Ron’s Rated Movies

Godzilla Vs. Kong10 out of 10Fantastic! I did feel that they hollow earth thing was a little wonky (where was the light coming from?) but other than that, incredible. Very enjoyable.
Justice League: The Snyder Cut10 out of 10This was a great movie with so much story, it blew my mind. It took me two viewings to get through it and then I watched it again (I rarely watch any movie more than once). Absolutely incredible.
Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker2 out of 10The entire trilogy was not the Star Wars I wanted or hoped for, but it's the Star Wars I got. This movie was like eating bar of styrofoam that was trying to pass itself off as candy. Nothing to it. Not the ending of a trilogy of trilogies I wanted. I would take Jar Jar Binks over Ray-Sue any day. Kathleen K needs to be fired.
Rambo: Last Blood9 out of 10I really enjoyed this movie. The sub-text about a old Vietnam vet still struggling with survivors guilt and post traumatic stress was spot on. It was a highly under-appreciated movie. I loved it.
Godzilla: King of Monsters9 out of 10Loved it! So many throw-back references. So many homages to the original movies. I saw more of Destroy All Monsters than of King of Monsters. Brilliant. Yea, there was some story elements that could have been done better but overall it was a great modernization of the story.
Spiderman: Far from Home8 out of 10A fun movie, although I was left with a similar feeling I had after Iron Man 3 - somewhat unsatisfied. There is a lot going in this movie and I felt it was crame packed into 2 hours. On top of that, what the packed in didn't really have much depth aside from the "Who's replacing Tony Stark" aspect. Stilla fun movie
Shazam8 out of 10Very fun movie as well. I want a toy versions of the seven deadly sins
Avengers Endgame8 out of 10A fitting ending for a good series of movies (some not so great). I still do not like Captain Marvel - too much of a Mary Sue. And I am done with the MCU. Burned out on it
Aquaman8 out of 10Very fun movie and I LOVED the creatures and the final battle. I want a toy version of that big creature at the end
The Predator8 out of 10I liked to movie a lot, although I can see why some people didn't. It was kind of all over-the-place but with a string cast and a pretty good story. The hunting dog part seemed to come out of left field, but whatever.
Avengers: Infinity War8 out of 10Enjoyed it OK, probably the best Avengers movie yet. But getting burned out on Superheroes movies.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi8 out of 10I enjoyed this more than I did the TFA. More than I thought I would. It has its flaws too, but nothing that kills it for me.
Justice League8 out of 10Basically a "playing it safe" movie for Warner Brothers. It was entertaining enough, though.
Thor Ragnarok10 out of 10A fun movie, probably the best of the Thor series.
2017 Panned Movie Weekend!10 out of 10(Thanks to Kodi) Transformers: The Last Knight - TERRIBLE! 1/2 out of 10. Alien: Covenant - Visually incredible but the story ruined everything the Alien universe as far as I am concerned. The android made them?? That's just stupid! 2 out of 10. King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword - Really not as bad as everyone said. Sort of a LotR meets Arthur legend. I was entertained. Get Out - Damn good movie. 8 out of 10.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 27 out of 10I'm Mary Poppins Y'all. Yea, I saw it. It was pretty good. About what I expected.
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter4 out of 10The last one was not memorable at all and this one was even less so. It just felt like they wanted to end it. At least they did, which can't be said about other series. I still like the style and theme of these movies, but this story is weak,
Hacksaw Ridge10 out of 10A very deep and meaningful movie. It affected me in ways I did not expect. Well done movie!
King King: Skull Island8 out of 10Although there was some hokey moments (as I have come to expect from Hollywood), the overall story was solid. A very good twist on the classic pulp story. Imagine a pulp adventure story set in the Vietnam War era. It worked really well.
Rogue One, a Star Wars Story7 out of 10Much better than Episode 7. More solid story, but I did feel a little cheated because some of the characters needed more development.
