Shades Beyond the Veil

So it begins…

Inspired by ideas from when I was writing the adventure that got published in Signs & Portents,  I tried my hand at Babylon 5 RPG.  After being burned out on Star Wars, I thought this would be a natural progression.  The systems was d20, which in itself is flawed.  The setting was during the show and my intent was to run it like I ran my first Star Wars campaigns, behind the scenes of the core plot of the show.  Unfortunately, I  was too ambitious and this campaign ended abruptly.

B5 setting is a great setting but you have to be really careful on how you design you party.  If the party players their characters too well, the Narn and Centauri will not get along.  I had that problem.  The Second edition d20 version was not too bad but it did what all d20 games do – get too powerful at higher levels.

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