Shadows of the ‘Zone

Shatterzone RPG

Shatterzone is one of my favorite RPG settings. I only recently found out that it was a repository for all rejected material West End submitted to Lucasfilm for Star Wars. I always wondered why they tried to support two Space Opera games.  However, this had more of the elements I really liked – darkness, realism, respect for stellar distances, and the size of space in general.  It is not all one big happy neighborhood.  It’s like Traveller meets Aliens.  It takes the realism of space and makes it tangible and heroic at the same time, instead of stoic and dry scientific numbers.  The system may be a little dated but before there was Savage Worlds, there was Masterbook/Shatterzone/Torg and it ran well.

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2 Comments on “Shadows of the ‘Zone

  1. OH MY GOD!!! I thought Shatterzone was a lost art, and that I’d never see it again. But, it’s great to finally find someone who also remembers the game. A long-time friend of mine and I blew away so many hours playing in the ‘Zone; we even found a way to incorporate our other favorite game (TSR’s Gammarauders) into the Shatterzone world. In fact, if you have the “Contact!” book, you’ll see my name listed under play-testers. Hats off to you, for giving me a moment of the past that I enjoyed so much!