Suicide Squad8 out of 10I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I do not understand what all the fus is. It wasn\'t a mess at all. I did find Captain Boomerang useless but other than that, I loved it. I was very entertained. Simple premise, not too complicated plot. Good movie.
Captain America: Civil War8 out of 10Epic movie up until the end, when it boiled down to some personal revenge. The story ended on a overused trope, in my opinion. I was very disappointed in the end result but up until that point, it was a great movie.
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice9 out of 10Despite all the critics, I really really liked this movie. I loved the story it told. Incredible movie
Deadpool8 out of 10Not a fanboy of this character but it was a pretty fun movie. Wrong on so many levels but still fun.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens6 out of 10The more I see Star Wars movies and shows, the more I realize it was never really the universe I thought it was. I liked this movie OK, but it has enough little things that it bugs me a little. Overall, an OK story and it was good to see the old cast again. I was not impressed with the new cast, though. No matter what the fanboys and fangirls say, Rey was a Mary Sue. And Finn was a useless character.
Ant-Man8 out of 10Not bad. I enjoyed it for what it was, but never really saw getting smaller was a super power.
Terminator: Genisys8 out of 10I am not really sure what the fuss was about but I really liked this entry in the franchise, better than the last one. It used an idea I came up with years ago in Star Frontiers.
Mad Max: Fury Road10 out of 10Had the feel of Road Warrior with an updated epicness that set it apart. Much better than Thunderdome.
Hercules (2014)8 out of 10Otherwise known as Rock-ules! I actually really enjoyed this take on the legend. Making the mythical connection ambiguous really made it seem more realistic and gritty.
Jupiter Ascending3 out of 10Watched this back in June. I wanted it to be good so badly but although the general premise was engaging, the presentation was disjointed and the story was told poorly. I felt like I need more explanation in every scene. Visually it was stunning.
Fury10 out of 10Great WWII flick. Kind had the standard cliches but still very cool!
Jurassic World8 out of 10Finally saw Jurassic World. Very cool movie, on par with the first. Felt the characters were a little 2D but that's not why you see a Jurassic movie.b Funny things is, when I first heard that were splicing reptile DNA to fill in the gaps in the first movie, I thought about what else could the splice in there. Sorry, maybe a little spoilers there... smile emoticon. Now they have a sequel planned, what are they going to do?
Avengers: Age of Ultron10 out of 10Better then the first. I felt like it had more story and more meat. Very well done.
Guardians of the Galaxy10 out of 10Really good movie, felt like Star Wars meets Marvel (which is more or less what it is)
Expendables 310 out of 10What is so wrong with this movie? Nothing, as far as I am concerned. I really enjoyed it!
World War Z7 out of 10Pretty good movie in and of itself, but it has nothing to do with the book - from the zombies being wrong all the way to the plot twist in act 3. I have no idea why they thought it could be called WWZ
Real Steel7 out of 10Pretty good, Rocky Meets Rock-em-sock-em Robots.
Ender's Game10 out of 10Damn Good movie! Enjoyed it very much!
Jack Reacher10 out of 10VERY under rated movie!!
300: Rise of an Empire7 out of 10Much like the first one, except on the sea and this time, the good guys win.
X-men: Days of Future Past9 out of 10Great apology for X-men: Last Stand
Godzilla (2014)10 out of 10Incedible. Awesome! Incredible!
Captain America: The Winter Soldier10 out of 10Best movie of all the Phase 2 Marvels
Olympus Has Fallen10 out of 10Awesome movie!!
Thor: Dark World7 out of 10The boss fight seem a little tamed and the overall scope of the movie was sort of a let down.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug10 out of 10AWESOME! Best dragon on film!
Evil Dead (2013 remake)8 out of 10Bought it on DVD because I was a big fan of the original. It kept the same feel as the original with a more serious tone. Change the general premise of the characters with something much more darker. I liked! A lot!
Chronicle8 out of 10Netflixed this one but it was worth posting. Really good movie.
Pacific Rim10 out of 10AWESOME! Can't go wrong with big beasties vs. awesome robots!
