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D6 was a system I ran for years, mostly in the form of Star Wars.  When they went to a generic system, I thought it was a great idea.  And now in the age of house systems like d20, Savage Worlds, and the like, it could be very competitive, if it was still a viable product.  Unfortunately, West End Games went under right when it had the chance to become viable.  Also unfortunately what they released in that final attempt was sub-par for what the system deserved.  Three different books with subtle differences that made it difficult to bridge the settings.  What they did well was integrate some of the old Masterbook aspects including Advantage/Disadvantage system, Result Points and Special Abilities (some of which I had already converted back in the day).

Since the release of Open D6, I have been contemplating configuring my own version.  There are some tweaks I would do to fix a few things.  Here are a few goals I would want to reach with my own version of d6:

  • One rule set, all settings.  I hate the 3 different books, three different settings, and all the subtle differences between them all.
  • Originally, the system did not have an Extranormal stat.  It had 6 stats to allocate dice to.  They added a stat but never modified the amount of points or dice allocated.  That seems a little off to me.  I wanted to fix that.
  • Streamline the attributes.  There are six stats, but there are two Agility related physical stats and one Strength based.  Influenced by d20, I changed that around to make more sense (at least to me)
  • Streamline the skills.  Roll up some redundant skills into others.
  • I wanted to work in a class system that makes sense for the system.  What I have seen in d6 is that it has a limited life span in a campaign.  If it’s a long campaign, the characters tend to evolve to a point where they all look the same.  I want something that encourages players to stick to their character concept a little closer.
  • There is a balance problem between supernatural characters and non-supernatural characters.  I am not entirely sure how to fix that but I am going to at least try.

So I am working on my own version of d6.

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