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I bought Bloodshadows back in ’94 when it was Masterbook, and I was deep into Masterbook at that time through Shatterzone and the other games.  Of all of them, Bloodshadows is my favorite, tied with Shatterzone. What I liked about it was the fantasy-horror noir feel to it – combining the dark film noir with fantasy horror was fascinating to me.  I saw Cast a Deadly Spell not long after I bought the game and was blown away. I think I liked Bloodshadows for the same reasons I liked Dark Conspiracy and that is the way I like to play it. 

Savage Bloodshadows kickstarter update (10/1/2023): I am participating in the second resurrections of Bloodshadows, this time in my favorite and preferred system – Savage Worlds. They needed writers to help save the KS after the death of the lead guy behind it.

Adventures of Drake Gideon

I ran several Bloodshadows d6 adventures with a specific set of characters as a one-shot or convention game. The main private-dick is Drake Gideon. He’s a guy that likes things simple. Unnaturals tend to make things complicated.

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