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Within the Shadows of the Holy Flame lies the mind’s eye of Man, the Heart evil, the glimmer of Hope and the power to do Good.  Chaos and Order reign in Balance. The Empire is caught in the middle.  Human kind strives for the Light while the suns fade away.  Soon not even Shadows will exist.  Only Darkness… 

I have made many attempts to start a Fading Suns Campaign, in both VP and d20 versions. The universe fascinates me and I am convinced that I am meant to run in this campaign world. I finally ran a d20 campaign and it did not end well. I found many problems with the way the d20 conversion worked, especially in the way of psionics. I came to the conclusion that it was broke.

Since then, I have converted to a new house system – True20.  I an running everything in that system.  It’s much more elegant and easy to run.  And I can convert just about anything I have to True20.  I have run a few sessions of it as short one-shot adventures and so far it has worked out well.

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