Men in Black 37 out of 10Pretty good. Added more story to the characters. i liked it a lot
Resident Evil: Retribution 9 out of 10Thoroughly enjoyed this one
Star Trek Into Darkness9 out of 10Much better than I thought it would be. Awesome action scenes.
Iron Man 38 out of 10Good movie but was a little disappointed in the way they cheesed up Madarain.
Dredd7 out of 10Finally got to see this one thanks to Netflix. I liked it alright. It was way better than the Stallone version. But there was something missing, I could not put my finger on it.
GI Joe: Retaliation8 out of 10Definitely miles better than the first one.
Red Dawn (2012)3 out of 10Better than I thought it would be but still pretty bad. Did not capture the essence of the original AT ALL!
Expendables 210 out of 10AWESOME! BEtter than the first
Total Recall (2012)8 out of 10I liked it but not as good as the original. Paid good homage to the original and added some interesting twists. The planet core train was a little far fetched but whatever,...
Snow White & The Huntsman7 out of 10Despite the chick from Twilight, I enjoyed it. Kind of a Disney meets LotR.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey10 out of 10There was quite a lot fo unexpected things in this movie.
Prometheus8 out of 10I liked it. Visually stunning, the story was good.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol9 out of 10This was a very enjoyable movie. After no being entirely satisfied with Skyfall, this spy movie filled in the blanks for me.
Act of Valor6 out of 10Finally got to see this one. Very predictable but cool all the same.
Skyfall8 out of 10I was somewhat disappointed in this one. It was a little subdued for what I was expecting. On the good side, it had a plot that could be followed reasonably well.
Apollo 188 out of 10Although it did not feel any different than something like a Paranormal Activity movie, I really enjoyed it. Fun little movie.
Raiders of the Lost Ark (IMAX)8 out of 10I was not overly impressed with IMAX
Battleship7 out of 10OK, I can see why so many people panned this movie, but I still liked it for what it was.
Lucky Number Slevin9 out of 10I would not normally post a movie like this on my list but this one was just good, real good. Very stylish Noir film. I liked it a lot.
The Hunger Games8 out of 10I really enjoyed this movie. The subtle statements of anti-government as well as how the people are jsut sheep to reality TV was cool.
Lockout8 out of 10Escape from New York on a space station. Loved it!
The Dark Knight Rises10 out of 10Definitely more cerebral then the Avengers, I really liked it.
The Avengers10 out of 10One of the best movies I have seen. Best superhero movie ever!
The Amazing Spiderman8 out of 10I do not understand all the hubbub about this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Cowboys & Aliens10 out of 10A very good movie with a simple plot. Without even knowing it, I could tell it was originally a comic book
Gran Torino10 out of 10This was an incredible movie. I can not say enough about it. Loved it!
Super 88 out of 10It felt like a Speilberg classic with a little of Abrams darkness thrown in. Pretty good movie over all.
Conan The Barbarian (2011)9 out of 10Finally got to see this remake. I honestly enjoyed it but it was not as good as the original.
X-men: First Class8 out of 10Surprising good!
Green Lantern8 out of 10I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. Pacing seemed off at places and it did pack in a lot of story, but I liked it overall.
Captain America10 out of 10Fantastic movie!
True Grit (2010)10 out of 10Dang good Western! I really thought this was a movie you should not touch. This was a John Wayne classic and it would be like remaking Cassablanca. But learning more about the book and the approach the directors took, I understood.
Transformers: Dark of the Moon10 out of 10Awesome movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Cars 210 out of 10Great sequel
Nightmare on Elm Street (2010 remake)1 out of 10Nothing to it. Nothing new, nothing refreshing, nothing imaginative.
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time6 out of 10I wasn`t crazy about it but it was pretty good.
Battle: Los Angeles9 out of 10This was an awesome movie, although somewhat flawed in its concept. I liked it for its kick-ass-ness and no liberal political subtext.
Resident Evil: Afterlife7 out of 10Not one of the best but definitely good. Boss fight was a little disappointing.
