Savage Reich Star

die Erde Chroniken
(The Earth Chronicles)

Reich Star was a game a stumbled upon back in the early 1990s while browsing the shelves of the Dragon’s Nest in Charlotte.  Not long after buying it, I learned that the creator lived in the area.  I contacted him and we became long time friends.  I have decided to not only resurrect some old material he wrote and ask me to post to my old web site (God rest its horrible soul) but also help me in my endeavors to convert the game setting to Savage Worlds.

Savage Reich Star is a project I am working on in hopes to publish.  Will it Kickstart or something?  Maybe.  Right now, I want to write as much as I can to update the setting and convert it to Savage Worlds.

Please note the biggest differences between Classic Reich Star (original version) and Savage Reich Star is the year they take place.  Classic takes place in 2134 where the Reich and the Nippon Empire have discovered FTL travel and are exploring and colonizing other worlds.  Savage Reich Star takes place in 2065 before FTL flight is discovered and can take a completely different path then the Classic version.  I know that in the original version, FTL was discovered in 2064 but I moved the date to 2065 because it’s a nice round-ish number.  It’s definitely an alternate timeline from the original game.

Savage Reich Star Blurb


Imagine an Earth whose history was exactly the same as our own until World War II. Now search your deepest fears; allow yourself to drift forward into your worst nightmares. What would the world be like in 2065 if the Axis Powers had succeeded in its insane visions of global domination? This is the premise of SAVAGE REICH STAR, a Savage World conversion of the the premier science fiction role-playing game from Creative Encounters.

Erde (the German name for Earth) is a dark, dreary cesspool plagued by overpopulation, pollution, and other deep seated problems. There is tremendous tension between the two ruling super powers of the Reich and the Empire of Nippon.  A festering cold war continues to bring Erde dangerously close to all out thermonuclear war.  This tension has spread out to the many planets and moons of our solar system.  By Treaty, everything is divided equally between the Empire and the Reich.  Luna (the Moon) is a main port for the homeworld of humanity.  Mars is a slowly being terraformed in an unprecedented joint effort between the two powers.  Venus is colonized by floating cities.  The Asteroids are colonized, exploited and stripped of all their resources. Humanity is now learning just how big space is.  But the barriers of light speed have yet to be broken and both sides are striving to break that barrier.

Due to genetic manipulation, eugenics programs and forced repopulation policies, humanity has changed.   For most, nationality and ethnicity is a thing of the past.  You are either Uber (Greater) or Minder (Lesser) in the Reich.  Their are similar divisions in the Empire. The only approved cultures in the world of that of the Reich and the Empire, all others are outlawed. Despite all their efforts however, things are not as peaceful and orderly as the powers would like the average citizen to believe. Signs of unrest from humans are increasing and gaining momentum. Bombs explode in Reich governmental offices and military installations, and political assassinations are the order of the day. Propaganda says these terrorists are naturally supported by the the other side.  The government is of course never wrong, and any “misguided” citizens who disagree tend to go missing.  The resistance is rising once again.

The government is not your only problems. Mercenaries and pirates pray on the spacelanes, greedy mega-corporations battle for rare resources, and organized crime (most notably the Japanese Yakuza) continuously pit all sides against each other to gain a profit. As a player, you are an agent of the Tower.  You decided you no longer could turn away like so many do. You could no longer just take care of yourself and allow the injustices to continue. You chose to stand up and fight to restore the freedom that your ancestors once had.

But remember to be cautious. The Gestapo is watching.

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