Babylon 5: Ghost in the Shadows

System: Babylon 5 2e d20

Started: 10/25/2008

When/Where: Alternate Saturdays UNCC

Campaign News

Characters: Two groups of mercenaries on Babylon 5 are seeking new work.

Group #1

G'Kahn Narn AgenyBill Barrier
Kiron JaddoCentauri TraderChris Jarrett
Joe MeansHuman SoldierJohn Reavis

Group #2

ShalanMinbari SoldierBill Boivin
CorrinMinbari SoldierChris Fisher
ZaRothNarn SoldierJames Harris

Additional Players added later: Charles Flanagan(Human Scientist) – Rob O’Hara

Campaign Elements


Campaign Chronicle

Part 1: A campaign starting in season 1, using a published campaign but adding my own spin.

Part 2: Season 2 of The Ghosts in the Shadows, where the Wraith make their move. Part 2 of the “Ghosts In The Shadows campaign” – Modified “Into the Crucible”

This did not end well either. The tension within the party made it difficult to keep them together and not enough players consistently attended regularly. It burned me out pretty badly and pretty much ended the gaming group I gamed with for 20+ years. We did not leave on bad terms, it was just one of the last nails in the coffin.

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