Smokin` Aces6 out of 10Enjoyable movie. Complicated but cool!
Pandorum10 out of 10This was a great and very underrated movie. Intelligent and scary at the same time. Awesome!
Avatar8 out of 10Visually, a great movie. Plot was kind of lacking and angsty, but I looked past it to enjoy the eye candy.
G. I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra8 out of 10I actually liked it better than I thought I would, except I hated Cobra Commander's mask. Other than that, it was cool.
X-men Origins: Wolverine8 out of 10Not being a huge X-Men follower, I liked this one a lot. They need to build on Gambit!
Transformers 210 out of 10Absolutely awesome. Exactly what you want from a Transformers movie
Star Trek (2009)6 out of 10I am so tired of the old cruch that is time travel in Star Trek. IT was an OK movie as a sci-fi movie, but it went way out there for a Star Trek movie.
Quarantine6 out of 10It was Pretty good, but inconsistant with its mythology of the disease (some people turned right away while others took a while). But the camera motion did give me motion sickness.
Starship Trooper 3: Marauders9 out of 10Very cool movie. Way better than the second movie. Makes you wonder why they even made the second one.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen10 out of 10AWESOME! As good as the first one!
Angels & Demos8 out of 10Pretty good, but not much different from the first one and I was disappointed in the ending.
Splinter10 out of 10Great horror flick with one of my favorite babe actresses - Jill Wagner
Terminator: Salvation10 out of 10I REALLY REALLY like this one. This was a good Terminator film
Race to Witch Mountain6 out of 10Very good homage to the original with a modern flavor. Cool movie.
The Midnight Meat Train10 out of 10AWESOME movie representation of a great Clive Barker story.
Monsters vs. Aliens10 out of 10That 3D effect was incredible. This was my first digital 3D movie and it was incredible. The movie is great too!
Apocalypto5 out of 10It was OK, but not great. A small story told in an epic way, very typical of Mel.
Max Payne1 out of 10This was such a terrible movie!
Taken10 out of 10This wa sa great movie, especially for a dad to watch. Liam Neeson was just awesome!
High Tension7 out of 10This was a pretty good horror film but can be confusing. I have one question - where did the truck come from?
40 Year old Virgin10 out of 10This was a hillarious movie. Pretty dang scary too, considering I am about to turn 40 and that could have easily been me.
Diary of the Dead10 out of 10Awesome! Everything a Goerge Romero zombie flick should be and more. Updates the series to a modern feel.
Jumper8 out of 10Pretty good. I like some of the concepts.
The Zombie Diaries8 out of 10Awesome movie, very subtle, premise is interesting and takes a little suspension of disbelief - 3 totally unrelated groups in the UK surviving through a WWZ scenario seem to cross paths tangentially and all are recording their experiences on video. I dunno, seems a stretch but you get past that, it's a good movie
Death Race8 out of 10Many panned this movie, but I really liked it. Paul WS Anderson and I seem to be on the same wave length because I love most anything he puts out.
Doomsday10 out of 10I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. A mix between Escape from New York, Road Warrior and a little of 28 Days Later.
Speed Racer4 out of 10A little too over the top. It probably did not need to be made into a live action movie.
Wanted8 out of 10A little over the top, but still apretty cool movie
Shooter6 out of 10It was pretty cool but predictable
The Dark Knight10 out of 10Incredible! Awesome! Wow! That was a great Joker. Great script too!
Sweeney Todd5 out of 10Would have been a pretty good movie if it wasn't a musical. I wasn't prepared for a musical.
The Brothers Grimm9 out of 10I really liked this movie. Great vision.
Fido10 out of 10Direct to DVD movie, but it was hilarious! I love movies that make fun of the stupidity of humanuity. This is a great movie.
I am Legend8 out of 10A lot better than I thought it would be, but the creatures were too CGI and cartoony. I also kept on seeing parallels to World War Z. Good movie overall.
