Nor’s Guide to Allied Space

Nor’s Guide to Allied Space


Advanced Star Frontiers 4th Edition

I wrote my own version of Star Frontiers years ago, and it went through years of evolution, to the point where it is now, which is an assortment of files. I combined Star Frontiers with an RPG called Other Suns, by Fantasy Games Unlimited, to create a rich universe that was somewhat like Star Wars, except without the Empire. I also had a few Cyberpunk elements, added the biggest and badest bad-guys in literature today (Kzin and Saurons). I added something like 10 new races, a bunch of weapons and equipment, a new Armor system, integrated most of the Dragon Magazine Articles and merged the Alpha Dawn Rules with the Zebulon Rules to something I liked.  I then posted a 3rd edition of these additions on the web.

Since I posted the 3rd Edition of the merging of Star Frontiers & Other Suns, I was sent a Cease & Desist e-mail from the author and artist of OS, and ordered to remove all references to anything copyrighted under the Other Suns copyright.

Well, it’s been a  while since then. I had to go through all it and take out all the copyrighted stuff, but here it is. My ADVANCED STAR FRONTIERS 4th Edition.  You will see some similarities between this and the old stuff.  I can safely say that a large majority of this stuff is now “inspired by” the concepts in Other Suns. I have taken out and changed all that I know to make Niall C. Shapero, author of Other Suns, happy.  So Allied Space has returned.

I want to thank all of you who supported my web site, and encouraged me to bring it back.  Thanks.

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