke Vs Charlotte 49ers (Football) (September 07 2021): 2021 Home Opener. Historic day in 49ers football! First power Five win!! 28 to 31. Incredible game and I am glad my wife and I were there to see it.

Duke Vs Charlotte 49ers (Football)2021-09-03 : 2021 Home Opener. Historic day in 49ers football! First power Five win!! 28 to 31. Incredible game and I am glad my wife and I were there to see it.
Citrus Bowl: Auburn v. Northwestern (Football)2021-01-01 : Last minute decision to drive down to Orlando for a one night stay and football game the next afternoon. A great night but not so great afternoon. Auburn was missing half their starters and just did not have their heart in it. AU 19 - Northwestern 35. COVID made the experience even more weird. This whole pandemic is sucking the joy out of everything I am passionate about.
Marshal v. Charlotte 49ers (Football)2019-11-23 : A miserable football day - wet and cold. But the game was incredible. Thanks James for paying. Charlotte is bowl eligible for the first time in school history!!!
Titans v. Carolina Panthers (NFL)2019-11-03 : Keegan's Birthday present. Panthers won! It was a great day with my wife and my son
Charlotte 49ers v. Clemson (Football)2019-09-21 : What do you expect when you play Number 1 in the country and the defending National Champs. A serious beat down. 52-10. But oh, the drive home. That was fun.
LA Clippers vs. Charlotte Hornets (NBA)2019-02-05 : My son's basketball team got tickets and they had extra. NBA is not really my thing but this was a fun night out with my son. And it was a close game. Really enjoyed it.
Toronto vs Charlotte Checkers (Hockey)2019-01-20 : My son's school sang America the Beautiful. So we got tickets, a hat, and had a interesting afternoon out with the young ones. Hockey is not my thing but it can be fun on occasion. I had my fill now.
Belk Bowl 2018: UVA vs UofSC (Football)2018-12-29 : Great time with the boys. Dad, my son, his cousins, my brother and brother-in-law. UVA viled them 28 to nothing.
Panthers v. Browns (at Cleveland) (NFL)2018-12-09 : Great seats! Great experience in the city. Bad game. 20 to 26, Browns win in a nail biter. Of course, it ends with a Cam interception.
App Sate V. Charlotte 49ers (Football)2018-09-08 : Bad seats (in the App State side), bad football (49ers were out-classed). 45 to 9. Thanks for the tickets, though, James.
Auburn vs. Washington (Football)2018-09-01 : Incredible experience! 2018 Chik-fil-a College Season Opener in Altanta new Stadium. Good start to the year! WDE
Panthers vs. Dolphins (NFL)2017-11-15 : Incredible experience! It was VERY COLD but I loved going to the game with my wife. 45-21 Panthers
Auburn vs. Clemson (Football)2017-09-12 : Last minute tickets ($$$), scramble to find babysitters (thanks Grandma!), and a mad dash to get to Clemson in time (a place I had never been too). Good game but Auburn lost, 14 to 6. No offensive line what-so-ever and QB got sacked 11 times. Terrible. Returned home by 4 AM. Long night! Well worth it.
Charlotte 49ers Home Opener! (Foorball)2015-09-13 : 49ers 34 / Presby College 10. Total defensive domination but the offense was conservative. They switched up QBs a lot I guess because MJ is a senior. Or maybe he was hurt and I missed it. Encouraging game. Now the real fight begins!
2015 Georgia Dome College Football Opening Weekend!2015-09-07 : Friday 9/4: Charlotte 49ers first BCS game, beats Georgia State. Saturday 9/5: Auburn Tigers hold off the Louisville Cardinals in the Chick Fila College Football Kick off game. An Amazing weekend with my wife.
Charlotte Football 2014 2014-12-03 : Ends with a losing season, less than 12k in attendance and a serious concern about the CUSA status.
Charlotte Football 3 and 0!!2014-09-15 : First three games of the season in the books with 3 great wins!
Panthers vs. New England Patriots (NFL)2013-11-18 : Incredible experience! 24-20
The John D. Reavis Hammer of Thor Scholarship2013-10-18 : We established a scholarship for the Guild. I am very proud of what this has turned into. It is agreat tribute to John and who he was.
Charlotte 49ers vs UNC Pembroke (Football)2013-10-12 : Heart breaking loss. 22 vs 45.
Charlotte 49ers vs. Gardner Web (Football)2013-10-05 : 53 vs 51!! We won! Most awesome football experience I have had!!!!!!!!!
Charlotte 49ers vs. NC Central (Football)2013-09-20 : Ugggh!  Our first loss. 13 vs 40
Charlotte 49ers vs. Chowan (Football)2013-09-07 : 47 to 7! GO NINERS!
Charlotte 49ers vs Campbell (Football)2013-09-03 : 1st game EVER and I was there with my lovely wife. We had a blast! 52 to 7! Way to go Niners!
Panthers Vs. Bears (NFL)2013-08-09 : Panthers Preseason Opener 2013. Not a fan of preseason but it was good to see the starters for a little while. Left early because I just could not get into the game. It's preseason.
Panthers Fan Fest 2012 (NFL)2012-08-04 : Very cool opportunity to hang out at the stadium, buy some Panthers stuff, and see them practice.
Food Lion Auto Fair (Charlotte Motor Speedway)2012-04-20 : Nothing overly exciting about the show but because I ran into Fox`s Wilson, I got to put my ugly face on the big HD TV! Kinda cool!
Panther Fan Fest 2011 (NFL)2011-08-06 : Fun time wiht my oldest daughter and son. It was a little hot though, could not stay the whole time.
Charlotte 49er Football Ground Breaking & Panthers Draft Party2011-04-28 : Awesome football day with the family.
The Lion King on stage2007-08-22 : It was pretty cool.
Comedy Zone James Gregory2006-11-26 : Funniest man in Amercia