Savage Shatterzone

Savaging the ‘Zone

Shatterzone is one of my favorite RPG settings. I only recently found out that it was a repository for all rejected material West End submitted to Lucasfilm for Star Wars. I always wondered why they tried to support two Space Opera games.  However, this had more of the elements I really liked – darkness, realism, respect for stellar distances, and the size of space in general.  It is not all one big happy neighborhood.  It’s like Traveller meets Aliens.  It takes the realism of space and makes it tangible and heroic at the same time, instead of stoic and dry scientific numbers.  

With the Rebirth, I revisited the system again and discovered how unplayable it is, when you play it the right way. But my love for the setting was too strong. Enter Savage Worlds. Here I plan to convert the setting and all that I love about it to Savage Worlds. But I don’t want it to be just another sci-fi game in Savage Worlds. I am going to try and capture the setting with some gritter and dark setting rules.

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