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Noble Armada Rulebook Flavor Text2017-04-27 : Born into the Fading Suns canon are Sir Justinius David del Fuego de Rojo Dulcinea and Sir Christos Diego del Giovanni Bursandra, both dedicated to my departed friends John Reavis and Chris Jarrett.
My CoC 7e Characters in The Derelict Adventure2016-06-21 : My Characters added to the publically available version of the CoC 7e Free RPG Day Adventure, <em>The Derelict </em>
Protodimension Mercurial2015-12-17 : One Page contest for Protodimension Magazine, just threw together an idea that popped into my head. Found at in Issue #25 February 2016 (Issue 07-02)
New Short Stories "What Have I done?" & "What Has He Done?"2015-09-15 : Wrote two stories both submitted to a local contest (first one was submitted in error and so I wrote the second one). Loosely based on my story, The Cure, they are sort of a re-telling of the store from different perspectives.
Horrors on Mountain Lake2015-06-11 : Currently playtesting the nearly complete adventure I wrote for CoC or RoC
S*D Externals in Fading Suns2014-09-15 : Started writing up some ideas I had to bring in the Star*Drive Externals to Fadning Suns
Star Wars: Lords of the Black Sands Plot2014-06-09 : Transcribed some old notes about this campaign. It could have been a good one.
Protodimension Magazine #192014-05-01 : Wrote the second half of the "The Mysteries of Vaal-Al"
Protodimension Magazine #182014-02-04 : Wrote two articles that appear in this fan-based magazine. The complete Breshingridge Center and first part of THE MYSTERIES OF VAAL-AL
Small Town Dark USA2013-08-30 : Small Towns in the Greater Depression by Ron McClung for Dark Conspiracy
An Explorations of RPGs <br />Part 12013-08-06 : A series of articles I wrote for a local news letter in Savannah (at their request). Savannah Gaming News 2013-08 Issue 7
The Gamer`s Codex Reviews2013-08-06 : <p><a href="">Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery</a></p><p><a href="">The Imperial Age: True20 Edition</a></p><p><a href="">Eclipse Phase</a></p>
Origins 2013 Blogs2013-06-20 : My day to day blog of what I did and what I learned at Origins, on the Gamers Codex.
The Terran Expanse2013-05-23 : Expanding on a setting I created over time, that I hope to one day support with published stories and novels
The Gamer`s Codex Reviews2013-03-09 : <p><a href="">MystiCon Review</a></p><p><a href="">Level 7</a></p><p></p>
d6 System page2012-11-10 : New page. I am writing my own take on the d6 system
John Reavis Character Memorial2012-07-30 : A list of characters that I remember John playing in my games.
SF Early Years: Battletech Conversions Complete2012-03-13 : Finally transcribed the reset of Btech conversions
Diary of a Photon Warrior2012-03-13 : Something I wrote in High School when I played Photon.
SF Early Years: Visitor Home System2012-03-11 : Dug up some more old SF stuff and typed it up.
Star Drive Frontiers Primer (True20)2011-09-02 : A primer I wrote for my True20 campaign, borrowing some text from various sites.
Beginners Guide to Gaming Conventions2011-07-27 : Something I wrote some time ago for Gaming Report. Now that they are long gone, I felt like I could repost.
A Good Sci-Fi Campaign2011-07-27 : Something else I wrote for Gaming Report
Savage World: The Day After Ragnarok2009-08-17 : Awesome setting!
Battlestar Galactica, The Board Game Review. Scrye Magazine #1272008-11-01 : It is a good game but humans have to work really hard. One wrong turn and the humans are doomed.
More Gaming Report Reviews2008-10-26 : Chaotic Trading Card Game, Manhatta, Oregon, Ticket to Ride: Switzerland
Mongoose Traveller Review in Scrye #1252008-09-05 : I could not say it in the review, but I have to admit here... the game simply did not excite me. It is definitely old school.
Blue Dragon `Role Playing` Card Game - GenCon Preview2008-08-27 : It is definitely for kids. And I can not believe they called it a "role playing" card game. Ther eis nothing about role playing in it.
GenCon 2008: The Sultan Gaming Table2008-08-20 : Posted an interview I did at GenCon 2008 with Robert Gifford, of Game Chic. Included is a video I should the AWESOME table.
GenCon 2008 Report on Gaming Report2008-08-18 : I wrote several things while at GenCon. See them posted (by Marc Shayed) on GamingReport.