Letters from Iwo Jima9 out of 10Pretty good depiction howver, it was hard to follow the battle from that perspective. Good movie!
Ironman10 out of 10I finally got to see this movie. Very cool!! Great Marvel Movie!
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull8 out of 10Suprisingly good, except for the few far fetched moments, like the nuclear bomb scene. George Lucas needs to stop!
Idiocracy10 out of 10This is a great move and is so true. I think we are dang close to this in reality, espcially if `O` gets elected.
Dragon Wars4 out of 10Cool effects, loved the action scenes, but dang, the plot was kind weird, hard to follow.
The Amityville Horror (2005)5 out of 10Not a great remake but not a bad one either. They took some liberties but overall a cool movie.
Bad News Bears4 out of 10Watched this for nastalgia reasons. I loved the original and the TV series that followed. This was did not really capture the original feel. There were just so many odd moments and a little too much language.
Stargate: Continuum10 out of 10AWESOME! Vala as a mean system lord was just so sexy!! This is a great movie.
Hellboy 210 out of 10This was the most incredibly weird and fantastic vision I have seen in a while. Great dark fantasy work.
Cloverfield8 out of 10Although I liked this movie a lot, I got motion sickness watching it. UGGGH! Good movie though.
The Mist8 out of 10Good movie but bad ending.
The Hitman8 out of 10Surprisingly good movie
National Treasure 210 out of 10As good as the first one
Rambo (2008)9 out of 10I was a huge fan of Rambo in high school. Loved the first two films and the third was pretty good. This was was good also, but a lot more violent than the others. THE MOST on-screen kills to date. It was pretty grusome. But still a good Rambo film.
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest10 out of 10This was better than the first, although the first was really good.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End7 out of 10Not as good as the first two. A little too much character development and not enough pirating fun.
Day of the Dead (2008 reimagining)2 out of 10OMG, this was bad! I gave it one star for good zombie special effects, but man, the rest was bad. Not only wasa bad remake, but it was a bad zombie film. The script was horrid!
28 Weeks Later9 out of 10This is a great sequel that a great Zombie/Infected movie. It ends kind of depressingly though. But it`s just France, right?
16 Blocks7 out of 10Pretty cool Bruce Willis movie with cop intrigue and good action. Didn`t blow me away but it was pretty good.
30 Days of Night5 out of 10This was OK, although at times it crossed the lines with the use and abuse of kids. It has a feel of a zombie movie but instead they were vampires.
Zathura8 out of 10I liked this movie, partially because they guy used less CG and more miniatures and real suits. The Zorgons were GREAT! My daughter was so funny while watching this. She was so into it, almost too into it.
Delta Farce5 out of 10Funny premise but it just got silly towards the end. Other than the cussing, they could have put this movie on TV and been fine. It reminded me of a silly `The A-team` episode.
Evil Aliens10 out of 10This has to be one of the coolest movies EVER! No not really, but it is up there with Evil Dead. Gory and hilarious!
Bridge Over River Kwai10 out of 10Great DANG movie!
Mission Impossible 38 out of 10This was as good as they said it would be, better than the first two. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Outpost10 out of 10This was a very cool movie! Interdimensional Zombie Nazi Supersoldier that don't die. HOW can you go wrong with that?
The Hills Have Eyes 26 out of 10Not as good as the first, but stayed close to the mythos and added an interesting new aspect.
Stargate: Ark of Truth10 out of 10A good ending to a good plotline. It wasn't a great plotline but it was OK I wasn't a huge fan of Ori but I think the closed it out good. Now whats' next!
The Hills Have Eyes (1977 & 2006)8 out of 10Watched them both back to back. The 2006 version is a great remake, one of the best!
Scary Movie 44 out of 10Silly, but at least somewhat better than the third one.
Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy7 out of 10I never read the books. Good but not great. It preserved the British humor very well. It had great special effects. There was some American humor snuch in there. I laughed hard in the beginning and middle but felt this movie kind of fizzled to an so-so ending.
