Shadows of the Carolina Triad

Dark Conspiracy RPG

Kill one man, you’re a murderer…
Kill millions, you’re a conqueror…
Kill everyone, you’re a god.

Creed of a Dark Lord

The darkness cometh…

DC was a real fun game to run because it brought so many elements of the horror and sci-fi genres together for me to play with. I used a lot of outside material from games like Call of Cthulhu and TORG (Tharkold and Orrosh) to make things interesting in my game.

I’ve run this game universe in the original system, Alternity, and at least two flavors of d20. Included here is some of my work in the first two systems, and I hoep to ahve some of my d20 work up here when I get a chance.

Carolina Triad Sanctuary was originally intended to be a place where I post information based on a campaign I would run in the Carolina Triangle megaplex, but that never cam to pass. I kept the name and I still want to do a “Minion Hunter’s Guide to the Southeast” at some point, starting with the Charlotte area.

4/2006: d20 Convention Games: I have resurrected my passion DC at least in spirit by running it a few times using different flavors of d20.

I’ve run Ice Daemon converted to d20, using Mongoose Publishing’s OGL Cyberpunk and OGL Horror (I’ve always thought there would have been more cyber in DC than the book allows.)I’ve also run an adventure by 12toMidnight Games called Brainwashed. It’s a d20 Modern horro adventure with a few changes fit perfectlly into Dark Conspiracy. I’ve also run the d20 Modern adventure Coming of the Reaper by The Game Mechanics with d20 Modern, d20 Cyberspace and d20 Dark Matter (so technically, it could be considered Dark Matter game, but close enough).

7/2007 Update: I dug up some of my old Dark Conspiracy stuff (written in pencil) and typed some of it up. Most of it was work that I did on the Tharkold campaign. The more I delve into my notes, the more I want to run it and actually complete it this time.

9/2013 Update: Ran Savage Conspiracy, a heavily modified version of the Globules adventure.

Spring 2014:  The cosmos holds many mysteries and many dangers. The Dark Lords and their intentions are just one of them that face humanity as they survive in the Dark Times. The influence was never so obvious to those sensitive to such things than when the Dark Times and the Greater Depression befell the countries of Earth. However, many theorize that the Dark Lords’ influence has been felt in other subtle ways throughout ages, manifesting in legends, folklore and mysteries that make up our history.  The Mysteries of Vaal-Al  could be part of that history.

Also the Breshingridge Center is born.  The Breshingridge Center is many things to many people. Publically the Breshingridge Center is a private mental health hospital – an asylum – for the Dreamlands of Boston. It is a place where the wealthy can house their mentally ill relatives and know that they are safe and in good hands. Completely private, the Center charges considerable fees for the services but with the level of mental illness across America skyrocketing, places like this are more commonplace. However, few know that since the collapse of society around it, the Breshingridge Center has expanded its operations outside routine mental health care. Secretly, it has started to investigate much of the strangeness that goes on. Investigations into the causes of some of the mental illnesses that come to the Center have lead to deeper and darker discoveries. Now, in the time of Dark America, the Center has several teams of agents out in the field, investigating these mysteries, preventing further trauma that might lead to the mental illnesses they see and hunting down the sources of these traumas. Through the mad ravings of the mentally insane, the agents of the Center have found themselves deeply involved in fighting the conspiracies of the coming Darkness.

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