Scrye #124: Cthulhutech Review2008-08-02 : Another review they paid me for. Should cover the cost of the book itself. Next is Mongoose Traveller review.
More Gaming Report Reviews2008-07-06 : Ticket to Ride: Switzerland
More Gaming Report Reviews2008-05-18 : Catan Dice Game, Elasund: The First City, Key Largo, Memoir '44: Air Pack, Ruk-Shuck the Game of Rock Balancing, Take the Train, You've Been Sentenced! Expansions
More Gaming Report Reviews2008-04-20 : Cave Troll Second Edition, I've Never..., Tide of Iron, Vampire: Dark Influence, WEGS 101: Wickedly Errant Game System
Scrye #120: Fading Suns 2nd Edition Revised2008-04-06 : Great universe, not-so-good system
More Gaming Report Reviews2008-03-02 : Age of Discovery - Board Game, read: The First Book of Pandemonium (Unrated Version) - RPG, Dumbass! - Card Game, The Sinister Spire - RPG Supplement, Venus Needs Men! - Board Game
Northeast Gamers Choice Awards – The Carpenter Awards2008-03-02 :
More Gaming Report Reviews2008-02-10 : Kraken's Loom – RPG Supplement, Two Fisted Tales Revised RPG – RPG Supplement
More Gaming Report Reviews2008-01-13 : CoverUp - Abstract Game, Inkognito the Card Game - Card Game, Lord of the Fries - Card Game, MixUp - Abstract Game, Wings of War: Dawn of War - Tile & Card Game
Interview with North Star Games2008-01-13 : Makers of Cluzzle and Wits & Wages
More Gaming Report Reviews2007-12-02 : Barrow of the Forgotten King, Complete Champion, Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave, Eye of the Lich Queen, King's Gate - Another Look - Board Game,Monsters of the Savage Snow
More Gaming Report Reviews2007-10-28 : Abuse: The Final Insult Card Game, Hollywood! Card Game, James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Card Game, RPG Starterpack by 2EastMusic – Gaming Music, Signature Role Playing Game, Star Deck Card Game, The Haunting House – Tile Game, Twisted Fish Card Game, You've Been Sentenced! – Word Game
More Gaming Report Reviews2007-09-23 : Glory of Rome – Card Game, Infinity Miniature Game – Miniatures Game, Pirates of the Mysterious Island – Constructible Model Game, Strike South (Second World War at Sea) – Board Game
New Gaming Report Reviews2007-08-12 : Complete Scoundrel, Spree! (Classic Edition).
More Gaming Report Reviews2007-07-31 : Eberron: Secrets of Sarlona - RPG, Euphrates & Tigris: Contest of Kings - Card Game
More Gaming Report Reviews2007-06-28 : Australian Rails, Stephan Dorra`s Intrigue
More gaming reviews on GR2007-02-25 : Classic Battletech: Total Warfare -War Game, EABA - Dark Millennium - RPG Supplement, OGL Golf - RPG Supplement, The Elemental Dimension of Magic - Spells of Magic - RPG Supplement, The Elemental Dimension of Magic - Spells of Mirrology - RPG Supplem
The Burning Wheel Review2007-01-29 : The Burning Wheel Revised by Luke Crane.
More gaming reviews on GR2007-01-07 : Eastfront 2nd Ed., Folkloric: Gallia, Kevin And Kell RPG, Lost Creatures, Red God of War, Red Vengeance, Sinister Forces, Unorthodox Sorcerers, Worlds of Wonder RPG.
New Gaming Report Reviews2006-12-03 : Abeo - a second look, Autumn Arbor Campaign Setting, Diceland: Dragons & Diceland Cyburg, The Elemental Dimension of Magic
Gaming Report Reviews2006-09-24 : EABA: The Age of Ruin - RPG, Fuddy Duddy - A second look - Card Game, Neo Rangers: The Spider King - RPG, Puerto Rico, the Computer Game - Computer Game
Review<br>Realities 2015<br>Colliding Spheres Series #12006-08-07 :
Drazi Hunt<br>Signs & Portents Issue 19<br>Mongoose Publishing Babylon 5 Adventure2006-07-17 : "They actually paid me for this!"
Several PDF reviews on
Interview<br>David Franklin<br>Nth Degree2006-07-17 :
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<i>Wanted</i><br> in Nth Degree Exclusive Fiction2005-06-01 :
Review: The Everlasting in Nth Degree(VEI)2005-04-01 :