Fire and Ice (1983)6 out of 10I had never seen this movie before. Falls in line with something like Heavy Metal. Pretty cool movie.
Prohecy: Upsrising8 out of 10This was actually a good movie. better than the last two in the series. I enjoyed it.
Wes Craven`s Cursed4 out of 10I wasn`t sure if this movie was trying to be campy or scary. It jumped between the two in awkward ways. It was OK, but it just did nto set well with me overall.
A Sound of Thunder (2005)5 out of 10I read this short story when I was in HS. GOod story. Time travel is always a touchy thing to explore. The movie had a lot of plot holes and flaws, as well as scientific errors and the special effects could have been better. Overall, disappointing effort for a great story though.
Zorro: The Legend of Zorro (2005)7 out of 10It was OK. Good action and I chuckled occasionally.
Resident Evil: Extinction8 out of 10I thought this was a good RE movie. I have never played the games so I don`t care how it fits with them. There were a few writing issues I had with it where I would have done things differently but overeall, a good movie. I liked it.
Return to House on Haunted Hill5 out of 10If they could have merged this movie with the first one, maybe there could have been a better movie. This one had potential but just didn`t do it for me. It tried to be a Cthulhu horror but was kind of hokie.
The Bourne Ultimatum10 out of 10Awesome. Non-stop suspense and intrigue.
George Romero`s Land of the Dead4 out of 10I love George Romero's Zombie films but in this one he seemed to be trying to make too much of a political statement to make a good story. It had potential but it just did not have a good story.
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer10 out of 10Very Very cool movie!
The Descent8 out of 10Very cool horror flick. A lot like The Cave but more horrific. Better than The Cave.
Gross Pointe Blank10 out of 10I have been told this is a great movie but never saw it. IT was awesome, hilarious!
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem7 out of 10Better than the first one, although they crossed the line in some places - could have done without the violence against children and the nursery scene in the hospital. It definitely stayed true the mythology and brought in a little something new. The Pred-alien was cool!
Halloween (Rob Zombie Remake)7 out of 10Interesting remake. It makes Michael Myers more believable and realistic, which makes it creepier, he did well to keep the original music, and it was general brutal and scary. But Iwas not WOWed by it. IT was good but not GREAT!
Live Free or Die Hard10 out of 10I love movies like this and the Diehard series has always been one of my favorites. This is a good one.
Casino Royale8 out of 10Different. Good, but different. No big super villians. No big lairs. Just bad guys that we can understand and believe in, a darker Bond and a tragic ending for Bond. He also seemed more vulnerable.
Ocean`s 139 out of 10Better than the second one. On par with the first one. Great movie.
Babylon 5: The Lost Tales7 out of 10Disappointingly short. Left you wanting more. THey were basically episodes. Not bad though.
Supernatural Season 110 out of 10Started watching it half way through season 2, so I Netflixed season 1. AWESOME!
Thin Red Line6 out of 10It was a little slow and a little too.... hippy. But OK.
Assault on Precinct 13 (remake)8 out of 10I like this kind of film. Fun shoot `m up
Dead Birds5 out of 10It started out really good but then got bad in the last 30 minutes. It simply did not make sense.
The Fog (Remake)2 out of 10Not a good remake. It tried hard but it was simply not good.
Deadwood Season 14 out of 10The language simply got in the way of the story. I won`t be getting 2nd season.
Highlander: The Source1 out of 10This was so aweful!
The Final Cut4 out of 10Started out kind of cool, but did not end well. Sort of had a Phillip K Dick feel to it.
American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile 6 out of 10Funny. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
The Wild Geese10 out of 10I watched this for nostalgia. It is still a great film.
Shawshank Redemption8 out of 10Pretty good movie but I am not sure what all the hype is about this movie.
Flags of our Fathers9 out of 10Good movie! Not as good as Saving Private Ryan, but good.
Rome, the Series10 out of 10Powerful series. Awesome!
Transformers10 out of 10<p>THIS MOVIE KICKED A**!!!!</p> <p>WOW, what an awesome movie.</p>
Clive Barker's The Plague5 out of 10Had to read comments on IMDB to get the movie. No I get it.
Sahara10 out of 10This was a good movie. Too bad it`s too caught up in legal battles to make a sequel. Could be a good franchise.
Flesh for the Beast4 out of 10An OK B-Movie but the acting was awful. Good T&A though.
Saw 36 out of 10I did not like the way it ended and since this is the last one, it could have ended better.
Hostage9 out of 10THIS was a good Bruce Willis movie. Could have easily been another Diehard.
3009 out of 10Brilliant film and withouth a leftist statement... imagine that!
V for Vendetta5 out of 10Why does every futuristic bad governement have to be the result of extreme right. What about the extreme left... it's just as bad!
Sin City8 out of 10Very cool and stylistic movie. I am sure Frank Milleris proud. A lot more gory than I expected.
Stigmata8 out of 10Another one of those movies on my list to see. Pretty good.
Salem's Lot (2004 Remake)5 out of 10Ok film. Nothing to rave about. I never saw the original mini series.
Hostel7 out of 10Pretty cool concept, gory as everyone said it was. I still think Saw was better.
House of Wax5 out of 10Worth it to see Paris Hilton take a pipe through the head.
Bloodrayne2 out of 10Interesting attempt but the acting and the directing was aweful. The fake "euro-accents" were simply terrible.
Faust: Love of the Damned4 out of 10I remember the comic from the late 80s/early 90s. It was very intense and graphic. This movie was a poor and cheesey representation. It had its moments. Andrew Divoff is cool.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby8 out of 10Very funny. The comedy in it was kinda quirkie. Hollywood better be glad that the last group of people that can be stereotyped and parodied are white southern men. My wife and her car is in it.
Stealth10 out of 10Very cool movie, although I admit not very original. HAL meets Top Gun. Good action though
Superman Returns10 out of 10I've been waiting for a chance to see this. AWESOME!
The Green Mile5 out of 10This movie beckoned me for years... you need to see this movie, see this movie. So I saw it. Not bad, but not great.
Silent Hill10 out of 10This was AWESOME!
Chicken Little8 out of 10Taylor loved it. I thought it was funny at places.
Old School10 out of 10Funnier than I thougt it would be.
The Jacket6 out of 10Interesting concept, just a ltitle slow.
Momento6 out of 10Cool concept, weird way to tell the story (backwards)
X-Men: The Last Stand7 out of 10I thought it would be better, but I liked it. The Pheonix was just evil looking.
Team America: World Police6 out of 10This movie was just wrong! Funny, but wrong!
Mr. & Mrs. Smith5 out of 10So-So. Lots of gun play, but too dependent on the chemistry between Brad and Angelina.
The Ring 25 out of 10This could have been a lot better. They did what they were supposed to witha sequel, but in such a slow and boring way.
Saw 29 out of 10As good as the first, if not better. Twist at the end was predictable, I think though.
Jarhead2 out of 10Biggest pile of liberal anti-war crap I have seen. Very long and boring.
Night Watch2 out of 10Very hard to keep up with. I simply did not get it. Great concept, not conveyed well.
Darkness7 out of 10Decent scare, good directing and cinematography, but seemed a little inconsistent in the mythology of the entity.
The Rookie8 out of 10Pretty good baseball movie. Baseball is always better in the movies than actually watching the sport.
Underworld: Evolution10 out of 10Very cool sequel! They brought in Immortals!
Doom2 out of 10"It is a shame they did so poorly with this movie."
Da Vinci Code7 out of 10"Close enough to the book & changes were acceptible"
Peter Jackson's King Kong5 out of 10"Too long"
Serenity10 out of 10"Awesome!"
Wedding Crashers10 out of 10"Do the motor boat! LOL"
Aeon Flux7 out of 10Interesting but could have waited for DVD.
Batman Begins10 out of 10"He's BACK!"
Star Wars Episode III6 out of 10"Better than the other 2, but only marginally"